1. Mr. Harinder S.N./Dekyiling/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  2. I had complaint of lower back pain for a long time. After conducting test, I came to know the pain was caused due to crooked bone which in turn puts pressure on the nerves. I had taken lots of medicine for this ailment but proved futile. However, with the help of your medicine, most of my problems are corrected. I am still using your treatment and I have full confidence that my ailment would be soon got rid of. I am totally satisfied by your treatment and I advise my entire near and dear ones to use your medical facility whenever they have any health problem.

  3. Mr. Bahadur P./Gangtok/Dr. Tsering Youdon
  4. Before consulting Tibetan medicine, I didn't use to feel like having my food as a result my health had gone down. But after taking these medicines, I like to eat food and now a days my health has also become good. Actually, doctor diagnosed that I was suffering from some kind of heart related disease but after having these medicines prescribed by Dr. Tsering Youdon. My health is improving day after day. Now, I don't have any pain and I believe I am no longer a sick man.

  5. Mr. Menon R. G./Bangalore/Dr. Passang
  6. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma sometime early June or so of 2000. I went through 5 cycles of chemotherapy against six planned. Sometime after the fifth cycle, I got a fungal infection in my right lung. I was in ICU for nearly a month and came close to multiple organ failure. Somehow or other, doctors pulled me out.

    When I was discharged, I had lost almost the full capacity of my right lung, had stress diabetes and my lever was full fat laden. It was then I read about Tibetan medicines for the second time. The first time was in Reader's Digest after His Holiness the Dalai Lama's US visit and his personnel physician has made some spectacular diagnosis during their visit to some of the hospitals. The article was written by Mrs. Chari, wife of Col Chari who had first-hand experience of Tibetan medicine. We decided to go and see the doctors to have first-hand impression after personal interaction. This was during the first camp that was organized. We met Dr. Passang. That was some experience for us. She took my hand, felt the pulse; the method itself was a surprise and then in her pleasant voice started telling me that I am not the first in my family to come down with cancer. We had to think quite a bit to remember that a cousin of mine who had suffered from cancer. She continued to list the major diseases the family had. Needless to say we were duly impressed and decided to try the treatment. And we do not regret it in the least.     

    Today I am leading a healthy active life. The only drug that I continue from those days is a small dose of Cardace 2.5 mg for a marginal hyper tension.

    Hearing about my experience, some people had approached me for details of my experience. I had no hesitation in asking them all to try the system. No system guarantee a cure for such conditions like cancer but Tibetan system can definitely assure a better quality of life. A neighbor of our was suffering from terminal esophagus cancer. On our recommendation, they underwent treatment with Tibetan system and the gentleman lead a pain free active life till his end. So when my 90 year old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer we had no hesitation in trying the system. The tumor has already opened and was draining but she was not suffering any great pain or any other discomfort.

    I would suggest to all people suffering from chronic diseases to give Tibetan system a try.

  7. Ms. Sonam D./Leh Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dekyi
  8. I have been taking Tibetan medicine since a long time and I found it very effective and free from side effects. I used to have severe headache and nausea problem couple of years back. I took the treatment from other hospital several times but there was no positive result. In 2010, I was recommended Tibetan medicine and I took treatment from Dr. Sonam. Within a month of treatment, I got relief from this problem and till today it never occurs again.

    At present, I have stomach problem(Acidity) and I am taking treatment and medicine from the same doctor at Men-Tsee-Khang, Leh. I am recovering slowly and I feel that I will be recovered completely soon. So I would like to thank sincerely to Dr. Sonam and Tibetan medicine as well.

  9. Mr. Ramesh K./Bir
  10. I had suffered nerve pain in my shoulder for 8 to 10 years. After taking medicines of Men-Tsee-Khang, I got complete relief. My wife has also started Tibetan medicine treatment and she has also got enough benefit.

  11. Mr. Vishwanath B./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  12. Earlier my Cholesterol was 235.93. After the treatment of Tibetan medicine, now it is 185.93 and it became normal. I am thankful to Dr. Tenzin for the treatment to make me cholesterol free.

  13. Mrs. Pramita P./Bhupbaneshwar/Dr. Ngawang Dorjee
  14. I am getting Tibetan medicine treatment for my cold and pain from Dr. Ngawang Dorjee. He is a good and sympathetic doctor. Also the medicine of the hospital is very useful and economic, and also delivers the desired result. So we are grateful to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

  15. Mr. Harish/Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  16. I am suffering from piles. I took Allopathic medicine for 12 months; as I am not satisfied by it with regard to my disease and problem, I shifted to Tibetan medicine. I came to know about this Tibetan traditional treatment from my friend and I have shown myself to Dr. Tenzin Nyima at Ahmedabad, Tibetan medical branch of Men-Tsee-Khang in Sept'2012.  I 'm still continuing the treatment.

