1. Ms. Saraswati R. M./Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  2. I had been suffering from problem of waist and backbone since 2006. I was neither able to stand nor could I sit and sleep well as I had intolerable pain in doing so. I had referred several doctors in Nagpur for my problem; all of them had cited different version of diagnosis and treated me accordingly. Instead of minimizing the problem, it had deteriorated further. As a result, I had become frustrated and had lost all the hope of survival. While waiting for death to come, I got a call, all of a sudden, from my daughter at Dehradun and told me to come to Dehradun by somehow or other for treatment. With the hope of surviving further, I, somehow, managed to reach Dehradun in May 2013. My daughter took me to a medical camp organized by your trust at Dehradun and made my check-up done. There, I was diagnosed with the presence of rLung in the kidney and started my treatment. My trouble though escalated during the initial two months of treatment; however, the pain slowly subsided over the course of time. I did treatment by staying in Dehradun for three months. After getting some relief, I went back to Nagpur with all my medicines. In Nagpur too, I took the medicine from the medical camp ran by your trust. Until now, i.e. 15th Feb'2014, I have got such an amount of relief that now I can stand straight without support and can move around to do my own work as well as household work. I have no words to express my gratitude to your trust for giving me new life. I pray to God so that you may have same potential to provide new life for those who are disappointed and inflicted by intolerable diseases like me. Thank you!

  3. Mrs. Kamla D./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon
  4. After taking Tibetan medicine, my problem of high blood pressure has become normal. No side effect was felt after taking this medicine. I had been suffering from high blood pressure since 1991; however, the Tibetan medicine has normalized the pressure. I also had pain in knee joint because of which it was difficult to walk. However, after taking Tibetan medicine, now I am able to walk, do my chores and can also do work at my workplace. I still have pain in knee joints; as the treatment is still going on for the particular problem, I hope the medicine would provide me absolute relief eventually.

  5. Mr. Seshadri R./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  6.     Before explaining the effect of Tibetan medicine, I must bring it to knowledge about the condition of my legs. The Vascular Surgeon declared that the ulcer so caused in right leg could not be cured completely by Allopathic medicine but could be brought to grade 4 from grade 7, despite constant treatment for about 6 months approximately. That bad was the stage of my right leg. There was terrible pain in the legs and bubbles and blood oozing out of ankle in right leg. Skin eruption had already started in both the legs. Now after the treatment of Tibetan medicine, I feel completely cured of ruptured legs, especially right leg. Within one month of treatment, I could feel much better, in the sense, the wounds healed and the pain reduced adequately. Now after four months of treatment, the ulcer completely got cured without any side effects. This is an extraordinary and simply amazing. All the credit goes to the doctor for his right diagnosis and timely right medication for which I shall remain ever grateful to him.

  7. Mrs. Shalini P./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  8. I had started consulting Tibetan medicine in 1990 for vertigo problem caused by nerve deafness in one ear. I took Tibetan medicine treatment later also for my cervical spondylosis. Then after a gap of a couple of years, I am now here again for the last three months taking treatment for my severe pain in my left knee and the spondylosis. My vertigo problem was contained to a large extent. Though Tibetan medicine was preceded by intensive Allopathic treatment, but I definitely would like to give a large credit to Tibetan medicine. However, I can not say same for periodic problems of my stomach. In that case, Ayurvedic medicine helped me immensely. Tibetan medicine was not really effective.  Then with spondylosis also, Tibetan medicine has given me short term effect. I feel better while taking medicine, however, the problem recurs with the discontinuation of the treatment. As for my knee problem, the results of the Tibetan medicine have been very satisfactory.  This knee problem has been a sporadic, chronic for the last 10 years and it deteriorated further just before the consultation of Tibetan medicine. Nothing was helping me in reducing the problem; in fact no one else could even diagnose the problem properly. Tibetan medicine has really improved my condition.    

  9. Mrs. Vijaya N./Rajpur/Dr. Kunsang Dolma
  10. I have been taking Tibetan medicine persistently for the past two years. Initially  there was swelling and pain in joints which has now been alleviated adequately. There was also swelling and pain in knees and fingers; however, these have been eradicated absolutely with the Tibetan medicine treatment. I sometimes feel mild pain in my joints. There is an adequate amount of benefit even after not following the diet restriction completely.

