On 7 April 2017, Men-Tsee-Khang Culture Centre in association with the Tibetan Primary Health Care Centre TPHCC organized 69Th World Health Day at Sonamling Tibetan Settlement Hall on the theme "Depression, Let’s talk" in Leh, Ladakh.

Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo officiating CRO and Changthang Coordinator Leh, Ladakh presided over as the Chief Guest. Other dignitaries included Mr. Chungdak, Speaker of Local Tibetan Assembly, Leh; Mr. Pema Sangpo, Secretary to Supreme Justice Commission, Leh; Mr. Tamdin Chodar, Head Environment Committee; Mr. Karma Gedun, Executive Secretary TPHCC and Mrs Seldol, Nurse TPHCC, Choglamsar.

Introductory speech was given by Mr. Nyandak followed by Annual report of TPHCC read out by Mr. Karma Gedun. Mrs. Seldol gave awareness talk on Depression ‘let’s talk’ in Western thought. Talk on Depression in traditional way of healing (Sowa Rigpa) was presented by Dr. Thinley Namgyal and Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo stressed the importance of maintaining good health and avoids junk food. He also advised on keeping the surrounding clean and hygiene and encouraged the audience to help the mentally retarded people around Leh and Changthang.

 Leh Health committee organized “Keep Environment & Surrounding Area Clean” to encourage the mass to take active participation in sanitization and hygiene. Among 12 camps of Tibetan Settlement, ‘BEST CLEAN CAMP” trophy was awarded to Camp no 10 by the Chief Guest. Health Committee constituted of Executive Secretary of TPHCC, MTK resident Doctor, 3 Representatives from 12 camps and the coordinator of TPHCC & Nurse TPHCC.

For the first time, quiz competition was held to spread health awareness education among the people. The competition had three rounds of 50 questions on topics:  Mother and Child Health Care, Dental health care and General Knowledge questionnaire on health issue. Quiz competition was anchored by Mr. Karma Tsering of MTK CC and Mrs. Tsering Yangchen of TPHCC as a numerator and time keeper. Participants were selected among 12 camps with one representative from each camp. Camp 6 & 10 participants took the 1st prize worth Rs.400.

During the health report of 7400 plus Tibetan people around Leh & Changthang, a dramatic decrease in birth ratio was seen which has dropped from 181 children in 2015 to 80 children in 2016.

Programme lasted for 3 hours from 10 am to 1 pm. The programme was concluded with the thank you note by Mr. Rinzin Dorjee of MTK CC.

Our appreciation to Tibetan Cooperative society, Choglamsar for arranging the hall, mike, generator, table and chair at nominal charges.