Outreach tour to USA East Coast and Canada

As part of Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute’s centenary celebration, a four-member group led by Mrs. Tsering Choezom, Tibetan Astro-science practitioner including Dr. Tsetan Mingyur, Mr. Ugyen Tsewang and Ms. Tenzin Kunsang visited three cities of East Coast in the USA and Toronto, Canada. The tour was from 1 to 31 May, 2016 and during this course, a special exhibition to mark the centenary celebration, medical and astro-science talks, medical consultations, Astro. oral consultations were entertained.

The first destination of the tour was New York from May 2 to 6 and the venue for the program was held Tibet House. The team then held a programme organize by Tibetan Association of New York from May 7-11.  In the evening hours of May 8, the team took part in the celebration of Mother's Day organized by Regional Tibetan Women's Association at Queens Place. On May 10, the tour members visited Sherpa Monastery where 150 Tibetan elders have gathered. The visiting doctor and astro-science practitioner spoke on the topics: ‘Introduction, diet and lifestyle according to Tibetan Medicine’ and ‘application of Tibetan Astro-science in daily life’ respectively. From the first day in New York, the Tibetan Community of New York has been of immense help in extending support and hospitality.

On May 13, the team set out to Philadelphia via bus. For two days starting from May 14, exhibitions, medical consultations, Astro. oral consultations were done extensively. In the evening of May 15, Mrs. Tsering Choezom, Tibetan Astro-science practitioner and Dr. Tsetan Mingyur gave talks on various topics relating to Tibetan Astro-science and Tibetan Medicine to an audience of about 30 Tibetans residing in Philadelphia.

On May 17, the journey again continued and this time to Boston via New York by bus. With preparations and set-up done on May 18 at Kurukulla Centre for Tibetan Buddhist Studies, the actual programme was carried from May 20 to 22.  As May 21 was Saturday and coincided with Buddha-purnima, great number of people came to the centre and taking advantage of the development, an extended exhibition was displayed for the occasion. In the evening hours, Boston’s Sunday School Parents Committee had organized a fundraising event at Medford High School and there the team entertained a stall to exhibit Men-Tsee-Khang products.

From the USA tour, 136 patients were provided medical consultation and 28 people had the opportunity of Astro. oral consultation. After finishing the events in Boston, the team set out to Toronto, Canada on May 23. Preparations and settings were done on the May 25 and 26, and the exhibition started from May 27 for three days set up in the Canadian Tibetan Association Hall.  Many people visited the exhibition set up in the adjacent hall; two rooms were provided for health consultation and Astro. oral consultation. Dr. Tenzin Yeshi also joined the team in Toronto. The two doctors gave medical consultation to a total of 69 patients and Astro. oral consultation was entertained to 12 individuals. In a brief span of time, the President and executive committee of Canada Tibetan Association of Ontario made all the arrangements possible. 

Men-Tsee-Khang would like to thank all the supporters and organizers, Tibet House, Tibetan Associations of New York, Tibetan Associations of philadelphia, Tibetan Association of Boston, Kurukulla Centre in Boston, Tibetan Canadian Cultural Center Ontario, Cananda ( Gangjong Chodenling), former doctors, astro-science practitioners and ex-staff of Men-Tsee-Khang in USA and Canada for the success of the centenary outreach tour.