1. Choedar/Mainpat/Dr. Pema Sangmo
  2. My name is Choedar, resident of Mainpat camp no 1, Distt Sarguja, Chhattisgarh. I am Diabetic patient; I have high blood pressure and heart disease. I am taking treatmentfrom Mainpat branch clinic, before taking Tibetan medicine. I often get headache, frequent urination, weakness and chest pain, breathing problem. I have been taking   Tibetan medicine since 2007 to till date. After taking Tibetan medicine my health got much better. Since last few year my blood sugar level have been completely come down to normal range and it remain constant. On 17th Jan 2013, R.B.S was 119 mg/dl. I am not taking allopathic medicine for Diabetic. For blood pressure and heart disease, I am taking allopathic medicine along with Tibetan medicine. My blood pressure is normal. I am senior citizen getting free medicine from men-Tsee-Khang. I am thankful to your institution.

  3. Gauri D./Nizammudin/Dr. Tamdin
  4. The patient has been taking Allopathic, Homeopathic or Ayurvedic medicine ever since   2.5 years of age but without result.  This child could not speak coherently; the mental   growth was very slow. Due to some medicine prescribe by some previous doctor. She put on lots of weight (50 kg). The patient was told that she had some mental problem. It  was very traumatic. The patient can now understand and speak much better. She can understand everything and can speak 60% better, along with the effective medicine, the friendly treatment given by doctor. She now has lots of confident and far better than before. The patient is now more social than before and can relate to other 14 years old children.  Her memory retention is much better; she speaks continuously and in complete sentences.  What the family is most satisfied about is that she interacts with people very well and wants to learn things.

  5. A. Bharowaj/New Delhi/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  6. I was having blood sugar pain in the legs and in the back and also having stomach problem and was also having depression. There is lots of improvement in depression. I don’t have any pain in my legs and joints. my digestive system has improved a lots.Sugar level has also come down now .Also I started taking little bit of sweet such as biscuit, fruit etc.

  7. V. Kumar Y./Mainpat/Dr. Pema  Sangmo
  8.  When I first came to consult Tibetan doctor, I was having pain heartburn and gas formation after having food.  Doctor prescribed medicine for 15 day, within those 15 days,I got much relief since then I continue Tibetan medicine and now almost I don’t have above mention symptom.

  9. Shri Dharan T./Chennai/Dr.Namdol
  10. Initially, when I started taking the medicine after powdering them, the bitter taste was   kept me away from the medicine for a month. Then I forced myself to have it because of proper bowl movement and lesser stomach pain. Frankly speaking I started getting relief only after the 3rd month. But I believed that Tibetan medicine will work on me. I believed very strongly with the support and care of the doctors. Now no stomach pain,  motion is regular. I feel happy. Now a day I am here to introduce all my ailing friends and taking care of them. They are also blessing me.

  11. Mr. Muna S./Banglore/Dr. Ngawang Jinpa Sunang
  12. Stomach ulcer.  I have severe stomach problem from childhood till date with loose motions; tiredness feeling, giddiness and flatulence. I have tired Ayurvedic; homopathetic, Allopathic but the problem goes and come again. Before taking Tibetan medicine I have 12-15 loose motion a day, sometimes bleeding, acute abdominal pain whatever I eat it comes out as it is, gives bad smell. Now I am completely alright without any problem. I am happy with the Tibetan medicine and very thankful to also.

  13. Ms. V.Singh/Nizzamudin/Dr.Sonam
  14. I was suffering from acute peptic ulcers. I was in severe pain and life was just horrible. It was then I could not eat anything and met Dr. Sonam. Her treatment benefited me and today I am healthy person. Tibetan medicine is the best system of medicine. They really give total relief and cure. Taken regularly and with told precaution / restriction it cures. I am thankful to this system of medicine. The medicine taken for ulcers, not only healed them gradually and relieved pain but also improved my health. Thanks a lot. I strongly feel that this system of medicine should reach all the people in this world. Because the diagnosis treatment and cure is accurate, cheapest cost, easy to follow, it can reach to every common man. Having so many qualities it should be recognized by special health organization such as W.H.O, because by this it can really reach to the needy sick and poor. Above all the doctors are too good and a sick person needs love and care which is provided by all the doctors of this system. It’s really a great system and must be helped to spread to all people around the world.

