Dr. Tsewang Tamdin Official tour to Nepal and Varanasi.
March 3 , 2017
Varanasi: Dr. Tsewang Tamdin was in Varanasi from 9 to 12 February, 2017 to attend the National seminar on Diagnosis which was organized by Sorig Department of Varanasi Central University of Tibetan Studies.

The programme was graced by the presence of renowned experts from the four field of Medical study. Dr. Tamdin delivered lectures on Urine Analysis through Tibetan Medical System as well as provided health consultations. Another highlight of the programme was exhibition which was arranged by the University Sorig Department displaying herbal medicine and books on Tibetan Medicine. Around 70 audiences were present in the 4 day programmes.

Nepal: Dr. Tsewang Tamdin was on official tour to Nepal and Pokhara from 25 January to 1 February 2017. The Doctor toured Nepal Men-tsee-Khang branche clinics in Chabahil, Chetrapati and Pokhara Tibetan Settlements namely: Jampaling settlement, Paljorling settlement, Tashiling Settlement and Tashi Palhel settlement.

Health consultations and advised on healthy lifestyles were given to the people. Arthritis, Gastric ulcer, Nerves Disorder, Hepatitis, Liver and Stomach Cancer were found in most of the patients. Due to the recent earthquakes, hypertension, Diabetes and psychology disturbances were common among them.

Dr. Tamdin consulted 355 patients in Pokhara, 356 in Nepal, 118 in Delhi Wellness centre and 88 patients in Varanasi.