Field trip study and identification of medicinal plants is one of the most important parts of study in Tibetan medicine at the Tibetan Medical & Astro. College. This traditional way of imparting practical study on medicinal plants was started since the establishment of the first Tibetan Medical College in Tibet in the 7th century by the elder Youthok Yonten Gonpo, known as the Father of Tibetan medicine.  This tradition has continued till now, where the College started a field trip study around Manali, Mahri and its surrounding areas since its inception in 1961 in Dharamsala.











This year 54 students led by Dr. Lobsang Yeshi (Vice principal) of the College; Dr. Penpa, Pharmacy Department; two instructors Dr. Tsering Norbu (Head of the Department) and Dr. Tseten Mingyur from the Materia Medica Department identified to the students a variety of plants growing in the surrounding areas. The students, after careful observation and study, took an examination on the identification of medicinal plants at the end of the field trip.