1. Kamaladevi S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  2. Survived heart attack, continued fever from Feb, 1999 brought from Calcutta to Delhi on 28 Sept, 1999 in semi unconscious state on stretcher, with little hope of survival. Brain affected, high dose of all know Mysins. Patient started Tibetan medicine from 14 Oct, 1999. In the first month of treatment, medicines improved stomach condition, reduced pains and stabilized heart and brain condition. Thereafter, brain improvement started slowly but steadily. Earlier, she could not recognize speak and had difficulty in swallowing. But now after seven months treatment she has started recognizing, responding, understand and replies intelligently. But occasionally she is conscious all the 24 hours. Tibetan medicine has certainly improved the brain function but is not giving notice for passing of stool or urine. She was totally bedridden but now she can with help sit on a chair for 2 hours a day. She is still unable to move on her own. There has been no side effect. (For patient testified by Husband)

  3. Mrs. Padma V./Bengaluru/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  4. In Sept, 1992 woke up one morning with swelling of hands stiffness and pain in all joints.  Could not eat with hand and spoon would drop trying to eat with it.  There was great pain and stiffness in legs and knees.  I had to give up using Indian toilet, also great pain in shoulder, arms and elbows. Relief started 15 days after starting Tibetan medicine and complete cure by December, but continued treatment till Feb, 1993.  It was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis. Got very good effect with these medicines and had absolutely no trouble for nearly 4 years.  In June1996 I suddenly woke up one morning with severe pain in whole body, stiffness and pain in joints, and swelling of limbs and face.  Doctor, Dorjee was called as I was unable to move.  With these efficacy medicines the swelling began subsiding and in about 15 days there was no swelling.  Continued treatment, was able to move very slowly with help and walk few steps.  By December began to walk with a stick walker, and little help.  Now April 1997, can do all my work without help. 

  5. Rajeev K./Majnukatilla/Dr. Yeshi Khando
  6. I am taking the tablets of kidney problem which was not curable from any doctor but after taking tablets and treatment of this medical Institute I am perfectly all right.  I recommend most of my near and dear to get treatment of these problems.  They are also happy after the treatment.  My wife was also suffering from slip disk problem with having severe pain in lower back.  She also took the treatment of her problem in a month time she feels better than before.  We are very thankful of this medical Institute who provide us the exact treatment with no side effects tablets of the exact problem. 

  7. Tsering/Gangkyi/Dr. Dawa Choedon
  8. I am suffering from esophagatis, gastritis, vomiting after meal, painful, no appetite, feeling weakness, lot of mucus coming from mouth, constipation and acidity.  I took Tibetan medicine since 15 Nov, 2012.  Now I am completely free from above mentioned problems.  

  9. Malhotra I./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  10. Problem:  Heart and heaviness in chest while walking.  I am now normal and have no heaviness feeling in the chest.  I sleep well, eat well and feel strong. 
    I have had no side effects at all.
    I wonder why the Tibetan medical system has not been recognized by the W.H.O.  I feel this system needs to be recognized and propagated.  In any case, I do at my level.  All my family members and relations, friends have commenced getting themselves treated by the Tibetan doctors and found the diagnosis and medicine very satisfactory and without any side effects.  The cost effectiveness is also commendable.

  11. Dwarakanath K./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten Neshar
  12. When I have consulted Tibetan medicine clinic of Bangalore after Angioplasty, done during December, 1995 and consulted for severe joints pain, allergic asthma (bronchitis), less appetite, gastric trouble, sinusitis, high cholesterol, hypertension etc.  After angioplasty done, to avoid further blockage and to have better blood circulation for my heart ailment, approached TMC for treatment.  Since 4 years I have been regularly taking medicine by consulting the doctors once in 15 days without any break and hence the results are unbelievable and I am completely relieved from Asthma, gastric, hypertension, sinusitis and even the cholesterol also under control and you may refer the lipid profile enclosed along this.  I can conclude that the medicines are so effective without any side effects if the patient adhere to the instructions given by the Tibetan medicine clinic doctors.

  13. Mrs. Tsering Y./Hunsur/Dr. Pema Yangzom
  14. My problem was I have acute back pain, sometimes bluish patches appear on my body at certain places and fast heart beat.  After taking Tibetan medicine for seven months in 1994, I was very much relieved.  All bluish patches have disappeared, my heart beat became normal and overall improvements are there.  My back pain is still there with less intensity.

