1. Sudhir S./Ahmedabad/Dr.Tenzin Lhanzeyo
  2. I was a patient of Diabetes from last 7/8 years. My fasting results were near border line around 120/147 and also suffered from high blood pressure. I stopped all medicines for one and half year ago out of frustration. Suddenly when I checked my profile my Diabetes was 245/348.04 on 7/7/2013. I was shocked and did not know what to do, I approached my Doctor MD. He was very annoyed. My pressure on day of visit to him on 8/7/2013 was 170/100 and cholesterol (direct) was 162. 

    I discussed with friends and they all gave me different suggestions. One of my friends told me about Men-Tsee-Khang on 10th July, 2013. I visited on 11th July without any reports.  Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey checked my nerve and informed about high cholesterol, I was convinced about their knowledge and impressed by the system of improving digestive system and other problems with medicine and Luke warm water. I had nothing to lose I sincerely started consuming as per instructions given.

    To my surprise my Diabetes on 14/7/2013 only with 3 days medicine came down to 188.04/234.07 with 10 days medicine was 100.79/95.50 and cholesterol was 149.99, blood pressure 124/80.  To my surprise and grace of Dalai Lama I am having Diabetes as  92.23/117.80 and blood pressure as 120/80. 

  3. Shri Hariharan/Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  4. It is a pleasure to report benefits accrued by the wonder drugs “Tibetan medicine”.  I am now 85 years old.  Two years back I suffered from excruciating pain on my arms.  Any amount of medicines from different branches were tried but to no satisfactory result.  Accidentally, I came to know about the T.M.C, and rushed to reap some solace.  Dr. Dorjee tested me and prescribed the medicines.  I took them for 4 days, and the pain in my arms vanished.  From the 5th day I experienced extraordinary relief after a prolonged suffering.  In my case, it was nothing but a miracle.  I wished that many more should receive the advantage of this treatment, and so canvassed.  The visitors to TMC became so large in number, that many medicines were out of stock, reported our ailing friends.  I passed on the message of my appeasement to my friends and relatives in Mumbai.  We get news that they took advantage of the TMC and were profited.  “Goodness we must take
          For all our sake
          It is eternal bliss
          Which don’t you miss?
          It happily fills the soul
          Having achieved the goal”
    I wish to express my whole hearted gratitude to Dr. Dorjee in particular, and to all the  staff at the TMC for their sincere efforts in discharging this sacred duty.  May Lord Buddha be with them as a guiding spirit in all their endeavors!

  5. Prasant T./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  6. I was suffering from Brain Tumor (7.9 x 0.5cm) on 22/08/2012. Blood report was 45.40mg. After taking 6 months of Tibetan Medicine from Dr. T. D. Kartsang, my blood result has improved; now it is 1.47mg. I now feel much better and continuing my medicine.

  7. Mrs. S. Soni/Miao/Dr. Tsering Choezom
  8. After my accident in 2008, 24thJuly, I went to coma for 7 days as per Neurosurgeon Dr. A.P. Lal and I regained my complete sense after the 12th day of coma. Since then I have been on allopathic medicine; 'Levipil 500' and 'Cloba 10' for my epilepsy attack. However, after that incident, I was facing lots of problems like gastritis, piles, high acidity, allergy, liver problem, Jaundice, Uterus infection etc. After the Tibetan medicine treatment, now I am fit and also take the Tibetan medicine for my children. I am satisfied with the treatment of Dr. Tsering Choezom in Miao, Arunachal Pradesh. 

  9.  Mr. C.R.Jani/Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  10. I have been suffering from Diabetes for the last 15 years as well as hypertension for the last five years. There was a minor stroke(TSI) in Feb'2013 for five to ten minutes. I consulted Men-Tsee-Khang, Ahmedabad branch clinic on 24thFeb'2013 and since then I am taking Tibetan Herbal Medicines. There is marked improvement in hypertension as well as diabetes is now under control. The recurrence of TSI (stroke) has minimized. I thank Men-Tsee-Khang for giving me Tibetan Medicine. I thank Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey for her accurate diagnosis and prescription of appropriate medicines.

  11. Mr Prakash B./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  12. I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in Dec'2011. I started Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy then. After a month, I was advised to take treatment of Tibetan medicines which is provided by Men-Tsee-Khang at Ahmedabad Unit. I am doing regular course of these medicines since then. I am totally satisfied with their medicines and will continue to take service from them as I believe mixture of their medicine and Oncologist treatment plan has helped a lot to heal the cancer. I would definitely recommend this anyone seeking medical help for any type of critical disease. I am very thankful to Men-Tsee-Khang for their medicines and services. 