  15. Mrs. Shubha/Nizzamuddin/Dr.Dorjeen Rangtsen
  16.  It was acute ameobiosis. I had a tough time for 5 years. Because was not cured with Allopathy.  I got relief in 3 months and got cured in 6 months completely. About 10 years ago I tried this medicine. When this treatment was new to Bangalore, I had my own fear but I had treated for ameobiosis a chronic illness for five years with English medicine. I had no alternative but try this medicine. To my surprise, I could feel the improvement in two month and got completely cured in six month. I feel great. I had even forgotten that case, Dr. Dorjee had cured it. After nine long years, I have come again for joint pain problem. I have faith in it.

  17. Ven. Archu L./Bir/Dr.Tenzin Pachok
  18. I had a severe stomach trouble .what even little food and drinks I took would either vomit or pass away in lose motion. I had no appitite. I become so weak and fragile. I hardly had any energy left for speaking a few words. The effect of Tibetan medicine was beyond the words to explain in detail. However, it worked so perfectly and completely, that I am now completely cured and I am in perfect health.  I can take any food without any problem. Although I am in advanced age, I have regained the full strength. It is sometimes unbelievable for me.  A patient declared by the Allopathic doctor to live only 4 month of life was cured by the homeopathic doctor of the Tibetan medicine completely and now living in perfect health.  I am whole hearty grateful to doctor Tenzin Pachok and the Tibetan medicine for saving my life.

  19. Mrs. Basanti N./Bhubaneswar/Dr.Tenzin Yangkyi
  20. My problem is one side whole body is not working and no senses. After taken of Tibetan medicine I got good relief and previous I am not moving and attend the office also. After talk in Tibetan medicine I am moving and I attend office for last months. I am fully cures after taken Tibetan medicines.

  21. Namdol D./Leh/Dr.Sonam Dorjee
  22. In august 1996, I was paralyzed.  My mouth became twisted and my right hand and right leg become paralyzed and I could not walk without help of other. So, I take Tibetan medicine after taking medicine my mouth became better and now I can speak with clear. And also my right hand and left become better.

  23. Mr.lobsang T./Rajpur/Dr.Karma Dolma
  24. I was suffering from paralyses. My half face become paralyzed and had no sense. Especially my mouth was deformed. And I couldn’t eat and drink well. I can eat and drink well as before. And there was no problem while taking. At first I was so worried to notice that I was suffered from such diseases. But now I am alright. Tibetan medicine relieved my worry .my mouth became straight as formal and there was no problem at all.

  25. R. Devarajan/Banglore/Dr.Dorjee Rapten Neshar 
  26. Before taking Tibetan medicine, I was on 4 eptoise 100mg per day. I used to feel mentally and physically dull. After taking Tibetan medicine, I have reduced eptioise to 1/5 tablet a day and I am confident of stopping eptioise totally. I feel active and energetic mentally and physically.

  27. K.G. Kishor/Bangalore/Dr.Passang Dhondup
  28. Acidity, B.P rise, disturbance in sleep, irritation, chest pain, back pain.  All the symptoms came down slowly, particularly the pain on back and on chest relieved effectively. Sleep disturbance also relieved. B.P. has come to normal. Acidity problem also come down. No feeling of weakness, no body pain and vomiting sensation. Now I feel more enthusiastic and energetic.

  29. Gaga/Manali/Dr.Ten-Don
  30. I feel a very strong headache again and again and felt very lonely and unhealthy and blood comes from my nose for many times.  Tibetan medicines have done a very good and affected to my head ache and also decreased in blooding from my nose. Tibetan medicine affected very slow but good result compare to other clinic medicine. I am very thankful to the Tibetan medicines that it has a very good affect to me.

