Precious Pill

Rinchen Seljed Charkril Chenmo

Rinchen Seljed Chakril Chenmo, the great precious iron compound of clear sight contains 40 ingredients including iron powder (prepared through a series of standard detoxifying processes), three myrobalan fruits, saffron, magnet, vasaka, mineral pitch etc. This is a compound of high standard based on practical instructions of the past eminent masters of Tibetan medicine and is enriched with spiritual blessing.

This precious pill is beneficial against cataract, tears accompanied with pain, intolerance to light, blood shoot eyes, partial or complete blindness due to dilation of the pupil, blurred vision, weakening of the vision due to partial cataract of cornea, blindness due to inner cataract, burning sensation in eyes, intolerance to wind, swelling of an eyelid, dry and watery eyes, growth of wart or pimples on the sclera, excessive eye crud, outer cataract and aqueous humor disorder, infection of the lacrimal gland, disorder of optic nerve, difficulty in opening and closing of eyes and for all kinds of eye disorders. It is exceptionally beneficial against cataract due to chronic compounded poisoning, anemia, rashes and pimples, blood emesis due to muk-po(chronic gastro-intestinal disorder), descend of impure blood in liver and spleen and is helpful against chronic jaundice. When taken by a healthy person, it can prevent all disorders mentioned above and protects one’s eyes.

A night before taking the precious pill, take light decoction prepared from seven grains of yer-ma (prickly ash ) to open up body channels. Soak the pill in a small amount of hot boiled water using an clean unbroken cup covering it with a lid and leave it to stand overnight.The pill should not be expose to bright light. Early the next morning before day breaks, crush and stir the content either with spoon or with the ring finger and drink the whole mixture after adding little amount of hot water. Retire to bed with warm covering and sleep for about one hour in order to induce little perspiration. Following that take little amount of hot water infused with saffron to close body channels. This will help to retain the effect of medicine in the body. If one needs to take the medicine urgently, it can also be taken like any other Tibetan pills with boiled hot water. When taken for rejuvenation by a healthy person, it should be taken on an auspicious dates like eight, full moon and new moon days of Tibetan lunar calendar to gain optimum result.

For a period of three to seven days after taking the medicine, avoid fish, pork, egg, sour alcohols, onion, garlic, wild garlic, putrid food, hot spices, strenuous physical activities, accidents, daytime sleep, cold bath and sex.

Mantra of Medicine Buddha
Om Namo Bhagawate Bhekhaze Guru Bendurya Prabha Razaya Tatha Ghataya Arhate Samnya Sam Buddhaya Tayatha Om Bhekhaze Bhekhaze Maha Bhekhaze Bhekhaze Razaya Samung Ghate Svaha Om Mani Padme Hum