USA Outreach Tour

The outreach tour to USA was led by Mrs. Tsering Choezom (senior medical astrologer, head of astrology department) and Dr. Sonam Dolma (head of documentation and publication department).  The team visited Boston, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Malibu and San Francisco in USA from 16 May to 24 June, 2014. 

The tour in Boston was organized by Tibetan Association of Boston and Mr. Kalsang Phuntsok, president of the association coordinated the event.  During the 3 days in Boston (17 to 19 May), Mrs. Tsering Choezom provided oral astrology consultations to 17 people fascinated with  Tibetan astrology and Dr. Sonam Dolma gave traditional health care service to 45 people interested in alternative system of healing at Kurukulla Center.   The medical astrologer casted a death chart during the visit. 

Then the team visited Pittsburg in Pennsylvania on 20 May which was hosted by Lisa LeRose and Linda.  Accommodation was provided by the Three Rivers Dharma Center.  On 22 May the doctor and the medical astrologer gave a talk on an introduction to Tibetan medicine and Tibetan astrology and around 13 people attended.  They provided health consultation and oral astrology consultation to 19 people during the 3 days from 23 to 26 May.

In Los Angeles, the Tibetan Association of Southern California (TASC) organized the tour which was facilitated by Mr. Tenzin Dorjee, president of TASC. The team stayed at Chokhor Gepel Ling Center and the programme was hosted by Annette Dugan a physiotherapist.  The doctor saw 41 people interested in traditional Tibetan system of diagnosis and the medical astrologer gave oral astrology consultations to 37 people.  They also gave talks on Tibetan medicine and Tibetan astrology. 

From 6 to 9 June the team was in Santa Barbara and Thepo Rinpoche was the organizer.  Christian and Monique helped in setting up the event at Ventura Buddha's Garden and Santa Barbara.  The doctor saw 35 people who had health problems and the medical astrologer gave oral consultation to 39 interested people.   

They visited Dr. Glenn Wollman residence, had an internet television interview on Tuesday 8 June on World Medicine: A panel discussion with David Cumes, MD (Urologist and African Sangoma); Cally Huttar, PhD (Lecturer and chair of the Department of Somatic Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute); Dr. Sonam Dolma, and Tsering Choezom (Head of the Astrology Department) at Men-Tsee-Khang Institute in Dharamsala, India. They shared views on the best aspects of medicine practiced around the world.  The discussion was aired on YogaHub TV.

At the Rev.'s Unitarian Church the doctor and the medical astrologer gave a presentation on Tibetan medicine and Tibetan astrology.  Around 20 interested people attended. 

Dr. Terry V. Eagen and Beata Lundeen were the organizers in Malibu from 13 to 16 June. During the four days the team visited Canyon Healing Center, Avalon Malibu, Agape Universal Church, the Soul Center Church and Montinedo Vista Treatment Center. Dr. Sonam Dolma provided healthcare service to 24 people with health problems and Mrs. Tsering Choezom gave astrology consultation to 24 people.  The doctor and the medical astrologer gave talks on introduction to Tibetan medicine, Tibetan astrology and the establishment of Men-Tsee-Khang.  Around more than 300 people attended the talks and at the fund raising event at Avalon Malibu. 

Then the team visited the final destination of the outreach programme in San Francisco.  The tour was organized by the Tibetan Association of Northern California and Mr. Kunjo Tashi, president coordinated the event.  During the 3 days from 20 to 23 June, 23 people received traditional system of health care and 18 people had astrology consultations with the medical astrologer.  Dr. Kalsang Wangyal, Dr. Tenzin Nyima, Dr. Dickyi Sangmo, Tenzin Namkha (ex staff of Men-Tsee-Khang) and Mr. Tenzin Tashi assisted the team during the tour. 

A total of around 400 people visited the outreach programme to receive health care and astrology consultations.  Men-Tsee-Khang would like to thank all the organizers and supporters for their help in making this trip a successful one.