1. Mr. Mahesh K.S./Jaigaon/Dr. Jamyang Dolma
  2. After completing my course, I am feeling better and believe that I am fully cured. Earlier even sneezing in normal course was danger and resulted into regular cold. But now, it's not like so. I am still following the dietary instruction from the doctor and still free from the disease. I must say that this medicine is very effective but only when followed the precautions properly. The faith in this medicine has developed in me and I would suggest the Institution to more propaganda to benefit the society.

  3. Mrs. Shyni k./Bangalore/Dr. Keldor
  4. My problem was sever coughing and too much of phlegm. I was also feeling week and feverish sometime.  I had taken Allopathic medicine for about a month and it gave me relief for short duration and again same coughing and lots of phlegm occurs. I started Tibetan medicine and continued for one month. This medicine has given me quick and long lasting relief. Now even in heavy monsoon, my health is perferct.

  5. Mrs. Susheela C./Shimla/Dr. Tharchin
  6.     I suffered from chronic cough, breathing problem, joint pain, dry throat, sleeplessness and loss of appetite. I had sought Ayurvedic and then later Allopathic treatment for long time but there had been no desirable improvement. On 13thNov'2001, I consulted Tibetan medicine and have taken medicine continuously for two months. As a result, there is 50% relief in chronic cough and 75% relief in joint pain and appetite. Complete relief from dryness of throat and sleeplessness has also improved to desirable extent. I had not responded so well to any other treatment earlier as I did to Tibetan medicine.

  7. Mr. Mahesh K./Navi Mumbai
  8. On yearly check-up, I found my blood glucose level of 354. I showed the report to Doctor at hospital and he advised me to hospitalize for further check-up and treatment. Admitted for three days and diagnosed at Diabetes type -II. Doctor advised me to take medicine and insulin thrice a day. I approached Tibetan Clinic at Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai and showed the reports and request for their medicine. After 10-15 days, I stopped the previous medicine and insulin and started taking Tibetan medicine. I took this medicine upto Oct'2012. During Nov'2012 - Jan'2013, I was without any medicine and checked the blood sugar, it was in normal range. Today i.e. 29thJan'2013, I again visited Tibetan Clinic and find everything okay. Doctor advised me to take some medicine for pancreas and weakness. I am completely satisfied with the treatment. My best regards to Tibetan Clinic and Management.

  9. Ms. Prithi Deb/Salugara/Dr. Lobsang Soepa
  10. Result after taking Tibetan medicine: -Trembling of right hand during continuous writing has been reduced. Pain in hand relapsed at intervals. Hair fall has not stopped fully.

  11. Ms. Pema/Rajpur/Dr. Kunsang Dolma
  12. I would firstly thank you as I have received a chance to convey my gratefulness and importance of Men-Tsee-Khang through this feedback. I was suffering from this fearful disease and I had no idea what to do as we are just scholar. But with the guidelines and medicines given by Men-Tsee-Khang, I had shown lots of improvement in my health. Their medicines are of pure herbs and organic and had shown its effect in very short span of time which according to me, no other medicines can do so. As it has no side effects, I suggest people to consult Men-Tsee-Khang for their disease and illness.

  13. Sarlaben V.P./Ahmedabad/Ahmedabad
  14. I have problem with kidney diseases. We have tried many Allopathy treatments which is very costly and much more time consuming. But still we didn't get any good result. Finally, we came in contact with your clinic, Men-Tsee-Khang at Swastik Cross Rd., Ahmedabad. The cost of medicine is cheap medicines but still very effective.  So we are very thankful to your medicine and treatment system. As many people are getting health benefit from your clinic, now a day, there are many patients at your clinic in queue waiting for their turn to consult the doctor. So we have to spend lots of time for our turn. Therefore, we request you for opening of more clinics at Ahmedabad. More clinics in Ahmedabad will help patients to save their time and more benefits.

  15. Mr. Dilip S.B./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
  16. I was feeling so weak, due to which I was not able to wake up from the bed. General Doctor told me that there is space in my spinal cord. Due to that reason, I used to have pain in my back. But with the start of treatment of Dr. Tenzin Chodup of Men-Tsee-Khang, I was slowly recovering and after some day, I was able to walk. Now I do not feel any type of weakness. Only sometimes, there occurs urine problem but otherwise there is no other problem and I trust that I will recover from this problem too.

