Workshop on Sowa-Rigpa.

2-Days workshop on Sowa-Rigpa was conducted on 17 and 18 February, 2017 at Govt. of Ayurvedic Medical College(G.A.M.C), Bangalore organized by Men-Tsee-Khang under the guidance and vision of Director considering the importance of not only show-casing the Sowa Rigpa but to inculcate an important project to be supported by the state government.
The purpose of workshop was to promote Sowa-Rigpa and bring forth the two oldest system of medical boon that is Sowa-Rigpa and Ayurveda to contribute into the global health protection.
The workshop was headed by three Resource persons from Men-Tsee-Khang, Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang, Head of Materia Medica Department; Dr. Tenzin Yeshi, Research and Development Department and Ms. Tsering Wangmo, Quality Control Department. The programme was well attended by a total of around 40 to 50 Ayurvedic Doctors (P.G) where few were delegates from different branches of Ayush Department, Karnataka.
The workshop was formally inaugurated by Mr. M.K Singh, Director of Ayush, G.A.M.C.
Dr. Sridhara B. S., Principal of G.A.M.C. and the three Resource persons from Men-Tsee-Khang addressed the audience. The session was commenced with a spiritual lighting of butter lamp by all the members. Mr. M. K Singh, Director, Department of AYUSH delivered a very brief speech on “An understanding of Sowa Rigpa at surface and its relationship with Ayurveda being an oldest system of medicine in protection of human health” and made an avail to all to make the most of this workshop. Dr. Sridhara B.S, Principal of G.A.M.C., took the opportunity to welcome the three resource persons and introduce the term “Ayurveda- Life Science” and its origin and diversity.
Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang on behalf of Men-Tsee-Khang, addressed the gathering by acknowledging the Director of Men-Tsee-Khang for having such an open-minded vision to come up with  many workshops on “SOWA RIGPA” been conducted to benefits the mankind. He then, gave a brief outline of SOWA RIGPA –Tibetan science of healing to the participants.
2-Days workshop covered both the theoretical and the practical aspects of Sowa-Rigpa. On First session, Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang gave presentation on “Introduction to Sowa Rigpa, ii) rgyud bzhi (Four Tandras) iii) Relationship between Sowa Rigpa & Buddhism” through which he channelize the diversity of Sowa Rigpa and how well the ancient Tibetan textual are preserved and documented. He also briefed the audience on various departments of Men-Tsee-Khang and the objective behind the set up.  Dr. Tenzin Yeshi spoke on “ Diagnostic Techniques in Sowa Rigpa” in which he discussed mainly  on the different type of techniques and methods applied by the modern Sowa Rigpa Doctors as an evaluation to Tibetan medicine primarily the  urine examination and pulse diagnosis.
During the practical session, participants were made into groups where Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang demonstrated the methods of applying on the patients while reading their pulse. On the other hand, the urine sample examination by Dr. Tenzin Yeshi. Then, Ms. Tsering Wangmo spoke on “Total Quality Management of Men-Tsee-Khang’s Herbal Products where she briefed the participants on standardization of Sowa Rigpa Medince and different herbal products produced from the two manufacturing units of Men-Tsee-Khang.
An open panel discussion was held on “Interaction between Ayurveda and Sowa-Rigpa system” where the participant’s raised their doubts and exchanged of knowledge in these traditions were shared by the delegates.
The valedictory session was honored by the presence of Prof. Ahalaya Sharma, Joint Secretary AYUSH (South Zone); In-charge Principal and the three resource person. The session was opened for all to share their feedbacks. The feedbacks were given by in-charge principal and Dr. Goal, Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital (SSCASRH) about the similarity between Sowa-Rigpa and Ayurveda system on the application of Urine and Pulses Diagonis. They also praised Men-Tsee-Khang for establishing Body, Mind & Life Department which partake meaningful knowledge on mental health care. Lastly, they thanked the esteemed speakers from Men-Tsee-Khang for sharing valuable insights on Sowa-Rigpa and Men-Tsee-Khang.
Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang, also shared his feedback on 2 Day workshop. Firstly, he honored the member on the dais, spoke very briefly on similarity and dissimilarity nature of Sowa-Rigpa and Ayurveda and thanked everyone for making this workshop successful.
2-days workshop concluded with the speech on the diversity of Ayurveda- life science and its well documented textual given by Joint Secretary where she also encouraged the young doctors to preserve the rich knowledge of Ayurveda, a medical boon to save a life which exactly the term “AYURVEDA” defined.

The three resource persons were traditionally honored with a Lord Dhavantari stupa as a souvenir and a shawl with a spiritual mala. The workshop materials, brochures, Testimonials and spiral bound Research papers on Tibetan Medicine were distributed on the first day of workshop to the participants.