New Book:

TITLE - Shel-gong-shel-phreng
AUTHOR - De’u dMar dge bShes bstan ‘dzin Phun tshogs
VERSION -Tibetan

SYNOPSIS - This book is famously known as the most lucid and comprehensive text on Tibetan Materia Medica. The book has two parts. The first part contains nine hundred and fifteen different types of materia medicas and the second part comprises a detailed and in-depth explanation of the medical substances mentioned in the first part. Further categorization of the already existing classification in the first part, adds up to two thousand two hundred and ninety four materia medicas in the second part. The medical substances are categorized under thirteen broad groups with inclusive description on their nomenclature, classification, nature, potencies and identification. This is one of the most valuable books for the students, practitioners and researchers of Tibetan medicine. This revised book has been edited in accordance with the ancient Chakpori wooden block print and mDo-sMad bSang chu rdzong Tibetan medical Institute and Mi-rigs printing press published book forms. All of these were originally reproduced from sDe-dGe prints.
 In order to make this book more user-friendly, we have divided them into easily findable sections and so as to effortlessly locate the materia medicas, we have set a Tibetan alphabetical index at the end of the book. This book has an appendix of another short composition by the same author on processing and detoxification of various Tibetan materia medicas called Lag Len gces bsdus.