Men-Tsee-Khang organized outreach tour to Europe from 11 October to 30 November 2016, to celebrate 100 years of establishment of Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute). The team was headed by Mrs. Sonam Palmo, Tibetan Astro-science Practitioner (TASP) accompanied by Dr. Passang Wangdu both lecturer in the College; PA to Director, Mr. Tsetan Dorjee; and Assistant General Secretary, Ms. Kalsang Dechen. The team visited Frankfurt, Bonn, Freiburg in Germany, Monnetier Mornex, Grenoble and Toulouse in France and Rapperswil, Zurich, Basel and Baar in Switzerland during the 50 days tour.

The first destination was in Frankfurt, Germany where the 5 days event was organized by Frankfurt Tibet Haus, Managing Director, Mr. Phuntsok Tsering.  Ms. Silke came to receive the group at the airport on 11 Oct.  Next day, the visiting team set up exhibition at the center where herbal products, thangkas, and pictorial charts on Tibetan Medicine and Astro-Science were displayed with the help of the members. 

Lectures on the role of Tibetan astro-science in modern world, how Tibetan astro-science plays a major role in our health and how it can help our daily life obstacles were presented by Mrs. Sonam Palmo while Dr. Passang Wangdu spoke on indigestion is the root cause of cancer and all internal disorders in Tibetan medicine, general healthcare through diet and behaviour, workshop: ageing in a healthy way and dissolution of five senses at the time of death at Tibet haus. The doctor consulted 18 patients and 9 interested individual received oral-astro consultation.

Mr. Frederik Nelting came to receive the team at Frankfurt and the group departed by train to Bonn on 17 Oct.  In Bonn the programme was organized by Gezeiten Haus (Mental Trauma Centre) invited by Dr. Manfred Nelting from 18 to 23 October. Under the supervision of Dr. Fedrick Nelting panel discussions, exchange programmes with the faculties of Wesseling Klinik, Bonn klink and Oberhausen Klinik were organized. 

Mental disorder and diagnostic according to Tibetan Medicine were shared by Dr. Passang Wangdu with the doctors, nurses and health workers working in the Wesseling Klinik; therapeutic approach in Tibetan medicine and management of loong disorder in Tibetan medicine were presented at Bonn Klinik headed by Ulf Bernhard Krause and an introduction to Tibetan medicine at Oberhausen clinic headed by Dr. Walter were arranged.

Around 300 doctors, health workers, nurses and patients in these Gezeiten Haus attended the talks. 16 interested people received health care service according to Tibetan healing system and oral-astro consultation were given to 8 people who were curious in Tibetan astro-science.

In Freiburg, Mr. Wilfred Pfeffer arranged a 3-day programme from 25 to 27 Oct, at Tibet Kailash Institute. The team set up exhibition to display Tibetan Medicine, pictorial charts of Astro-science, Thangkas and herbal products. Talks on chronic diseases according to Tibetan medicine, diagnostic ethods in traditional Tibetan medicine, diabetes and intolerance, allergies in Tibetan medicine by the doctor where as the role of Tibetan astro-science in Tibetan medical practice by the Astro-science practitioner were given at the center.  Dr. Passang Wangdu gave presentations on dementia in Tibetan medicine and management of cancer in traditional Tibetan medicine at the University of Frieburg.  More than 200 hundred people attended the talks at the university.

A total of 34 patients and 16 oral-astro consultations were given by doctor and the TASP during the tour in Frieburg.

The next programme was held in Monnetier Mornex, France from 29 to 30 October at Shedrup Choekorling Monastery invited by Svetlana Kapusta, vice president.  Lectures on Tibetan Medicine: an introduction to traditional Tibetan medicine and role of dietary behaviour in maintaining healthy mind and body, nyepas (three humours) their function in the body and mind etc were given by Dr. Passang Wangdu.  Where as Mrs. Sonam Palmo gave presentations on the introduction and role of Tibetan astro-science in medical practice and the role of Tibetan astro-science in modern world along with the workshop. Ms. Curian was supportive during the stay at the monastery.

Tibetan Medicine, pictorial charts of Astro-Science, Thangkas and herbal products were displayed in the exhibition set up in the conference room of the monastery. 26 health consultations and 14 oral-astro consultations were provided by the Doctor and Astro-Science Practitioner in two days.  

The team was in Grenoble from 1 to 14 November which was arranged by Alps Himalaya Association coordinated by Vice President of the Association Mrs. Francoise Giroud.  The team stayed in Mrs. Catherine Humberger's house who is the president of the Association.  The programme included well attended Lectures on Tibetan Medicine and Astro-science along with workshop, health consultation, oral-astro consultations, exhibition of herbal products and thangkas.

Lecture on cancer according Tibetan Medicine was given by Dr. Passang Wangdu at the Medical Center Rocheplane on 2 Nov.  Prior to the talk the team was taken for a visit in the medical center where patients suffering from post traumatic syndrome were treated.  Discussions with the doctors, nurses and health workers were shared by the Dr. Passang Wangdu during the tour to the different wards. A holistic approach of Tibetan medicine and the role of dietary behaviour in maintaining good health at the Belledonne Clinic in Grenoble city were presented by the doctor.  The doctor and the Astro-science practitioner spoke on general health care through diet and behaviour and role of Tibetan astro-science in the modern world at Restaurant Nepalaya on 9 and 11 Nov respectively.  Around 500 audiences interested in the traditional system of Tibetan medicine and astro-science participated for the conferences including doctors, nurses, health workers, public and the patients in the hospital. 