    Ever since I took the medicine, I have felt great improvement. There is now very less itching in the stomach and my body is also becoming fitter and lighter. I am satisfied with my choice and willing to continue my diagnosis from Dr. Tenzin Nyima. CREDIT goes to Tibetan medicine and my doctor that I am now very well and satisfied.

    Thank you!

  17. Mrs. Indira P./Bangalore
  18. I was diagnosed with Breast cancer two years back and had total mastectomy. I did not go for chemo therapy and radiation as I want to try other alternative therapies. Then I came to know about Tibetan medicine and since 28/09/2008, I have been continuously taking only Tibetan medicine from clinic at Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore.

    Since four years now, I have been enjoying very good health without any side-effects and complications. Most importantly, the cancer didn't recur with any secondary infections. Even my chronic bronchitis with emphysema lung condition is also under very good control with Tibetan medicine. It has given me more energy and mental confidence, and I am leading my life very normal and happily. I am thankful to the Tibetan medicine and the whole medical staffs here.

  19. Mrs. Lakshmi D./Shimla/Dr. Tenzin Ngadol
  20. I have sought my son's treatment from Tibetan medicine clinic. My son used to have fever, his hand and leg becomes stiff and eventually faints. After taking Tibetan medicine for one year and four months, he is cured now. The name of my son's doctor is Tenzin Ngadol. I come from Chotta Shimal for treatment and doctor has advised to stop his medication from this month.

  21. Mrs. Sangay/Dharamsala/Dr. Dachoe & Dr. Sonam Wangmo
  22. I have been taking the tradition Tibetan medicine for more than 10 years for Gastroenteritis, Bile and Phlegm related problems.

    I find the Tibetan medicinal pills very effective and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a safe and holistic system of healing.

    My best wishes for all your work in the coming years and thank you for providing an excellent service to everyone who is looking for improving their physical health and well being.

  23. Mr. Gelek/Bir/Dr. Dekyi Tsomo
  24. For many years I have been suffering from Spleen disorder and blood pressure. I had taken Allopathic medicine for years and it was not effecting at all, instead it was getting worse. So I decided to go Dharamsala and there I got a chance to consult Dr. Dekyi Tsomo. After taking Tibetan medicine under Dr. Dekyi's guidance for 2 or 3 years, I have recovered very well. Now I am fine and my blood pressure is also normal but still I want to continue this as further precautions. After taking this medicine, I can surely tell people that it is really very effective. Lastly, I would like to thank Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute for helping sick people and providing good health service.

  25. RameGowda M.P./Bylakuppe/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  26. I have been taking medicine from your esteemed dispensary, Bylakuppe for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and also for urinary problems. The treatment is so effective without any side-effects.

    I appreciate that the tradition system of healing, i.e. Tibetan medicine called "Sowa Rigpa" has been recognized under "Ayush" by the Govt. of India and no doubt, it is one of the best institutions. Tibetan medicine helps the patients suffering from different types of diseases. I wish the institute a great success.

  27. Mrs. Phuntsok G./Rajpur/Dr. Kunsang Dolma
  28. I have been taking Tibetan medicine for many years. I am now 86 years old and believe that I am healthy due to intake of Tibetan medicines. My siblings and parents died comparatively young. There is none in my family who has lived up till the age of 70.

  29. Mrs. Tsering Y./Gangtok/Dr. Tsering Youdon
  30. I have been using/consuming medicine from Men-Tsee-Khang for the past 3 decades. Since I have many diseases, I have to visit doctor more often. Compare to other medicines, Tibetan medicine has very less or almost nil side effects. It cures the diseases from the root. At this age of 86, all my sense organs are active and it is because of Tibetan medicine. Moreover, this medicine is much cheaper and anybody can afford it. With this treatment, I have healthy life, sound sleep and can take food according to my needs. My memory is also very sharp; my son always ask me to remind things to him.

    On behalf of all the patients of Men-Tsee-Khang, I humbly thank them for giving us a very healthy living. Furthermore, I have been suggesting other patients to get treatment from Men-Tsee-Khang, for chronic disease too can be cured immensely at Amji's place. They have remedy for all illness. I am very grateful to Tibetan medicine.

  31. Mr. Ajai K. V./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  32. I had problem of Asthma and had taken treatment for about 4 years but didn't prove successful. In the year 1998, I took the consultation of Tibetan medicine and continued taking Tibetan medicine for 5-6 years. The treatment is very good and my ailment got cured without any side-effects. I had discontinued the Tibetan medicine and I don't have any problem for last 5-6 years.

  33. Mr. Koteswarao P. L./Secunderabad/Dr. Tenzin Gonpo
  34. I was diabetic and B.P. patient for last 15 years. I received 90% relief through this Tibetan medicine.

    My wife also has been Arthritis patient for the last few years. There is little improvement in her condition. Dr. Tenzin Gonpo's treatment and diagnosis has been very optimal.

