Tibetan Medicine Course in English for the Arab Group

Men-Tsee-Khang College is organizing a 5 day introductory and a 10 day foundation course on Tibetan medicine in English to the Arab group from 7 to 21 August, 2014.

The 5 day introductory course started from 7 to 11 August and there were 23 participants who attended the course.  The attendees were from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Yemen, Oman, Tunisia, Morocco and Bahrain. 

The topics for the course are a brief history and an overview of Tibetan medicine, an introduction of classic Tibetan Medical Test rGyud bzhi, theory of three humors and five elements, health, disease, mental health care, diagnostic techniques, mode of treatments, seven psycho-somatic natures, natural hot springs and medicinal bath, lifestyle guidelines tool, diet and nutrition, seven essential limbs of herbal medicine, massage tips and child development care, embryology, anatomy, physiology, death omens, causes of disorders, causative factors of disorders, mode of entering disorders, characteristics and classification of disorders, gynecological disorders, routine lifestyle, seasonal lifestyle, incidental lifestyle and management of infertility in Tibetan medicine.

Role of Tibetan astrology in Tibetan medical practice, relationship between Tibetan medicine and Tibetan Buddhism, ethical conduct of a physician, importance of digestive heat and role of Tibetan astrology in health are some of the lectures which will be presented presented during the 15 days course. 

The 5 day course consists of 20 sessions and the 10 day course of 40 sessions having four sittings in a day of one and a half hour duration each. 

Dr. Tenpa Choephel (Principal), Dr. Namdol Lhamo, Dr. Pema Tsetso, Dr. Passang Wangdu (Vice Principal), Dr. Lobsang Yeshi, Dr. Choenyi Samdup, Mrs. Sonam Palmo (astrologer), Dr. Wangdu, Mr. Tenzin Londen (astrologer), Dr. Pema Gyaltsen, Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen from the College; Dr. Tsering Thakchoe Drungtso, member secretary of High Level Medical & Astro. Council; Geshe Tenpa Tashi (head of Body, Mind and Life); Dr. Tenzin Yeshi and Dr. Rigzin Sangmo (head of Research & Development); Dr. Penpa Dhondup, and Dr. Tenzin Lhundup were the resource persons for the both the courses.