  17. Mr. Rajiv V.S./Mainpat/Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen
  18. I was suffering from low sperm count because of which I and my wife had to remain childless for long time. I had taken other treatment from 2002 to 2004 to cure the problem but didn't get any result. So I shifted my treatment to Tibetan medicine and had taken Tibetan medicine from 2005 - 2007. The medicine proved effective for increasing the sperm count and now my wife became pregnancy after four years of marriage.

  19. Mr. Jamyang T./Bylakuppe/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  20. As every society is characterized by two features; Sin and Virtue, I wanted to bring them to light in a truthful way. Of course it is my indispensable obligation either to bring out the reality of benefit and detriment that I got while experiencing the treatment - Integrating Allopathic medicine into Tradition Tibetan system of treatment. Due to my severe persistent cough while speaking and reading, I consulted many well-reputed hospitals but didn't get any relief. Not knowing what to do, I consulted Tibetan medicine and there was lots of improvement in my health. I am still continuing the medicine inorder to get complete cure of the disease. I consulted a few large hospitals another time for my kidney ailment. Since I didn't get any relief from those hospitals, like that of earlier, I took the help of that Tibetan doctor and I felt improvement in my health. My above narrated accounts are no way an attempt to disgrace or defame the Allopathic treatment or to flatter the Tibetan medicine. In actual, it’s a recapitulation of my feelings and experiences following the treatments that I had.

  21. Shanthi R./Chennai/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  22. In the year of 2011 Nov, while taking shower, I felt some kind of lump in my breast. So I went to consult the doctor and was diagnosed as Ca, breast. Right after that, I had started taking Chemotherapy as per the advice of Allopathic doctor. But, because of severe side effects of terrible hair fall coupled with the Liver problem, I had to withdraw from the first cycle of Chemo in Dec'2011. Thereafter, I came to know about Tibetan medicine from one of my friends and consulted the Tibetan doctor in Bangalore in Dec-2012. I started taking Tibetan medicine till July'2013. After taking Tibetan medicine, I was able to regain my health. I would say the medicines are really good and effective. I even didn't face even minor complications while taking it. The happiest moment came to my life after the treatment with Tibetan medicine and after my association with the Medical Centre. Though I am still continuing the medications prescribed by Dr. Dorjee Rabten, I am confident that my disease would be cured completely and would be enjoying very good health. Finally, I would say, my only hope is this system of medicines with which I am able to lead my normal life. I am very grateful to Tibetan medicine as well as the doctor of Tibetan Clinic.

  23. Mr. Nagendra D./Bir
  24. I had been suffering from Urine infection for many years. Somebody told me about your medicine. I started taking Tibetan medicine for my problem and the medicine has given me relief greatly. I wanted to express my gratitude and thank for the Tibetan medicine system.

  25. Kirti B./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  26. From Allopathic test, I have found out that I 'm suffering from enlarged left Testis; with small two epididymal abscess and minimal hydrocode and right epididymal cyst. I have taken medicines for 2 months as prescribed by allopathic doctor. Since it didn't brought any changes, I went in depression. But one of my friends told me about the Tibetan medicine and it's method of clinical diagnosis. I visited your clinic at Ahmedabad and consulted Dr. Tenzin Nyima. I started taking medicine from the clinic and experienced positive changes from time to time. After taking medicine for 5 months, I tested my condition at the lab and found out that my illness has fully cured. Yes, fully cured; 'Unbelievable' I am grateful to Dr. Tenzin Nyima and your clinic. I have to say that Tibetan Traditional medicine and diagnosis is very effective and it comes at affordable cost/reasonable cost. Thank you!

  27. Mr. Rupnarayan Y./Miao/Dr. Pema Sangmo
  28. I have been taking Tibetan medicine for the last one year. I have a severe problem of Constipation and Migraine. I got 60% relief since the use of Tibetan medicine. As I not have got complete cure till now, the medicine is still in use.

  29. Ms. Tsewang D./Leh Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dekyi
  30. I am getting treatment for Headache and Acidity problem through Dr. Sonam Dekyi at Men-Tsee-Khang, Leh since from 25/10/2012. The medicines that she provides are very effective and better than Allopathic medicine. As Allopathy medicine upset my stomach, I prefer to take Tibetan or Himalayan medicines though it is time consuming but effective and without side effects. Thanks a lot doctor!

  31. Mr. Girish S./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  32. As I am taking treatment for myself for Cardiac & Hernia from IstMarch'2011, I would like to say that I am feeling very very good and effective because of course of treatment given to me. I am getting good response of medicine and feeling healthier than before. In short, best and effective medicine at a low cost. I am very much thankful to the Trust and I wish you may continue to your service at all the time. Thanks!