  35. Mr. Panna P. V./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  36. I am a patient of Osteoarthritis of knee. I had consulted allopathic doctor about my problem and I was told to operate for knee replacement. Then one of my friends told me about this Tibetan herbal medicine healing. I consulted Dr. Lhanzey for the first time on 28/08/2011 and took the Tibetan medicine from her regularly. I experienced some improvement and then I continued taking the medicine for one and a half years. Now I can walk upstairs without any problem. This medicine came in low cost as compare to Allopathic medicine. Today I have taken medicine for another 6 months. I am very thankful to them.

  37. Mr. Patel J. A./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  38. I am suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia from 01/07/2007. Currently I am taking Glivec-800mg medicine provided by GIPAP.  It's been one and a half years ago since my association with Tibetan medicine. I have been prescribed a Tablet which needs to be taken every after five day, in the early morning after soaking it for an overnight. After taking this Tibetan medicine, I feel comfortable. My RBC, WBC and Platelet are as balance as required for my body which means this Tibetan medicine is good for my health.

    I would say that Tibetan medicine is very fine.

  39. Ms. Yeshi D./Dharamsala/Dr. Dekyi Tsomo
  40. I am suffering from Gastritis for a long time and I have been taking Tibetan medicine for many years. It's been very effective and now I have very less problem of Gastritis. Tibetan medicine is really very helpful and it should be known to worldwide.

  41. Mrs. Sucharita M./Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Ngawang Dorjee
  42. The traditional treatment of Tibetan medicine is extremely well. Before, I was unable to walk properly due to the knee problem but after having the Tibetan medicine, I feel comfortable.

    Last but not least, the doctor who prescribes the medicines is extremely well in his treatment.

  43. Mr. Basudeo A./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  44. We are thankful and grateful to you and Men-Tsee-Khang medical fraternity. The medicine has worked wonders and boosted a new life in me.

    I had lost the hope of recovery from Osteonecrosis caused due to radiation during oral Maxilla Cancer Operation in March 2011. Since September 2011 to September 2012, there was pus discharge and open wound just near by the chin. I was on various Antibiotics and necrosis was not getting healed and the ultimate suggestion was Surgery with bone transplant - for which I was scared after a major Cancer operation. Further there was no surety on the success of operation due to infection in the jaw bone caused by radiation and low supply of blood in the area.

    One fine day in the month of August, a person (I would like to term him as Angel) met my son and gave information regarding the Tibetan medicine centre in Ahmedabad. We went there and met the doctor Tenzin Nyima in the Room 'B'. It was your judgment and the correct medicine from you which helped in reduction of the Pus discharge. The cancer surgeon I was consulting stopped my antibiotics. After around one month, I started taking Tibetan medicines. Taking medicine for five months boosted life in me and I got the courage to get operated for removal of the infected plates and screws from the jaw bone January'2013. It is because of You and Tibetan medicine given by you that I am able to eat food after two years of my Cancer surgery(I was on liquid diet since April 2011 and has lost 35kgs of weight)

    Thanks a ton to your medical system that I am living a new life.

    God Bless you and May you serve a lot of patients with your medicines and get cure like I did.

  45. Mallikarjunaiah M./Bangalore
  46. In the year 2005, doctors diagnosed me that I was suffering from Multiple Myeloma. I had taken six cycles of chemotherapy at Curie Centre of Oncology, Bangalore during the period March 2005 to July 2005. Afterwards, doctors advised me to take two numbers of Thalidomide tablets daily. In the year March'2006, I consulted doctors of Tibetan clinic, Bangalore and began to take Tibetan herbal medicines daily. I used to take Tibetan medicine and Allopathic medicine daily and used to take regular diagnostic test reports of CBC, Urine Analysis and Serum Protein Electrophoresis etc. In the year March'2012, I have completely stopped taking Thalidomide tablet and other allopathic medicines but continue taking Tibetan medicines. I recently took the diagnostic test report of Serum Protein Electrophoresis and the readings are normal. Now I am completely cured and this is only because of taking Tibetan medicines and best advices and guidance of doctors of Tibetan clinic Bangalore.

  47. Mr. Sangpo/Choglamsar/Dr. Sonam Dekyi
  48. I am a regular patient of Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute since many years. As per my knowledge, the Tibetan traditional medicines work slow but helpful in long run. As for blood pressure and Diabetes, the medicine is almost not working for me but may be for others, it is good.

    Amchi Sonam Dekyi examines the patients very well and provides medicines accordingly which is very helpful and good. As I am patient of Baekan Mukpo, because of her and the Institute, I have recovered a little bit. Hope the disease will vanish later. Lastly, I really wanted to thank Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute.

  49. Mr. Vineet A./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  50. Thanks a lot for the medicine which has helped me healing of a tumor under my left mammary region.

    In USG report, a tumor size of 12 X 10 mm was detected and I was suggested a surgery for removing the tumor. But taking Tibetan medicines continuously has dissolved the tumor and surgery was not needed. The report of USG has reported no more presence of tumor.

    Thanks a lot to you once again for the correct diagnosis and medicines.