Men-Tsee-Khang has organized Presentation and Public Speaking Workshop for its staff in order to enhance the skills of its employees.  Sue Greenwood is the resource person who has kindly accepted to coach three groups during her visit to Dharamsala.  The first group started from April 30 - 2 May, 2012 and there were 9 participants.  This is an opportunity given to the doctors, astrologers and staff of the institute to improve the art of communicating and presenting oneself in front of the public. 

The presentation deals with the physical as well as the mental aspects as an important part of public speaking.  Techniques in presentation are also taught during the workshop.  The next two groups will be from 7-8 May, 2012 and 14-16 May, 2012. 

Sue Greenwood is from England and have worked both in theatre and television as an actress. She is a qualified voice and speech specialist trained in London, a certified coach or mentor trained in US and an authorized healer.