The group from Norway Mr. Trond Endresen, senior landscape architect; Mr. Vidar Kristiansen, project manager, representing Feste Grenland and Margrethe Broch Du - member Norwegian Tibetan Committee visited Men-Tsee-Khang to follow up the phase II process on the TMAI Chauntra Project.  The seminar was conducted from 4 - 9 March, 2012 by Mr. Trond Endresen and Mr. Vidar Kristiansen.  The institutional capacity building - project management is the second phase of the project.  They were 12 key personnel’s from Men-Tsee-Khang including members from administration, account section, pharmaceutical unit, education and estate section of Men-Tsee-Khang.

On 4 March, 2012 all the team from Norway and Men-Tsee-Khang visited Chauntra site.  After the site visit, seminar on the project started.   Mr. Trond spoke about the structures and landscape as a "Universal thing and we have to use the resources in a simple way".  In Tibet he said “the buildings are modern, built many centuries back which are strong and can protect against natural forces.  During those days there was no sketch and it was straight from the mind.” Through modern architecture we could built typical structures and modify to modern ways.  He showed structures from Tibet, Bhutan and Norway and gave illustrations of how natural resources can be used in a simple and efficient way.  He also informed that complicated mistakes will cost more. 

Mr. Vidar Kristiansen enlightened on the important aspect of project management.  He said that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  A project is a unique thing which has a definite start and end.  The goal and scope of a project should be clear.  The five important phases in a project is to initiate, plan, execute, monitor or control and close.  Knowledge, skills, tools & techniques to project activities and communication skill is a must in project management.  Communication plan is a standard thing in project management and plays an important role.