Restorative Yoga Training, Dalhousie

Under the visionary guidanceof Men-Tsee-Khang Director, Restorative Yoga programme was initiated under the Diseases Preventive Committee on the occasion of 56th Anniversary of Men-Tsee-Khang. This programme was organized to provide physical and mental well being, and encouraged healthy behaviors in Tibetan society.

Restorative Yoga programme at Dalhousie was conducted from 12 to 17 June, 2017. The programme successfully witnessed both the young and senior members enthusiastically following the Yoga instructions of Mr. Tsering Dhondup, Yoga instructor. Advised on how to maintain healthy lifestyle through doing exercise and having healthy diets were also shared with the audience.

Mr. Phurbu Damdul, Member of Regional Parliament and Mr. Rabten Tsering were the distinguished figures who were present at the programme.