  13.  Smt. Kamala/Bangalore/Dr.Dorjeen Rabten
  14. I am 73 years old and am a diabetic patient for the past 15 years. I was under Allopathic medicine, tablets and insulin. Dr. Dorjee tested me and prescribed medicines, and also advised me to lessen the previous tablets. I experienced relief. In the next visit, the insulin was reduced. Gradually in two months' time, insulin was totally terminated. I survived on Tibetan Medicine and few allopathic medicines only. Now the diabetes is under control. I had pain in my right arm for which I had taken steroid injection and it helped me for hardly a year. When the pain reoccurred, Dr. Dorjee gave medicines and in a week's time, the pain was gone. Now I am fit and fine. The encouragement which Dr. Dorjee instills itself is a major part of the treatment.
    "If the medicine is easy and natural
     The result retained is but eternal."
    "How so simple and yet how so true
     For all the efforts you take in view."
    "What mor we expect from a disease a painful one
     You hated it. Now see the good it has done!"
    "Like hypnotism it cures diseases
     The hidden mental force releasest"

    There is no chance to doubt whether we are progressing or regressing with T.M. if the medicines are taken aright. The best result is assured. It is not easy to squeeze all the benefits in such a report. All the staff members are extremely polite and are service-minded. Sure Lord Buddha will be always their guiding force.  

  15.  Pema L./Ravangla/Dr.Penpa Dhondup
  16. I am having this problem since two years back. There is a sort of tumor in the opening of my genital. It has blood and white discharge all the time. The pain is always there. I had check-up done at Namchi Govt. Hospital. They provided me with medicine. But there's no slight effect after taking their medicine. I came across person who knows Tibetan Medicine. So I came to Tibetan Medical Institute, Ravangla on Nov'2012. I got thoroughly checked. I was given medicine for a month. This time I can notice & feel the real improvement. It's been two and half years. I 'm still continuing the pills. It's healing my wound. There's no more blood and discharge. I comfortably can move freely.

  17. Mrs. Jamyang C./Leh Ladakh/Dr.Sonam Dekyi
  18. Since 2001, I took regular medicine for Hepatitis 'B' and now I am totally recovered. During this time, I noticed the politeness, patience and sincerity of staff member of your institute while responding to patients. Most important thing that I noticed during this long time is that pills are very good. I appreciate your institute for providing special care to remote places and concession to senior citizen.

  19.  Manjeev S./Nizamuddin/Dr.Tsewang Tamdin
  20. The medicine had a great effect. I used to wet the bed immediately after getting off to sleep whether in the afternoon or in the night and it was very embarrassing for me. Initially, I didn't like the medicine, so I discontinued taking it. But as I was growing up, I thought it should be taken religiously to get rid of this problem. So I took the medicine continuously for one year and my problem of bed wetting got stopped. Now I enjoy my night's sleep and day's napping. I can go and sleep in my friend's house also. Thanks to the Tibetan medicine. My mother takes this medicine for any illness. Tons of thanks to Dr. Tamdin. 

  21. Mrs. Shashi G./Nizamuddin/Dr.Pema Yangchen
  22. I was suffering from acute pain in back and white water was discharging from the Vagina. The effect of Tibetan medicine in my case was no less than magic. From the very first attempt of medication, I felt a lot of good. I was so depressed when doctor said that this was an operation case. Although one highly qualified doctor even said that this may be Cancer. But Tibetan doctor, Mrs. Pema Yangchen gave me a lot of relief by good medical treatment as well as given me good moral support also. Now today I am very much thankful to Dr. Mrs. Pema Yangchen as well as to your organization that I am all good.

  23. Mrs. V.V.Kulkarni/Mundgod/Dr. Y.Dorjee 
  24. I have visited your hospital in last month on 3rd Oct. in reference with my slip disc problem. Your medicines are very useful in case of mine. But I still have pain when sitting down and standing after sitting. I even have trouble of pile and excretion. The swelling of feet has totally disappeared. I got 95% cure because of your medicines and treatment and feel much better than before.

  25. Dawa T./Manali/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon
  26. I was diagnosed with Kidney stone and there was acute pain. After taking the Tibetan medicine, I felt much better than before. I took an X-ray from Indian Hospital and found result normal as there was no more stone in my kidney.

  27.  Mrs. Meela D./Dekyiling/Dr. Passang Tsering
  28. Before consulting Tibetan medicine, I got check-up in western hospital and diagnosed as Right Renal Calculi. There was pain in Lumbar region and difficulty in passing urine. Doctor advised for operation but came to take the help of Tibetan Doctor. Within first course, the above mentioned symptom disappeared and after 2 months' course, my Ultrasound report was normal. 

  29. Mrs. Surinder K/Majnu-ka-tilla/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  30. I was having stone in my Gallbladder and was giving me a lot of trouble. I had been to hospitals and got treated for two years without improvement. I came to know through somebody about this clinic and I consulted Dr. Tenzin Dheche Kartsang. I took Tibetan medicine for 5 months after that I had an ultrasound which showed that there is no more stone in my gallbladder and got totally cured.

