A 3-member team headed by Dr. (Mrs) Rigzin Sangmo, head of Research & Development Department accompanied with Mrs. Tenzin Lhamo, (Medical Astrologer), astrology department and Mr. Tsering Thondup (Adm. Staff, Rohini clinic) visited London, UK from May 27 to June 10, 2014.  The visit was coordinated by Mr. Chonpel Tsering, Special Project Coordinator, The Office of Tibet, London, UK.

Dr. Rigzin Sangmo gave a lecture on maintaining physical & mental well being through diet and lifestyle in Tibetan medicine on 28 May at the Rigpa Center.  On 29 May the doctor spoke on the place of nutrition & behaviour in traditional Tibetan medicine at the Rigpa Centre, London Tibetan Studies Centre at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London and Mrs. Tenzin Lhamo medical astrologer gave oral consultation service to 10 people interested in astro. science. On 30 June the medical astrologer spoke on how Astrology informs traditional Tibetan medicine at the center. 

At the Tara Trust, Edinburg, Scotland the doctor gave a speech on the place of nutrition & behavior in traditional Tibetan medicine where as the medical astrologer presented a lecture on how Astrology informs traditional Tibetan medicine and role of astrologer for the well being of human life on 31 May.  Interested people attended the presentation given by the doctor and the medical astrologer.  On 1 June the doctor gave presentation on your nature and hot compression in Tibetan medicine and around 20 people attended both the talks.  The medical astrologer gave oral consultations to more than 10 people fascinated in Tibetan astro. science.

A lecture on holistic approach of Tibetan medicine & the role of diet and behavior in maintaining good health was given by the doctor at the Kailash Center for Tibetans at London organized by the Tibetan community in Britain on 6 June.  The medical astrologer gave oral consultations at the Office of Tibet London.  On 9 June the doctor presented a workshop on Tibetan medicine pulse diagnosis in the evening at the Tibetan Foundation London. 

On the whole the tour was a success with a total of around 120 participants who attended the talks and lectures presented on Tibetan medicine and astrology.  The doctor provided health care service and the medical astrologer gave oral astrology consultation to the interested people during the 15 days tour.

Men-Tsee-Khang would like to thank the Rigpa Center, Tibet Foundation and Tibet House/Office of Tibet, London, and Tara Trust in Edingburg, Scotland for organizing the tour and a special word of thanks to Mr. Chonpel Tsering, Paul Brusa, Brio Sweeney, Jon Aldridge and all the supporters who made this visit a success.