  15. Tsering Y./Manali/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon
  16. Diagnosis:  Hepatitis B.  I got frequent headache, loss of appetite, feeling tired, vomiting sometimes.  Tibetan medicine is very effective.  And I feel there is no side effect.  When I went through Tibetan medical treatment for 3 months I felt, there was no improvement, but gradually, I felt better and finally after completing three months course I felt very healthy.  I got rechecked at mission hospital, Manali and surprised to know that I was negative from that disease.  Currently, I am healthy and there is no particular symptom so far. 

  17. Anukhul G./Majnukatilla/Dr. Yeshi Khando
  18. My mother is suffering from serious sciatica.  But nobody can heal the wound of my mother.  We go everywhere in all fields of medicine like allopathic, homeopathy, But we don’t found any cure.  But one day I came here and after taking the medicine my mother is fully cure.  Now the happiness come in our family again.  People think Tibetan medicine is not good, but I think it is the best medicine in the world.  No side effects of this medicine. 

  19. Suryabham B./Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  20. I had a problem of bleeding from the nose for the last ten years.  Being a employee of the Sewagram Hospital, I did operation in the hospital to cure the nose bleeding but in vain.  Then, in March, 2012 I started taking Tibetan medicine and the nose bleeding was stopped.  I got benefitted from Tibetan medicine.  (Translated from Hindi version)

  21. Smt. Krishna D./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  22. Problem: swelling in the body, weakness in the heart valve, fatness and heart attack.  After taking Tibetan medicine, I got relief from headache, loss in weight, relief from pain in heart, loss in swelling and relief in back pain and leg pain.  Presently I am feeling well from this treatment and help me get rid from these problems. 

  23. Vaibhav G./Majnukatila/Dr. Yeshi Khando
  24. Tibetan medicine is very good.  It is very effective in all cases.  I salute to Tibetan medicine has all the cure of every diseases.  The diagnosis is very good.  I am taking medicine from here last two years… It is very effective those diseases which don’t have cure.  Tibetan medicine has cure of that.  Tibetan medicine is best in the world.

  25. Barbara M./Gankyi/Dr. Dawa Choedon & Dr. Kalchoe
  26. Diagnosis: jaundice (Hepatitis A), strong nausea, headache, eating not possible, no appetite, vomiting, very tired, no energy, diarrhea.  After taking Tibetan medicine, appetite came back after 48 hours.  After one week in bed I could get up and eat again, no more headaches after one day, after two weeks I felt almost back to normal (still little tired).  Now, after 3 weeks, I am feeling totally fine.  Everybody I met who ever had Hepatitis cannot believe how quickly I was getting better and cured.  Thank you very much.

  27. Singh M./Majnukatilla/Dr. Yeshi Khando
  28. For past one year taking medicine for BP, sugar and knee joint pain.  It is good to mention here that the treatment is the best that I have got and there is almost 100% relief.  I pray my deep of heart for welfare of the team of your clinic.

  29. Pratibha R./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  30. I had severe cough, cold, allergy, and sinus.  I took treatment for 2 months and I was perfectly o.k.
    Tibetan medicine has really cured me.  First I was suffering too much by dust allergy, after taking this medicine continuously, strictly, dieting, regularly I was cured.  I have suggested many of my relations and all are in treatment and getting alright. 

  31. Ashok M./Majnukatilla/Dr. Yeshi Khando
  32. I am getting myself treated for one and half month.  I have gastroentrolical problem and enormous digestion problem.  The cure I got is divine and very apt and suitable.   I am recovering well and hope to complete my cure soon.  Let this medicine be spread all over the world and suffering humanity may avail its benefit and divine grace.  Let its branches be bloomed in all fields of the nature. 

  33. Mohd. A./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
  34. Diagnosis:  Cancer nasal mass. I am feeling much better than before! After taking Tibetan medicines, the reports on CT Scan showing reduction of nasal mass.  Now, I am feeling much relieve and comfortable!  I must say it’s a brighter side of my life. 

