10 - Day Course on Mental Healthcare Services Level-2

The Body, Mind and Life department of Men-Tsee-Khang successfully organized the 10 - Day Course on Mental Healthcare Services, Intermediate level from 18th to 27th October 2016 at Dharamshala. This was the 3rd such course organized by the department since its inception in the year 2013 and the first intermediate level course up till now. Apart from the international conferences, this is one of the main projects the department carries out in every year. This intermediate level was a continuation of the basic level course that was held in the same year in the month of June.
This year the department had six participants; 2 foreigners, 1 Indian, 2 doctors from the Clinical Research Department and 1 staff from the Body, Mind and Life Department. Even-though, the number of participants were very less, the course proved to be a success owing to the quality sessions each participant received which might not have been possible in a class of greater strength. The three main topics discussed were the Disturbing Factors of Mental Health, Ways to Prevent Mental Illness and Remedies for Disorders of Mental Health. Geshe Lharampa Kalsang Kunkhen from Gadong Monastery and Geshe Tenpa Tashi from the department took classes from the perspective of Buddhist psychology. The department’s Menrampa Ngawang Jinpa Sunang continued from his basic level class of remedies of disorder based on Tibetan Medicine, while Tserampa Tenzin Nyandak gave a presentation on remedies of mental disorder based on Tibetan Astro-science. All the resource talks were simultaneously translated into English by the department’s translator Mr Kunkyab Pasang.
In between the courses, the group had a refreshing day of sight-seeing where they attended the 56th Founding Anniversary of TCV School and also visited Tsug-la-khang and Norbu-linga Institute.

As organizers, the most important thing for the department is to identify various means to promote optimal mental health care service to the humanity in this paradoxical age of too much but too less at the same time. As the technological and materialistic era advances, the prevalence of human mental and physical problems are understood to be growing. The three basic afflictive emotions namely, attachment, hatred and ignorance are the factors which contribute in these consequences. Hence the department foresees great value in promoting optimum mental healthcare service to patients by dealing with its causes, prevention and remedies from a triple-sided approach of Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Astro-science. Health professionals, anthropologists, psychologists and professionals in the field of social and behavioral science are expected to gain much from these courses. Generally, anyone with an interest in the fundamental concepts of Buddhist philosophy and psychology are most welcome to participate in the department’s future courses.