  11. Mrs. Preeti T./Nizamuddin/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  12. My problems were indigestion, irregular periods and weight loss. I consulted Tibetan medicine on 20thSept'1993 when there was no improvement in my health despite taking other treatment for nearly one and half years. However, with Tibetan medicine, there has been definite improvement in my above cited health problems. My weight has been stabilized. I feel better especially for the last 2-3 months. I am fully satisfied with the treatment.

  13. Laxmi N./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Lhamo and Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  14. During 1986, when I was a boy of 5 years, I had vision problem and I was taken for consultation with Dr. C. Subramanian, retired superintendent, Minto Ophthalmology Hospital, Bangalore. After testing my eyes, the doctor said that there is no defect in the eye balls but there is some problem with the nerves connecting the eyes with the brain and advised to consult a Neurologist. On 01.04.1986, we consulted Dr. B.P. Mruthyunjayanna, Neurologist at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore. He further advised us to consult a Neuro-Surgeon at NIMHANS as he suspected of presence of tumor on optic nerve inside the skull. Meanwhile a CT Scan was taken on 08.05.1986 and the report confirmed that there is tumor on optic nerve. I was admitted in NIMHANS on 22.05.1986. I was operated for V.P. shunt on 02.06.1986 and later on 20.06.1986, surgery was intervened between right eye and right ear to remove the tumor. However, the tumor could not be removed completely as it was partly attached to the nerve leading to heart. As the problem could not be solved absolutely with the first surgery, the same problem would recur now and again and every time I had to take resort of surgery. So in the process, I had undergone 4 major and 4 minor operations in totality in NIMHANS. I could not see the things beyond 2' through my left eye and 4' through right eye. The moving objects appeared to me as blur.  However, my vision improved to 3 and 6 respectively after taking radiotherapy for 45 days at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology.  During the course of treatment at NIMHANS, I met one Mr. Ngawang, a Tibetan, taking treatment from NIMHANS. He advised me to contact the Tibetan Medical Centre for effective herbal treatment. On his advice and after consulting with the doctor at NIMHANS, I visited the Tibetan Medical Centre on 25.12.1992. Dr. Passang Lhamo started to give treatment and later the treatment was continued under Dr. Dorjee Rabten and continuing till today. Now in the 11th year, I find my vision has improved a lot and I can see the objects upto distance 40' to 50' and also can recognize the moving objects. No headaches and no other symptoms are now felt. The medicines have no side effects and I find it easy to take the tablets as well as to follow the instructions given by the doctor. I am very glad that I have not undergone any major operations for treatment of tumor for a long time after taking Tibetan medicine. At the time of last scan report, it was the opinion of doctor at NIMHANS that there is no immediate serious concern about the tumor that needs to be removed. Thanks for the efforts of the Doctors at Tibetan Medical Centre.
  15. Mr. Prashant K./ Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  16. I had the problem of acidity and I had this problem for the past 2 years. Ever since I started taking Tibetan medicine, I have recovered well. I also had kidney disorder erstwhile but now after taking this medicine, all these problems has solved. I also had vomiting problem; now these problems don't exist anymore. I have taken Tibetan medicine for two months and it cured all my problems.

  17. Slobodchuk/MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  18. From Internet I found out that there is a chance to visit Doctor of Tibetan Medicine. After one month of treatment with Tibetan pills, I felt significant improvement in my condition. Now I feel fresher and stronger. I don't have any giddiness, pain in the abdominal cavity and low back pain. My sleep and appetite got normalized now. My Oncological markers are now at a normal rate. I feel quiet confidence in my future. I am very grateful to the clinic team and the doctor.

