Inpatient ward under Tibetan Medical & Astro. College aims in taking care & carrying out treatment of monks, nuns, general public and financially poor patients. Excluding contagious diseases we provide inpatient care to all patients. Here separate wards are available for male & female patients. The responsibility of inpatient ward is taken by the professors and students of the Men-Tsee-Khang College. From nurse, sweeper to cooks, all required staffs are appointed in this inpatient ward. If an emergency patient is admitted here then, senior doctors from Gankyi Clinic and other senior doctors come together to assess and discuss to prevail best treatment option to the serious patient.

This inpatient ward also provides massage, medicinal bath and compress therapy according to the unique Traditional Tibetan Medical system to the patients suffering mainly from arthritis, gout, lymphatic diseases, skin disorder, kidney disease, muscular diseases, mental stress, backache etc. that brings good service to the ailing patients.


The Tibetan Mild Therapy procedures and techniques are based on Tibetan Medical classic text which is authentically laid down with historical backgrounds, for more than 2500 years.  Mild therapy is an effective method to strengthen, rejuvenate and keep energies of body balancing the three humors (Three Nyes- pa).  It is very much effective for relaxation, flexibility of rigid parts, opening channels (tendons, ligaments, nerves), gives complexion and luster to the body and smoothening the skin.

We provide two types of Mild therapy.

1.Mild Therapy for Treatment
2. Mild Therapy for Health Maintenance

The mild therapy for treatment is used for certain disorders on the instruction of the physician for a specific therapy.  Mild Therapy for Health Maintenance is for those people who are interested in maintenance and care of the body.

We are very happy to inform you that TMAI provides the following mild therapies

Massage (Ku Nye)
Oil massage is effective against rough body caused by   rlung-disorders, deficiency of blood and regenerative fluids, general weakness of body, senile decay,depression, emaciatedbody,insomnia and tired body.  It is particularly helpful against various rLung-disorders.  Healthy person can also use oil massage for relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind.   Paste massage is effective against acne, vitiligo, itching, psorasis, inflammation etc.

Compress (Dhugs)
Compress (Dhugs) is of two types: warm compress (Doe-dhug) and cool compress ( Sil-dhug).   Generally, these therapies are helpful for disorders such as indigestion, rLung and Bad-Kan combine disorders, cramps, lymph disorders, poor blood circulation and pain due to fever.

Bath Therapy (Chu Lums),Steam Therapy ( Lhung Lums )
Bath Therapy (Chu Lums) and Steam Therapy (Lhung Lums) are helpful for rigid and stiffness of limbs, paralysis, chronic and acute wounds, swelling and deformity due to muscles, bone and lymph disorders.  It is particularly effective against various rLung disorders.  It also treats eczema, painful swelling, cold disorder and chronic kidney disorder affecting the channel.  Disease like gout, arthritis, swelling of limbs caused by nervous disorders, swelling of channels and protusion of vertebra can benefit from these therapies.