Dr. Dawa Dolma, Visiting Physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Ladakh from 1 October - 1 November, 2011 as deputed by the administration.  She was in Men-Tsee-Khang Cultural Center, Ladakh from 3-4 October, 2011.  She gave treatment to 206 patients at the cultural center.  In Choglamsar settlement she gave consultation to 91 patients.  She also gave public talk to around 150 people on the causes and preventive measures on Hepatitis B and health awareness issues as well.  At the Choglamsar branch clinic, the doctor saw a total of 53 patients.  She visited 28 bedridden patients in their homes on 6 October, 2011.  She gave public talk on health awareness, introduction to traditional system of healing, preventive measures on hepatitis B and HIV problems. On 7 October she was in Agling and saw a total of 98 patients.  She addressed the public in the community hall about the most common diseases like chronic gastritis, athritis, hypertension, tumors etc.  She spoke on preventive measures and diet restrictions as well.  In Agling clinic she treated 37 patients and visited 24 beridden patients.  She gave a public speech on diet, behaviour and preventive measures.  On 10 October she treated 86 students and 34 bedridden patients at the old age home in TCV School at Leh, Ladakh.

Then the doctor moved to the Jangthang remote areas from 11-27 October, 2011.  In Bilsar nomad area she treated 62 people on 12 October.  From 13-15 she was in Goyul and treated 85 people at the area.  She visited 15 bedridden patients who could not come to see the doctor.  On 16 October she was in Kagshung and treated 78 people.  From 17-19 the doctor was in Hanley and consulted to 245 patients there.  In Nimar she saw 72 patients including visiting bedridden patients.  On 22 October Dr. Dawa Dolma saw 38 monks in the Kagyu monastery there.  The doctor treated to 58 patients in Sumdho on 23 October and on 24 October she saw a total of 45 people in the nomad area of Khamde and saw 22 patients in Kharnag.  From 26-27 October, 2011 she was in Samedh and consulted to 75 people at the area.  On 29 October, 2011 the doctor reached Men-Tsee-Khang Cultural Center and gave treament to 50 people and on 31 she gave consultation to 38 people and used external therapy like moxibustion, golden needle, heat therapy to 16 people.   In all, the doctor gave health treatment to 1540 patients during her visit to Ladakh.