  19. Ms. Rubi S./Mcleodganj/Dr. Dhadon
  20. I took medicine for dizziness in Switzerland for 4 years but didn't get any relief. I started taking Tibetan on 20thNovember'1996. I took Tibetan medicine for a week and I didn't have these problems till now(Today's date: 18thAug'1997)

  21. Mr. Rajiv S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  22. I had taken Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines for 2 and half years for my problems: stiffness in lower back, difficulty in movement and sleeping and acute pain at the time of jerk. And those treatments had given me temporary relief. In April 1998, I started consulting Tibetan medicine for my problems and I am still on the continuation of same treatment (today's date 20thJuly'1998). I have experienced an extraordinary relief in just after 10 days of taking medicine. Today except for mild stiffness, 90% of the problem is solved.

  23. Mrs. Sachdeva S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  24. Shoulder movement was a problematic for me. I could raise my both arms with great difficulty. Cervical Spondylitis problem was diagnosed after X-ray. I had taken other treatment for 3 months plus physiotherapy for 2 months but none of them had been helpful. Its been about 15 months since the start of Tibetan medicine. The pace of journey to recovery using Tibetan medicine is although a slow process however heals permanently. I am now 98% cured, thanks to the Tibetan medicine which I value and respect highly. My wife is also under Tibetan medicine treatment. Now I am under thyroid treatment and so far I haven't encountered any side effects during these periods of treatment. Even being in Govt. Service, the expenses on consultation and medicines are not reimbursable as the Govt. does not recognize this system of medicine. This is unfortunate and people at the top order should take action to recognize Tibetan medicine officially. In this way, more people can be benefitted.

  25. Evgeniya/MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  26. One month ago I addressed to Dr. Migmar Lhamo about my pain in the abdominal cavity (most probably it was more to do with pancreatitis or with post-operative pains). I was prescribed one course of Tibetan pills for the period of 34 days. During treatment with Tibetan pills I stood aside of any pharmacy pills. After a while it pained less and constitutional weakness remitted. After one course of Tibetan medicine, my sleep became better. Before coming to doctor, I had been addressing to more than 10 various doctors but each time no result. Only in Medistar, thanks to Tibetan pills, my condition improved. I will surely continue in taking Tibetan pills. Thank you!

  27. Mr. Shivakumar M.V./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  28. After taking Tibetan medicine, my pain in the left leg vanished and the pain in the thighs and back was also cured. The severe pain in the left foot has been reduced to minimum. There was electric current-like sensation in the left leg but now cured completely. Some parts of the body were shaking involuntarily, example thumbs etc. and that has also been cured now. The sensation of sparkling on the back of the hand does not exist now. Moreover, a mild Asthmatic problem once I had was also completely cured now. Now I take Tibetan medicines only for any health problems, be it cold, blood pressure etc. Currently, I have got slight pain in my left foot and back of the head. I hope that will be also completely cured in due time and I will continue to take Tibetan medicine only.

  29. Mr. Mazumdar D./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  30. I had earlier taken Allopathic drugs, including Cortisone, for my Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 2 years. Those drugs had provided me only momentary relief but not absolute cure   as they were only painkillers. Allopathic doctors admitted that they have no other remedial measure other than painkillers for RA. Hence, another form of medication had to be sought. I had even tried Homeopathy, but that too didn't work. So at a friend's recommendation, I started on Tibetan medication. I took the Tibetan medicine continuously for about a year and a half. The RA pain in my joints started subsiding at a gradual pace.  I discontinued taking Tibetan medicine when I became 99% cured. At one time in the past, pain was felt in every single joint so acutely that I used to be immobilized and confined to bed in acute pain. However, at present there are only some occasional pains in the joints but not disabling.

  31. Slobodchuk/MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  32. Through Internet I came to know that there is opportunity to visit doctor of Tibetan medicine. So accordingly, I had appointment with Dr. Migmar Lhamo. After one month of treatment with Tibetan pills, I felt significant improvement in my condition. Now I feel fresher and stronger. I don't have any giddiness, pain in the abdominal cavity and low back pain. My sleep and appetite got normalized now. My oncological markers are now at a normal rate. I feel quite confidence in my future.

  33. Olga/MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  34. I addressed to the clinic for the first time in July 2013 with the complaint of gall bladder stones. After six months of treatment with Tibetan pills, the size of gall bladder stones diminished. I felt significant improvement in my overall health. I hope for further improvement in my health. Thanks a lot.