  31. Mr. Ramesh K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  32. After taking Tibetan medicine prescribed by Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang, my kidney stone, 8 mm length got disappeared. As a result, I don't have to undergo operation and I am very much thankful to you for this positive result.

  33. Karma G./Leh Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dekyi
  34. It's been around nine months since I take the Tibetan medicine and treatment from Dr. Sonam Dekyi, now it got rid of my sinusitis and cough problem. I am still taking her medicine. Moreover, it helps my eye problem. So, I find the medicine of Men-Tsee-Khang provides a great benefit. My stomach ailment also got cured to some extent and I will be getting further treatment from Dr. Sonam Dekyi. I thank the doctor for her help and treatment.

  35. Lobsang/ Ravangla/Dr.Penpa Dhondup
  36. I have been taking Tibetan medicine from Ravangla branch clinic since last year. I found the medication helpful in lessening my complaint and problem, which is caused by fluctuation of wind level in the body system. I am sure the Tibetan medicine will play a very important role in removing the sufferings of human being in the time to come. Thank you everyone concerned.

  37. Hoshiar P./Nizamuddin/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  38. I was alcoholic. There was gastric and acidity problem. My both the hands were shaking badly. I was feeling nausea and my blood pressure was high. I was completely disheartened. There was vomiting and incase if didn't use the alcohol, I was not able to control myself without it. After using the Tibetan medicine, I am completely feeling ok and I am proud that my drinking habit is completely vanished. Now there is no problem of vomiting and acidity. My blood pressure is normal. I appreciate the treatment given by the Tibetan Institute. May God help in relieving more patients!

  39. Mr. Gyaltsen/Bir/Rev. Dr. Tenzin Phelchok
  40. I had a severe peptic disease and my disease was not cured by Indian medicine. I was told that I had sore in my peptic and had to get operated. So, inorder to get away with operation, I consulted a Tibetan Doctor, Tenzin Phelchok in Bir. He examined me very well and gave me medicines. After taking Tibetan medicines, I was getting better day by day and eventually cured completely. In my case, the Tibetan medicine was very effective.

  41. Yangzom/Boudha/Dr. Tsering Choekyi 
  42. There was water and ulcer inside my uterus. Swelling all around the lower abdomen. Doctor told me the need of surgery, without which there is no other treatment. So, I went to Tibetan doctor, Tsering Choekyi. She checked my pulses and urine and told me of presence of water and rLung inside my uterus. I was told that there is no need of Surgery and she gave medicines for one month as I was staying far away from Kathmandu. After taking one month's medicine, I felt much better. I visited the clinic again, she told me to take medicines for two months and by this way I took the medicines for nearly one year. After taking the Tibetan medicine for a year, I went to western doctor for X-ray. The western doctor told me of absence of water, ulcer and swelling in the uterus. I was told that I was cured completely by Tibetan medicine. 

  43. Rathna B./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Lhamo
  44. I had a irregular monthly menstruation since 2005; some time once in every after 15 days with heavy bleeding.  In the beginning the medicine was not so effective. I did take the Allopathic test and result was not of improved condition. I shown the report to Dr. Lhamo and she started to give extra medicine. Afterwards, within 2 months, the medicine proved effective and cured me. Now as on this date, I am alright. Thank you so much. I always remember you.

  45. Sudha P/Dekyiling/Sonam Lhamo
  46. I was suffering from pneumonitis asthma and uterus problem with irregular periods. I took allopathic medicines for one year but didn't get relieve. Then I consulted Tibetan doctor and took the Tibetan medicines for 3 years. The Tibetan medicines were very effective and I got 85% relief from the problem. There is no side effect of Tibetan medicine and the cost of medicine is too much reasonable. We all family members always use Tibetan medicine as there is no side effect of these medicines. 

  47. Tsering C./Orissa/Dr. Passang Tsering
  48. I was married in year 2000 and until now I don't have child. Hence, after the advice of Dr. Passang Tsering, I started to take the Tibetan medicine from 14thJune, 2004. My monthly menstruation got stopped in August'2004 and now today I am pregnant of two months. I am so happy. 

  49. Mr. Pawan K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  50. During my first visit I was actually having problem of joint and muscle pain but then I also told about my marriage problem (not having child for almost two years since I got married). Doctor gave me medicine specially for that problem and it is really very effective. What more can I ask - when it's really helping me. Now I 'm becoming father soon. My wife is 6th months into her pregnancy. I am also free from all those pain at the moment.  

    And I am also very glad to say that there are no side effects that can occur during the course of Tibetan medicine. I would specially like to add that this Tibetan clinic is very helpful for the people over here, in a sense, people can atleast go there for some help when they get frustration from all the other ways and prices are also very reasonable. I think such system or clinic should be extensively encouraged; atleast it will bless us till the suffering is there in this world.