Internal MS Forms:

MS form
MS Form: 1 Daily wages labor form
MS Form: 5 Staff Transfer form
MS Form: 13 Next of Kin form
MS Form: 14 Weekly report form of Main Office
MS Form: 15 Monthly report form of Branch Clinics
MS Form: 16 Registration form for Men-Tsee-Khang product on wholesale, except Medicines
MS Form: 19 Confidential Report on the Head of Department.
MS Form: 24 Leave application form
MS Form: 30 Vehicles Requisition form
MS Form: 33 Retired Staff out of stattion for more than 7 days.
MS Form: 35 Updating Names of Family members.
MS Form: 36A -36D Medicine shortage form / Shortage recovered form / Medicine empty package / medicine damaged return form (MS - 36 A to MS - 36D)
MS Form: 39 Staff transfer Application forms
MS Form: 40 Advance forms for Official
MS Form: 41 Intern Attendance report forms
MS Form: 43 Rinchen Rilbu sanction forms
MS Form: 44 Confidential Report on Staff by the Head of Department
MS Form: 45 Staff DA Form
MS Form: 47a Staff overtime form more then 5 days
MS Form: 47b Staff overtime form upto 5 days
MS Form: 48 Staff Transfer Departure & Arrival Form
MS Form: 49 Patient Consultation based upon Divination
MS Form: 50 Budget control sanction
MS Form: 51 Fund requisition on Special basis
MS Form: 52 Order slip for Health record book
MS Form: 53 Men-Tsee-Khang Staff entitlementon on resignation
MS Form: 54 Doctor's Annual/ Treatment process report
MS Form: 55 Form to submit 3 or more Bills to the account-section
MS Form: 56 External Therapy Quarterly report form
MS Form: 57 Distribution Form for Men-Tsee-Da-sar
MS Form: 58 Leave without pay form
MS Form: 59 Men-Tsee-Khang Ex Doctor's Medicine order form
MS Form: 60 Leave-form-one-hour
MS Form: 61 Security return form
MS Form: 62 30 to 60 days free Medicine form
MS Form: 63 Estate: Repair and Renovation form(HO)
MS Form: 64 Staff & Contract Staff:Application form to attend course/conference
MS Form: 65 Anonymous Donation ( Donation Box) Form
MS Form: 66 MTK creche : Late Pickup Form
MS Form: 67 College Student's requisition form