  35. Aspi M./Bir/Dr. Pema Yangzom
  36. Problem:  bad and improper digestion, overweight, low hemoglobin, high cholesterol level.  In April, 2012 when I first consulted Dr. Pema my hemoglobin was very low – around 8 gms/dl, in March triglycerides was 517, serum cholesterol was 212, LDL 127 (May 2012), HDL 23 (May)
    On 16 July, 2012
    Hemoglobin – 8.9
    Triglycerides – 238
    Serum cholesterol – 170
    LDL – 95
    HDL – 27
    My breathlessness is gone.  Coughing has stopped; feeling much better overall, can do normal activities much better than before. 

  37. Lene W./Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dekey
  38. I am now 35 years old.  From the age of 22 I did not use any contraception.  From the age of 26 my husband and me deliberately tried to make a baby.  I was watching my period and trying to determine the correct time but for years all our actions were in vain -  I did not conceive. 

    Western doctors said, there is a little imbalance with my hormones and they also found so called cardio lipid antibodies, which come from the liver and make the blood thicker, so the fetus is not supplied properly with oxygen and mostly dies at an early stage. 
    The western treatment for this is the continuous injection of heparin to make the blood thin during pregnancy.  But since I never got pregnant, this never happened. In the summer of 2010 I was in Ladakh, and went to see a lady Amchi called Dr. Sonam Dekey.  She did pulse diagnosis, looked at my tongue and asked me a few questions.  Then she said my kidneys aer too cold ad that’s why there is no baby coming.  She gave me medicine for three months but I do not recall which medicine exactly.  It was three brown pills in the morning, one bigger red pill after lunch and some tea like Tibetan powder to drink with hot milk in the evening.  I never took precious pills.

    When taking this medicine, my lower backache disappeared and I started to have dreams about diving in clear water.  After three months, sadly my mother passed away very sudden of an aneurysm and I forgot completely about my plans to have a baby.  Three months later I conceived without expecting it and I only realized when the baby’s heart was already beating. 

    Pregnancy was very easy, I spent all summer (from 4th to 7th month) trekking in Ladakh and had no problems at all.

    I had an unpleasant birth (due to western methods of trying to speed up birth process and treating women as sick and helpless people who need to be given painkillers, labour intensifiers and all sorts of things instead of reassurance, comfort and support, to make the babies born quicker, very often they don’t want to wait anymore and do a c-sectio which is not necessary).  Expect this horrible time in hospital everything is fine with my baby, and he is very healthy and happy to be in this world.

  39. Gulabchand C./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
  40. Problem:  leg is not working can’t walk.  Can’t balance because of leg, hand wasn’t working little bit and diabetes is high, high B.P.
    First the doctor was coming to see me and was giving medicine and then after 2 months yours two person was taking me up to your office and now within one year I am able to come with my own self.

  41. Swangeta R./Salugara/Dr. Passang Dolkar
  42. Problem:  Renal stone and sever pain, stone in right kidney 4.5 mm according to report.  After 4 months treatment of Tibetan medicine, another check up was done and report shows no stone in kidney.

  43. Abidhek R./Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  44. Problem:  muscular diasis disease, finger movement very less, cannot walk properly up and down. 
    First of all we find that fingers are move better than first, then after few days we find that walking is proper than first time.  When we take Tibetan medicine sit and down problem are better.  After taking this medicine we find that in patient all problems are much better than before. 

  45. Bijal D./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
  46. Problem:  diabetes
    Before consulting Tibetan medicine I had to take insulin thrice a day with high dose but after taking Tibetan medicine I am taking insulin thrice a day that too of very low dose and I think in few days my insulin are going to stop.  I am very happy with the Tibetan medicine.

  47. Manoj A./Dikyiling/Dr. Passang Tsering
  48. I was suffering from depression, mood disorder and sleeplessness problem since 2006.  I had taken many treatments in allopathic by several doctors but I was not getting not a bit of relief and my situation became worse in my opinion and no one was understanding my problem.  One day, I was browsing internet to find out solution in Tibetan treatment and found a clinic at Sahastradhara road.
    The doctor treated me and after couple of weeks of having medicine, I am feeling much better and hope I will be surely fit and fine one day.

  49. Mrs. Banerjee V./Kolkata/Dr. Dolkar Lhamo
  50. I am taking medicines since one year for my skin.  I had some black spots on my legs and hands.  Now lot of improvement is there.  I am very much happy with the treatment.