Discussion on Compilated Texts on Sok or Life

The Body Mind and Life Department organized a discussion programme on “Sok or Life” from 17 – 18 May, 2017. The research on Sok was initiated since the inception of B.M.L. Department in the year 2013 and is one of the major projects carried out by the department. The presentation on Sok from the perspective of Buddhist Philosophy was carried out last year by Geshe Tenpa Tashi, Head of B.M.L Department.

This year, Tibetan Astro-Science Practitioner TASP Tenzin Nyendak and Dr. Ngawang Jinpa Sunang presented their research on “Sok” followed by a session of discussion and feedbacks. Dr. Tsewang Tamdin, the Chairman of High Level Medical & Astro. Council; senior doctors and Tibetan Astro-Science Practitioners were present at the programme.

In the coming year, the department plans to compile the research articles and publish them to allow the public to gain access to previously unearthed information.