  35. Mrs. Shuddhamati A./Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  36. I thank you very much for providing such a truly and curable health service to all with reasonable rate. I have been suffering from neurological problem, but within month's treatment, I have got 50% relief. Now I am proud of this magic treatment to get rid of any health problem.

  37. Bolotskikh L.D./MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  38. I am a hypertensive patient. Its my second winter as I started to get treatment at MediStar. After the first course of treatment with Tibetan pills in 2013, I felt significant improvement in my condition and my elevated blood pressure had gone down. During summer I stood myself aside of Tibetan pills and I didn't face any problem at all with Blood pressure even so. In autumn, I addressed to the clinic again to continue the treatment with Tibetan pills. The result of the treatment is very good. I am very thankful to the Tibetan pills for it doesn't have any harmful side effect but heals the disease. Besides lowering Blood pressure, the medicine has made me feel significant improvement in my overall health.

  39. Mr. Mohit K.R./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  40. I had been suffering from joint pain and swelling for the past four years. Besides that, I also suffered from stomatitis, allergic to common food items and constipation. I had sought the Allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment for my problem but none of them had provided me relief. On 16thJan, 1994, I consulted Tibetan medicine. After continuing the Tibetan medicine for around one year, my ailments got cured completely. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Tsewang Tamdin and I will never forget his kindness towards me.

  41. Slobodchuk N.A./MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  42. I addressed to MediStar Clinic after the operation called Hystero-oophorectomy. I addressed to borderline ovarian tumor. Russian doctors recommended me to go through chemotherapy and I rejected his recommendation. Instead, I took the Tibetan medicine for several months and done my monthly diagnosis regularly from Dr. Migmar Lhamo. As a result, now all my oncological markers are in normal rate. My overall health is much better now. I feel stronger and optimistic about my future. Now I don't have pain in abdominal cavity, dizziness, insomania, hot-flash, low back pain. My appetite got normalized now.

  43. Mr. S.S. Trehan/Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  44. I had Enlarged Prostate which later turned Cancerous. There were problems like difficulty in passing urine due to pain, urinary retention and residual urine. After taking Tibetan medicine for two and half years, my prostate problem has been more or less solved. There is no pain in passing urine. There is no retention and no residual urine now. The condition of bladder has improved. For Cancer, I underwent radio-therapy as well. But follow-up by Tibetan medicine has benefitted a lot. I had developed numbness in right foot toes. There is marked improvement in that also.   My Cancer problem has been solved now. The doctors are satisfied with the results.

  45. Prokofyeva S./MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  46. I am under the treatment of Dr. Migmar Lhamo for Fibrous adenoma and mastopathy since November 2013. During this time the pain in my breast finally subsided. My stomach is not disturbing me anymore.  Doctor gives advices on diet, behavior and as a result of following these advices my overall health now is much better. I am very thankful to doctor for calm, kind, positive and professional.

  47. Ven Geshe Pema T./Gangkyi/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  48. Narrator of the testimonial:- Relative of Patient
    Geshe la has been taking Entaliv and Becozine since the finding of Hepatitis B Virus. But, later on, he was diagnosed liver cancer after one and half years. The doctors had told he would stay alive for not more than couple of months. Meanwhile, we started consulting Tibetan medicine and its been now nearly two years since then, fortunately, the condition of patient is getting better. The doctors were amazed by seeing his latest reports. This was merely due to Tibetan medicine treatment.
    We did not accept the Naxavar earlier as the patient's condition was weak due to chemotherapy treatment taken at that time. However, the patient is again advised for the same medicine, Naxavar, this time after mass lesion was discovered in liver through CT scan. Despite of this, Tibetan medicine prescribed by Dr. Tsewang Tamdin la constitute as the patient's main treatment solution. We are always thankful for doctor for his valuable and helpful treatment.

  49. Zoya I./ MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  50. I started consulting MediStar Clinic for the first time on 7thMarch, 2013 with post-brain hemorrhage symptoms. I could not walk and sit. After one month of treatment with Tibetan pills, I could move and do my work by myself. The clinic is the only hope of mine because our Russian doctors failed to treat my problem.