Dr. Tenzin Thaye, Assistant Head of Pharmacy Department was deputed by the administration to Nepal on the invitation of Kailash Medical & Astro.  Society, Nepal.  The visit was to provide health care and awareness programme to the people living there from 30 March - 18 May, 2011.  Dr. Tenzin Thaye visited Tsering Old Age Home, Kopan nunnery, Yanglashoe, Old age Home for women, Jampaling, Tashi Palkhiel, Pokora, Paljorling and Chabahil.  He gave consultation through traditional system of healing to 1213 patients. In addition, he also used external therapy treatment like acupuncture and compress therapy to 40 people . 

He gave lecture on the importance of health awareness issues, prevention and remedial measures on disorders, significance of protection of the environment, healthy diet and behavior and restrictions on food.    He stressed that due to the imbalanced food that we take, there is disturbance to our health and so a healthy diet, restrictions on food and balanced mind is an important factor to have a healthy body. 

The most common disorders of the people living in Nepal are digestive disorder, hypertension, liver and heart disorder related with wind channels.  He advised to avoid food and behavior for the disorders faced by the people.  The doctor also visited personally to 20 bedridden and abnormal patients during his visit.