Men-Tsee-Khang foundation day on 23rd march 2016 held at Ahmedabad Branch clinic and Wellness Center

Ahmedabad branch clinic and wellness center celebrated Men-Tsee-Khang foundation day on 23rd March 2016 at Sambhav conference hall (Sponsor office).  The event started at 10:30 a.m.

All the staff gathered at 9 a.m. at the venue.  The branch clinic sponsor Mr. Manoj Bhai and Mr. Kiran Bhai were invited as the chief guest for the day including the patients to celebrate the auspicious day.  Around 30-35 patients attended the function.

The program started off by welcoming the chief guest Mr. Manojbhai and Mr. Kiranbhai in the traditional way of offering white scarf. The chief guests offered scarf to the picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and lighted the butter lamp. All the guests, staff joined and sang the national anthems (Indian and Tibetan) followed by prayers.  Mr. Manojbhai gave a speech on the occasion followed by presentation on the essence of tissues in Tibetan medicine by Dr. Migmar Lhamo, the life style regiments in Tibetan medicine by Dr. Penpa Dhondup, and a presentation on the traditional Tibetan mild therapy by Ms. Tenzin Dhadon.  A short speech was given by Mr. Kiranbhai.

An open stage for the guest and patients was held to share their experiences.  Around 10-15 patients participated in it. Then a culture song was sung by the staff depicting “The journey to Tibet”.  The event concluded with a thank you speech by Mr. Tenzin Thinlay.

Tea and cookies were offered during the function.  Men-Tsee-Khang brochure and Journal were distributed to all the guests. VTv-Gujarati news channel arranged by our sponsor broadcasted the programme.