  33. Mrs. Mahapatra/Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Ngawang Dorjee
  34. I am getting treatment from Tibetan medicine centre for my frozen shoulder and joint pain. The treatment rendered to her by Dr. Ngawang Dorjee is immensely beneficial to me. Dr. Ngawang Dorjee is very cordial and sympathetic. The medicine is very much useful and delivers result. I wish all Success for Dr. N. Dorjee, his support staff and above all, the Tibetan medicine centre all over India. Service to mankind is service to God. This is the objective of Tibetan medicine centre.

  35. Ms. Tenzin P./Bylakuppe/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  36. I have a Gastric Acidity and initially I took the consultation from doctor in Bangalore. As per doctor's advice, Endoscopy test was performed and have taken the prescription for almost four months but it was getting better. So, I decided to consult Men-Tsee-Khang and have taken their medicine for almost 11 months. My health is getting better with the use of Tibetan medicine and most important it has no side effects.

  37. Mr. Sharana B./Bylakuppe/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  38. When I first consulted Tibetan medicine, my condition was very severe with extreme pain, stiffness and swelling all over the joints particularly my shoulder and wrist. I was not able to do any job with my hand. The specialist in my town told me that there is no medicine for this particular disease. But I consulted Tibetan medicine and after taking Tibetan medicine continuously for one year, I got great satisfaction and total relief. I am totally free from any pain and I am able to do all the works by myself. I am very happy and very grateful to this wonderful herbal medicine. I always tell my friends about the positive effects of the Tibetan medicine.

  39. Mr. D.Shri Hari R./Chennai
  40. I came on 14thOct'2011 for treatment against Sigmoid Colon Carcinoma with liver metastasis. After 5 cycles of Chemotherapy under Dr. Ramesh Nimagadda of Chennai, Apollo Specialty hospital, I had myocardial infarct in-between and hence Chemotherapy was stopped. I then switched over to Tibetan medicine as suggested by some of my good friends. After taking your medicine, I could feel it's positive effect and there was complete halt of progression of my disease. Also, I was not having any of the dreadful side effects of chemotherapy that follows. I and my family were amazed with the result achieved and the effectiveness of Tibetan treatment and the pills with such a short duration. Also, I have recommended this wonderful medical treatment to lots of our friends. I would like to express my gratitude for your immense help and assistance in taking care of my ailments so effectively.

  41. Mr. M. Lenkata R./Bhubaneswar/Passang Dhondup
  42. My age is 72 years. Due to my smoking habit, I had heavy cough and chest congestion. There was an indication of Diabetes. I used to feel the hands shaking. Now after taking Tibetan medicine for more than two years, I find 90% improvement which may not be possible in Allopathic treatment.

  43. Mr. Lalit K.C./Shillong/Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen
  44. I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and my sugar level P.P. is 420. Tibetan medicine is very effective for Diabetes. After taking Tibetan medicine for two months, my sugar level has become normal. Now my sugar level of P.P. is 138  and Fasting is 86. I am very happy and I thank both Tibetan doctor and medicine.

  45. Mrs. Phool M.D./Shimla/Dr. Dorjee Tsetan
  46. I am diabetic patient and I started taking Tibetan medicine from 01/03/1997 to till now. At first my Blood sugar P.P. was 250 but after taking Tibetan medicine, it comes down to 120. There is great improvement after taking this medicine. I have a great faith in Tibetan Medical system. Moreover, it has not any side effects.

  47. Mr. Santosh B. P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  48. I have diagnosed as Grade-III Glioma. I have been taking Tibetan medicine for the last two years. My health is improving and I feeling good with this medicine. The treatment is given nicely. With this, I hope that my health will be improved further and will be totally cured. I am very much thankful for this organization and treatment given to me.

  49. Ms. Deepti/Bangalore
  50. I have been diagnosed with Bilateral Polycystic ovaries for the last 6 years or more. I have taken homeopathy, Ayurveda and Allopathy(hormonal) for six and half years with no visible improvements. I wa suffering with irregular menses and heavy periods for many days or no bleeding at all for several months. Allopathic doctors told me that there is no cure for polycystic ovaries and lifelong medication is necessary. But they were proved wrong by Tibetan medicine. Tibetan medicine which I have taken for the last one year, starting from 31/01/2012 has miraculously cured my PCOS. I also lost my excessive body weight and now I feel more energetic. All these positive changes in my life have come because of the Tibetan medicine which also helped strengthening my faith in nature and believe in God. Tibetan medicine is like the wonder of Natural medicine which heals one's body and mind without any side effects.