The Annual Big Event of Association Alpes Himalaya was organized at St. Nazaire Les Eymes village on 4 Nov hosted by Mrs. Catherine Humberger.  Dr. Passang Wangdu and Mrs. Sonam Palmo, TASP explained the bases of Tibetan medicine and importance of astrology to the audience with 15 minutes question and answer session.  Display of herbal products and books were also entertained and more than 200 villagers attended the event.  St. Nazaire Les Eymes village president La Malrese Michel Flamand was also present at the event. She welcomed the team from Men-Tsee-Khang and addressed the gathering as well.   

In the snow capped mountains an hour drive from Greboble city, the team stayed at Aline Mercan house who is a medical doctor and an ethno botanist.  The doctor spoke on the role of Tibetan medicine in the west at the Museum de l'ours des cavernes, Chartreuse on 8 Nov. 

On the invitation by the representative of Mayor of City of Grenoble, the team visited Maison De L'International in the evening for a conference on Tibetan Medicine.  The Mayor was represented by Muncipal Councillor Mr. Rene de Ceglie.  The doctor spoke on "Traditional Tibetan medicine, past and present".  The conference was packed with audience and after the presentation the team had dinner at the Le 5 Grenoble Museum Restaurant with the Councillor, President and vice president of the association.   

At the Office de Tourisme (Tourist Office) Grenoble Mrs. Sonam Palmo gave a presentation on the relationship between Tibetan medicine and Tibetan astro-science on 10 Nov.  In the l'Arche St Antoine (St Antoine Abbaye) the doctor spoke on maintaining physical and mental wellbeing through diet and life style in Tibetan medicine.  More than 100 people participated in the both the conference. 

Exhibition was displayed at Galerie Cafe La Vina owned by Mr. Francois Marie Perier from 5 to 12 November which is in the center of the city.  Thangkas, charts on Tibetan medicine and astro-science, herbal products etc were displayed in the Galerie.  People from all walks of life visited the Galerie to experience the traditional system of medicine and astro-science. 

A total of 49 patients received health consultations and 23 oral-astro consultations were provided in Grenoble Including lectures and display of herbal products at all the venues.

From 19 to 22 November the team visited Switzerland.  Programmes in Rapperswil Jona, Zurich, Basel and Baar were organized and coordinated by Nyingbu Tenzin, President of Tibetan Community in Swiss & Liechtenstein (TCSL).  An introductory speech on 100 year Anniversary of Men-Tsee-Khang was given followed by a talk on an introduction to Tibetan Medicine and healthy lifestyle to the Tibetan community was presented by the team leader and the doctor in Rapperswil on 19 Nov. Exhibition was held displaying Tibetan Medicine, pictorial charts of Astro-Science, Thangkas and herbal products. The event was covered by well known News channel Radio Free Asia.  Mr. Pema Tsering la and the members in Rapperswil help set up the exhibition, display of products in the hall.  Health consultation to the Tibetan community was also provided.  The team also visited Padma Pharmaceutical Company in Wetzikon, Switzerland. 

In Zurich exhibition, health care service and astro-consultation was organized by Mr. Lugyal and Mr. Pema Tsering and the members on 20 Nov.  In Basel, Mr. Thomas, GSTF organized talks on "the role of Tibetan Astro-science in modern world' presented by Mrs. Sonam Palmo, Tibetan Astro-science practitioner, health care service by the doctor and display of products was set up.  Tibetan Medicine section in the Paramed AG in Baar help set up exhibition, health consultation and oral astro-consultation to the interested people visiting the hospital. The organizers in Paramed were Brigitte Ingdd, Gabriela Bardouar and translators Diege Jud and Amina Lehmann.   Around 100 people participated in the talks at Rapperswil and Basel. 

149 patients received health consultations and 16 oral-astro consultations were given by Astro-science Practitioner in Swiss.

The last city to visit was Toulouse, France.  The programme was held at Vajra Yogini Centre organized by Mr. Francois and Violette Lecointre, President of the center. Exhibition was set up to showcase Tibetan Medicine, pictorial charts of Astro-Science, Thangkas and herbal products. Around 160 audiences were briefed on the therapeutic approach to Tibetan medicine and longevity and mental and physical well being in Tibetan medicine by the doctor on 24 and 25 Nov while the Astro-science practitioner spoke on an introduction to Tibetan Astro-science on 26 Nov at the main chapel of the center followed by question and answer sessions. The doctor and Astro-Science Practitioner provided 52 health consultation and 32 oral-astro consultations during the 4 days tour. 

In Europe, Tibetan medicine and Astro-science exhibition was displayed in 20 different locations, 40 lecture sessions were presented by the Astro-science practitioner and the doctor, 356 people received health care, and 118 people received oral astro-consultations. More than 2000 people including doctors, nurses, health workers and the public interested in the traditional systems participated in the lectures on Tibetan medicine and Astro-science.    

Men-Tsee-Khang would like to express its outmost gratitude to Tibethaus Frankfurt, Mr. Phuntsok Tsering, Tibetan Association in Frankfurt, Lhamo-Bistro, Silke, Patrick, Elke, translator Simone in Frankfurt; Gezeiten Haus in Bonn; Wilfred Pfeffer, Tibet Kailash Haus; Alps Himalaya Association, translators Isabelle, Cecile and Suzy, organizers of all the clinics, institutes and families in Gernoble; Office of Tibet Swiss, Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein, GSTF, Mrs. Yungdung Dolma, Mr. Urs Berger for providing free accommodation during the stay in swiss, Mrs. Kalsang Choedon ex-staff, Kalsang & Tsering Yangzom Kubumtsang and all the community members in Switzerland; Shedrup Choekorling Monastery in Monnitier Mornex; Vajra Yogini Centre, Mr. Tenzin and Mrs. Tsering Dolma in Toulouse; Mr. Topgyal and Mrs. Tsering Lhamo for providing accommodation in Paris to all for their support in making this outreach tour meaningful and successful.