  31. Yangchen/Mainpat/Dr.Nyima Gyaltsen
  32. I had breathing trouble, palpitation, painful and pressure upper part of the back side, sleeping problem, swelling on face and feet, a lot of sweating and constipation. I took Tibetan medicine nearly one year and after taking medicine all my problems almost gone and high blood pressure is now come down and become normal range as before taken the medicine B.P 180/120.  After taking medicine B.P 140/90. Now my health condition is good with I am very happy. Thank you so much.

  33. Miss. Maya L./ Chabahil/ Dr.Tsering Choeki
  34. At that time I was suffering from sinus, headache, frequent cold etc. I began taking Tibetan medicine from Aug 1995. After taking it, I get much relieved than before. Though I was not completely cured but it gave me relieve for about three months and after that again I had to take medicine. I had also found that Tibetan medicine did not have any side effect and hence till today I am taking only Tibetan medicine.

  35. S.R. Kumar/Banglore/Dr.Dorjee Rapten
  36. After 2 years of marriage, I didn’t become pregnant. So I came along with my husband and both check up and used medicine as per our Tibetan doctors. Tibetan medicine is really good. We couldn’t get any side effect.  We thought it is necessary at least 6-7 months. But the result has come with a months and I become a pregnant. When I am writing this form, I am having 4 month baby with me.

  37. Mrs.Kusum B./Nizzamuddin/Dr.Sonam Lhamo
  38. I was not expecting or conceive baby since four years.  I went to hospital for check up but nothing was done. I was very much tense. Someone told me about this place. So I came here in the month of Oct in 1995. And I took medicine for 15 days. But I ate only one week i.e 7 days medicine.  At last the result was good. And I was pregnant. And after 9 months baby boy was born. His name is Harish.

  39. Liam C./New Delhi/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  40. I am getting treatment from Dr. Tenzin and got favourable result.
    I was suffering from horrible muscular pain in my arm and legs. I was not able to lift weight and now a days I feel quite improvement.  I was suffering from headache and gastric problems, now it’s better than earlier days.  I had two stones previously, one of 6 mm & another one is 7.5 mm and now among them only one is there with small size and one is totally removed. At last I can say that the treatment is good and it also doesn’t have any side effect that is the best part of this treatment.

  41. Mrs. Bela. N.P./Ahmedabad/Dr.Tenzin Nyima
  42. I Mrs. Bela from Ahmedabad have been taking Tibetan medical treatment for knee joint pain and back pain from Dr. Tenzin Nyima. After taking this treatment I had observed 50% improvement in my health. I am taking this treatment from last 5 months.

  43. C.P. Tever/Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima 
  44. I had a kidney stone problem (7.4) mm. I took medicine from Ahmedabad Tibetan clinic around 2 months. After that my stone problem was completely cure. There is no side effect of medicine and feeling better after using.

  45. J.P.Rao/Mundgod/Dr.Thupten Norbu
  46. I am suffering from hyper acidity for the past more than two decades. I am also suffering from increase heartbeat a B.P. I have started taking treatment for this last 45 days and I am finding improvement and comfortable. I am hopefully that if I take treatment for some more time I will be normal .thanks for the Tibetan medicine.

  47. D. Chethi/Ravangla/Dr.Jampa Wangpo
  48. I came in this Tibetan hospital two times. Doctor gave me medicine which recovered my health. Now I feel very better than before.  I think they provide really effective medicine which will recover health for sure.  Medicine, here provided are the best.

  49. Dinesh B./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  50. I am suffering from Ca. brain tumour, post operated case.  I had already finished my radiation and chemotherapy.  Before I come to know about your institute, I had severe headache, sometimes vomiting.  I got to know your Institute from one of my friend and I am taking Tibetan medicines from last one year. My tumor reduces in size and headache no more.  I am feeling very much good from your medicine.  Still I am on      medication from your Institute clinic in Ahmedabad.