Dr. Tsewang Tamdin visit to USA

Dr. Tsewang Tamdin toured San Diego, Minnesota and New York in USA from 14 to 28 June, 2017.

He provided health care service according to traditional Tibetan system of healing to more than 300 interested people in San Diego, Minnesota, and New York and advised on diet and healthy behaviors. He also stressed importance on the prevention of diseases related to gastric ulcer, kidney problem, arthritis, nerves disorder, liver problem, skin disorder, hypertension, diabetes and psychological disturbances.

Men-Tsee-Khang would like to express their utmost gratitude to Members of Tibetan Association of Minnesota and New York; former Men-Tsee-Khang staff Dr. Wangdue; Mr. Younten; Tibetan Astro-Science Practitioners Mr. Jampa Kalsang and Mr. Tenzin Sherap for their generous support.