A group of 40 French doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and health professionals visited Men-Tsee-Khang from 1-12 Nov, 2013 to learn the techniques of massage and craniopathy in Tibetan medicine and also share their experiences as well.

CERA (Centre d'Eetude Reflexotherapiques d'Atlantique) is a research and education center for physicians, physiotherapists, chiropodists, speech therapists, dentists, surgeons and orthoptists: it has more than 1,250 members.

As planned, a six day course ranging from an introduction to Tibetan medicine; health and disease, diagnostic techniques, management of nervous disorders, relationship between Tibetan medicine and Tibetan Buddhism, management of rlung disorders, massage tips,  cupping and tsuk therapy, compression therapies relating to Tibetan system of medicine was presented to the visiting group. 

Around 15 sessions were provided by 10 resource people who are traditional Tibetan doctors from the Institute.  The group had an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 5 Nov and the Chairman of CERA Dr. Philip Bazire expressed appreciation on behalf of the group for the precious moment.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama welcomed the group and was pleased to learn about the exchange programme between CERA and Men-Tsee-Khang.  He said that it was a good idea for the French doctors and Tibetan doctors to work together as Tibetan medicine has a lot to offer for the well being of humanity.      

Dr. Philip Bazire, president of CERA gave two sessions on cranial reflexology according to the Western system of medicine to the college students and lecturers. 

The visit has been a very fruitful one for future collaborations on research between traditional Tibetan system of medicine and the CERA group.  Mr. Yannick Ouvard and Kalsang Dickyi were the organizers and collaboration with Men-Tsee-Khang ensured its success.