Dr. Kyizom, Incharge of Mundgod camp # 3 branch clinic was deputed by the administration to the West part of India to provide health care service to the community living there from 1 -15 October, 2011.  She visited four places in the region starting with Orissa.  She was in Orissa from 1-3 October and saw 171 patients.  She also visited personally and checked 9 bed ridden patients there.  In Bhubaneshwar she saw a total of 67 patients in two days from 5-6 October.  She saw a total of 87 patients and tended to 45 bed ridden patients personally in Mainpat from 8-10 October, 2011.  In Bandara she saw a total of 57 patients there.

In all she treated a total of 436 patients and the most common problems faced by the people there were arthritis, stomach disorder, hypertension, neurology and hepatitis B.