Ongoing Projects

  1. Three kinds of literature research on “life” are at the verification stage and soon to be publicly released. These literature compilations are based on Buddhist texture of Kagyur & Tengyur, Tibetan Medicine based book–Sorig Kuntue and Tibetan Astro-science based text – Kalachakra

  2. Planning Stage: 6th Body, Mind & Life Conference (22 - 24 Nov, 2017)

  3. Publication of books based on Body, Mind & Life Conference.

    a) Presentations of the 2nd BML Conference (Tibetan)

    b) Presentations of the 3rd BML Conference (Tibetan & English)

    c) Presentations of the 4th BML Conference (English)

  4. Production of DVDs of the past Conferences

    a) 2nd BML Conference

    b) 3rd BML Conference

    c) 4th BML Conference