10 World Rabies Day Leh, Ladakh

Men-Tsee-Khang Cultural Centre Leh, Ladakh in collaboration with the Tibetan Primary Health Care Centre Choglamsar organized 10 World Rabies Day on 28 September, 2016 at Community hall.  A team consists of two members from Men-Tsee-Khang Cultural Centre and Tibetan Primary Health Care Centre led the awareness programme on the topic "Rabies- Educate, Vaccinate and Eliminate". Around 120 audiences have gathered in the hall to observed the day.

An Introductory speech was given by Adm. Director of MTK CC about the prognosis, prevention, humane canine population management and hygienic on the zoonotic diseases.
Mr. Youngdun Palkyi gave PowerPoint presentation on Rabies to the gathered. Dr. Thinley Namgyal spokes on the topic and its preventive measures in coordination with the western treatment and the traditional way of treatment against animals bites and its effects to the heart, brain and the skin. He also shared the importance of the vaccination within onset of symptom. The key challenges faced by the people were due to lack of awareness, coordination, data and capacity which includes quality of the vaccines and unaffordable price of immunoglobulin.

The audiences showed great interest on preventive measures and health education awareness programme which lasted for an hour.