Outreach Tour to Europe

To celebrate the 101 years of Health Care Service, Men-Tsee-Khang organized outreach tour to Europe from 6 October to 16 November, 2017. A team headed by Dr. Migmar Lhamo, Chief Resident Doctor of Ahmadabad branch clinic; Tibetan Astro-Science Practitioner (TASP) Mrs. Tenzin Yanki, Astro. Department, Dharamsala; Mrs. Passang Lhamo, Head of Medicine Store and Sale Section; and Ms. Dawa lhamo, Nizamuddin branch clinic visited Germany, Swiss, France and Spain.

The first programme was organized at Germany from 7 to 18 October, 2017. The event included health consultations, oral-astro consultations and exhibition on Tibetan medicine and Astro-Science. A series of lectures on dietary and life-style, three humors, an introduction on Tibetan medicine and a workshop on dietary and life-style were given by Dr. Migmar Lhamo. TASP Mrs. Tenzin Yanki spoke on an introduction on traditional Tibetan Astro-Science. They were interested people who participated in the lectures and workshop. The doctor and Astro-Science practitioner gave consultation to 41 patients and oral-astro consultations to 9 individuals. The programmes at Frankfurt, Bonn, Luftelberg, and Humberg were arranged by Mr. Tsering Phuntsok, Managing Director of Tibet Haus, Frankfurt; Ms. Jeanette, Mr. Cornilious, Mr. Rodica and Mr. Palden and family.

From 20 to 25 October, the team held programmes in Baar, Jona, Wadenswil, Zurich, Olten and Basel in Switzerland with the help of Mr. Nyingbu Tenzin, President of Tibetan Community in Swiss and Liechtenstein (TCSL), members of TCSL and Swiss-Tibetan Association, Brigitte Ingold, Wangchuk, lugyal, Tennam, Samten, Angela and the volunteers. Dr. Migmar Lhamo consulted 136 patients and Mrs. Tenzin Yanki provided 12 oral-astro consultations. Mrs. Passang Lhamo and Ms. Dawa Lhamo displayed exhibition on Sorig products and thangkas on Tibetan medicine and Asto-Science. The event was broadcast and aired over radio and television on news Channel of Radio Free Asia.                   
The team was in France from 28 October to 7 November. The event was organized by Svetlana and Corinne at Shedrup Choekorling Monastery in Monnetier Mornex. The exhibition was set up to display Sorig-products and thangkas. Lectures on an introduction to Tibetan medicine, dietary and life-style, brief introduction on traditional Tibetan Astro-Science and its role in Tibetan medical practice, and how Tibetan Astro-Science plays a major role in our health were presented to a total of 246 interested audiences. In Toulouse, the programme was hosted by Francois and Brigitte at Vajra Yogini Center. The team had four busy days in the center where they gave talks on Tibetan medicine and Astro-Science and exhibited Sorig products and charts on Tibetan medicine and Astro-Science. The members of Vajra Yogini Center helped the team in arranging and displaying Men-Tsee-Khang items. They also provided translators during the event. Two lectures on Tibetan medicine and a talk on an introduction to Tibetan Astro-Science were given to the public. 81 health consultations and 52 oral-astro consultations were conducted by the doctor and Tibetan Astro-Science practitioner in France.

The final programme was held at Tibet Haus Barcelona, Spain from 10 to 15 November. It was organized by Ven. Thupten Wangchen, Director of Tibet Haus. Mrs. Rinzin and the staff of Tibet Haus have been very supportive in providing translator and rendering help throughout the event. There were a total of 20 patients for health consultations and 31 people for oral-astro consultations.
During the tour, 278 health consultations and 104 oral-astro consultations were given by the doctor and Astro-Science practitioner. Men-Tsee-Khang would like to extend heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the respective organizers, translators and volunteers who have contributed in making this tour successful.