• His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Delivered Public Lecture on ‘Meaning of Life and Secular Ethics’ on 9 of December 2016 at the Thayagraj Stadium.
  • Launching of "Disease prevention Hand Book" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 9 of December 2016 at the Thayagraj Stadium.
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama looking at a model of the planned Men-Tsee-Khang College in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India on December 14, 2016. Photo courtesy Tenzin Choejor /OHHDL
  • His Holiness joining medical students as they chant prayers for the flourishing of Tibetan medicine during his visit to the site of planned Men-tsee-khang College in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India on December 14, 2016. Photo courtesy Tenzin Choejor/OHHDL
  • Conference on Sowa-Rigpa Traditional Science of Healing, held on 29th July, 2016 at PHD House, New Delhi, jointly organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Men-Tsee-Khang.
  • Conference on Sowa-Rigpa Traditional Science of Healing, held on 29th July, 2016 at PHD House, New Delhi, jointly organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Men-Tsee-Khang.
  • Inaugural ceremony of Men-Tsee-Khang Wellness Center, B-21 Ground floor,Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi on 29th July 2015.
  • Men-Tsee-Khang Gift shop at Tsuglakhang, near Tibet Museum, opened on 25th May 2015.
  • Men-Tsee-Khang's Wellness center in Mcleod Ganj, inaugurated on 22 July, 2013. The center is on the 1st floor of Mcleod Ganj branch clinic. The different therapies provided are: Ku Nye (Medical Massage), Dhugs (Compress), Chu Lums (Bath Therapy), and rLangs Lums (Steam Therapy).
  • museum Men-Tsee-Khang museum
  • pharmacy Pharmacy dept. produce nearly 150 different varient of Tibetan Medicine
  • quality-control Quality Assurance Laboratory takes the responsiblity to control and check the quality of initial raw material to the final finished products (Medicine and Sorig products)


To promote and practise Sowa-rigpa, the Tibetan system of medicine, astronomy and astrology. To provide accessible health care to people regardless of caste, colour or creed. To provide free or concessional i.e. subsidised health care to the poor and needy, monks and nuns, all new arrivals from Tibet, and those over the age of 65.To produce Tibetan medicines in an environmentally sensitive manner.


Announcement for the candidate of 21st medical batch and 11th Astro. batch

Entrance Result for 21st medical batch and 11th Astro. batch announced

Workshop on Sowa-Rigpa(Bangalore)
17 & 18 February, 2017
2-Days workshop on Sowa-Rigpa was conducted on 17 and 18 February, 2017 at Govt. of Ayurvedic Medical College(G.A.M.C), Bangalore organized by Men-Tsee-Khang under...

World Health Day
7 April 2017
Men-Tsee-Khang 101st founding celebration and World Health day was observed at community hall of Phuntsokling Settlement in Orissa on 7 April, 2017. The programme....

Restorative Yoga Training.
23 March 2017
Together with the 56th founding Anniversary of Men-Tsee-Khang on 23 March 2017, a restorative Yoga training was initiated as a preventive measure and engaging in....

07 April 2017
On 7 April 2017, Men-Tsee-Khang Culture Centre in association with the Tibetan Primary Health Care Centre TPHCC organized 69Th World Health Day at....

Men-Tsee-Khang Wellness Camps celebrating 101 years of Public Service
March 23 , 2017 to March 23, 2018

5 days Level 1,2,3 course in English on Tibetan Medicine from 11 to 27 September, 2017

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April 12 , 2017
The Staff and students of Men-Tsee-Khang are saddened on the demise of a veteran staff Mr. Lhundup Sangyal aged 72. He breathe his last on April 12, 2017 at 9:20 a.m....


101st founding Anniversary of Men-Tsee-Khang, Dharamsala
29 March 2017
Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute of H.H. the Dalai Lama) celebrated its 101st Anniversary on 29 March, 2017 at Men-Tsee-Khang College Hall....

Centennial celebration, Shimla
23rd March 2017
Men-Tsee-Khang branch clinic in Shimla celebrated 101 Anniversary of Men-Tsee-Khang on 23rd March 2017 at Thupten Dorjeedrak Gonpa (Monastery), Shimla. The programme...

Medical camp at Kalachakra, Bodh-Gaya
2 to 15 January, 2017
A free medical camp was organized by Men-Tsee-Khang under supervision of the Special Task Department from 2 to 15 January, 2017 during the 34th Kalachakra...

Centenary Tour to Europe
11 October to 30 November 2017
Men-Tsee-Khang organized outreach tour to Europe from 11 October to 30 November 2017, to celebrate 100 years of establishment of Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute). The team was....

Announcement for 10-Day Course on Mental Healthcare Services, 2017.
14 – 23 June 2017
The Body, Mind & Life Department of Men-Tsee-Khang will be organizing the 4th 10 – Day Course on Mental Healthcare Services from 14 – 23 June 2017. This course is mainly aimed....

Centenary Celebration in Chennai
16 to 19 February, 2017
Men-Tsee-Khang organized centenary outreach tour to Chennai from 16 to 19 February, 2017. The team was led by Dr. Tenzin Thaye, Visiting Physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Dr. Tenzin Choying, Tibetan Astro-Science Practitioner (TASP) Mrs. Tenzin Yanki....


Celebration of Men-Tsee-Khang founding Anniversary, Ahmedabad
23 March, 2017
Men-Tsee-Khang foundation day was celebrated by Ahmedabad branch clinic and Wellness Centre on 23 March, 2017 at Sambhaav conference hall. The function....

Medical Camp, Dharamsala.
March 15 and 16 , 2017
Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute) organized a 2-day medical camp at the courtyard of Tsuglagkhang, Dharamsala on 15 and 16 March, 2017 after....

Dr. Tsewang Tamdin Official tour to Nepal and Varanasi.
March 3 , 2017
Varanasi: Dr. Tsewang Tamdin was in Varanasi from 9 to 12 February, 2017 to attend the National seminar on Diagnosis which was organized by Sorig Department of Varanasi Central University of Tibetan Studies.

International Congress on Sowa-Rigpa
March 3 , 2017
Speech by Mr. Tashi Tsering Phuri, Director, Men-Tsee-Khang (Sowa-Rigpa) at the 5th International Congress on Sowa-Rigpa, held at Kathmandu, Nepal from March 1 to 3, 2017 ....

Centenary Tour to West coast
Feb 24 , 2017
A team of five members headed by Dr. Namdol Lhamo, accompanied by Dr. Tenzin Choying, Mr. Kunga Dhondup (Tibetan Astro-Science Practitioner), Mr. Tenzin Dorjee and Mrs. Sonam Lhamo visited West Coast of USA ....


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