How does the department function?

1. The nature of work carried out by Body, Mind and Life Department

This department is one of the departments of Men-Tsee-Khang that offers health care services, which are mainly relevant to mind rather than body. This is because; many people in our today’s world are caught up in the rat race out of false thoughts and jealousy. Thus, people indulge in various immoral activities that lead to an increasing mental disorders and problems. By keeping this as fundamental ground reality in mind, we persistently aim to reduce the mental disorders through effective implementation and utilization of those skills and techniques wrapped in our culture, and especially by extracting those theories and principles which are mentioned in the ocean of knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism by Tibetan ancestors with their profound insight and vast experiences and putting them into simple and effective practical method to meet the needs of the people across the world.

2. Core Projects

a) To do literary research on body, mind and life aspect based on the Books such as Kagyur and Tengyur for Buddhist Psychology, Sorig Kuntue for Tibetan Medicine, and Kalachakra text for Tibetan Astro-Science
b) To organize international conference on body, mind & life
c) To provide courses and workshops on body, mind & life
d) To invite talks on various meditative practices to improve body, mind & life
e) To do spiritual activities with regards to four rituals

These five main projects can be further simplified into some thirty sub-activities. One of them is publication of conference books in Tibetan and English.

3. Execution of the Project Activities

a) The first literary research project activity is being carried in following stages
1. Preparatory and preliminary of collecting source materials stage
2. Fact finding and searching materials stage
3. Subject verification stage/analytical stage
4. Structure building stage
5. Compilation stage
6. Editing stage
7. Publication stage

b) The second project of organizing international conference is implemented by sharing and enriching knowledge on body, mind and life with other traditional such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Chinese system of Medicine, and Modern Sciences under one platform known as Body, Mind & Life Conference. Documentation of conference presentation in books and DVDs are published.

c) The third project on mental health is executed as;
1. Basic level workshops and courses
2. Intermediate level workshops and courses
3. High level workshops and courses

d) The forth project is carried out by introducing and teaching various forms of meditation irrelevant of whether it is religious or not.

e) The fifth and last project is completed by collectively practicing rituals of dharma, Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Astro-Science.