Materia Medica Department

This department consists of five doctors, three traditional Thangka painters or artists, one Modern Fine Artist, two curators and one medicinal plant cultivator, in total 12 staff.

Aims & Objectives of department:
The main objective of this department is aim at publishing works on Six Volumes of proper identification of Tibetan medicinal plants and also to direct and control the quality of the raw materials used in the production of pills and herbal compounds. The quality control management is carried out through both traditional and modern quality assurance while keeping optimum preference on safety measurement.

This department also published books on Tibetan materia medica. Some of the books published are:

* The first Vol. of The "Clear Mirror of Tibetan medical Paintings" in Tibetan Version, 1994

* The first Vol. of the "Clear Mirror of Tibetan medical Paintings", in English version 1999

* " A Key Dictionary of Synonyms on Tibetan Materia Medica", to be published in 1998

* The "Tibetan Medicinal Plants ", 2001. A collaborated work between Men- Tsee-Khang and Institute of Pharmacognosy and the Institute of Botany-University of the Agricultural Sciences, University of Vienna, Austria. For more visit. OR.

* The "Traditional Methods of Compounding All Eight Categories of Materia Medica" to be published in 2005

* "Compilation Researched and Integration of Materia Medica of Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Chinese Medicine" to be published in 2008

* "A Handbook of Tibetan medicinal Plants" to be published in 2008

*  The second Vol. of the "clear Mirror of Tibetan medical Paintings", in Tibetan version, 2009

* The second Vol. of the "Clear Mirror of Tibetan Medical Paintings", in English version 2009 

* Seventy -nine Traditional Medical Paintings (Thangkas) have been painted.