Our children are our future. To involve children in the community of TMAI, housing, child care and other resources are provided to staff and their families. To ensure that the children of staff receive adequate medicine, food, clothing and school supplies, we seek individuals willing to sponsor a child.
We also welcome donations of clothes, books, toys and supplies. In exchange for your kindness, you may begin a direct correspondence with the child you sponsor and start a friendship to last a lifetime.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Preservation of rich Tibetan Culture.
  2. Promotion of Tibetan System of Medicine and Astrology.
  3. To impart best education & training to Medical and Astrology students.
  4. To ensure good education to our Staff Children.
  5. For the welfare of Men Tsee Khang's inmates.
  1. Sponsorship for Men Tsee Khang's College Students:
    Men-Tsee-Khang is the premier Institution to provide education and training of traditional Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. We give the best of training facilities to our students to groom them as qualified Tibetan Doctors and Astrologers. The course duration is for 6 years, which includes one year practical training at the end of course. Our Institution holds entrance test for the admission of Medical and Astrology courses twice in five years. The next two new batches will start from year 2002 and 2003 respectively. The selection procedure will begin from May 2001 and is likely to finish by year 2001. The cost of education and accommodation is US $ 75.00 per month for each student.

  2. We seek sponsorship for the new medical and astrology students.

  3. Sponsorship for Staff Children
    Sponsorship for Staff children is one of the provisions that came up emphasizing the need to ensure better upbringing of our staff children. Child above the age of five is eligible to apply for the sponsorship .So far more than 136 children benefited from this program. The list of sponsorship requirement comes up every month. The sponsors will select child of their choice and intimate through Sponsorship Secretary. After selection we send the complete Bio-Data and photo of the child to sponsor and give sponsor's address to child's family.

Sponsorship Secretary will monitor the Sponsorship dealings. Our sponsors are given receipt for the scholarship money received and scholarship distribution details are sent accordingly. However, general correspondence is possible between sponsor and a child. A sum of US $ 20 per month is sufficient to meet child's requirements.

  1. Mode of Payment
    The scholarship money is received quarterly, half yearly or annually from sponsor through check in favor of Men-Tsee-Khang or amount can be sent in Men-Tsee-Khang account. Our account number is 17806, State Bank of India, Dharamsala.
  1. Duration
    It is our appeal to sponsors that they continue to support until the child completes his/her education.
  1. Creche
    Men-Tsee-Khang has a creche taking care of staff babies during the working hours. There are 5 baby sitters. Parcels of used clothes and toys will be helpful.