Kachupa Degree examination for the final year of XV batch medical students started from 10 October, 2011.  The Oral Recitation on medical text of fifth year syllbus and Oral Recitation plus Practical on Allegorical Tree was completed from 10-15 October, 2011.  The written examination on root tantra, explanatory tantra, oral instruction tantra, subsequent tantra, anatomical grid, philosophy, grammer and poetry started from 24 October and will be completed on 9 November, 2011.  The above subjects are compulsory to all students and there are total of 20 students who appeared for the examination.  Then there will be additional Oral Recitation on Gyud-sum or the Three Tantras from 11-14 November, 2011.  It takes three and half to four hours for one student to complete the recitation and it depends on who wishes to give the additional test i.e is able to memorize the whole text. After the results are out the students will be sent to the branch clinics for one year internship on practical diagnosis.

Menrampa Dringwa Degree examination started from 2 November and will be completed on 5th November, 2011.  There are nine candidates who appeared for the examination.