Tibetan Medical and Astrological College Library

An Introduction
Tibetan Medical and Astrological College library was newly established in 1986 with the aim of retaining and development of Tibetan traditional system of medicine and astrology and for the benefit of knowledge seekers. It was expanded in 1994 and a separate committee was constituted to form the library guidelines. Librarian took the main responsibility for the arrangement of furniture, procurement of different books mainly Tibetan and English. Apart from the speeches of great personality and audio-visual facilities were meet for teaching and for the benefits of all interested people. In nut shell, the library full fills the requirement of the teachers, students and the knowledge seekers of inside and outside people.


The library is resourced with the collection of unique Tibetan script like “Kagyur Series” (Translated word of Buddha (108 volumes), 110 volumes of Buddha's teachings in Tibetan) and “Tengyur Series” (commentaries on works of Buddha in 225 volumes of Tripitaka, translated teaching), books on history, religion and philosophy, catalogues, autobiographies and biographies, poetry, literature , grammar, analytical essays, story books, news papers and periodicals (especially books dominantly related to the Tibetan medicine and astrology text and commentaries). More over library contains books on western medicine, traditional medicinal system of India like Ayurveda in different languages. It too has computers and internet connectivity, audio and visual facilities for viewing, reading and listening. The book lending facilities are also available among the members.