1. Mr. DH Sunil P./Ahmedabad/Dr.Tenzin Nyima
  2. I was suffering from sigmoid colon carcinoma with liver metastasis. I have come to this Tibetan Institute on 14thOct'2011 for treatment and medical assistance after five cycles of chemotherapy done by Dr. Ramesh Nimagadda of Chennai Apollo specialty hospital. I had myocardial infarction in between and chemotherapy was stopped. After taking your medicines, there was a complete halt of progression of the disease and also I was not having any of the normal side effects of chemotherapy. As we are amazed by the results of your treatment, we have recommended to lots of our friends about your treatment. Mr. Yashwant, 25 years old, has also been benefited a lot by your treatment. I had personally recommended his mother to see the Tibetan doctor.

    I express my family's gratitude for your immense help and assistance in guiding towards the treatment.

  3. Mrs. Susheela J.S.N./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tashi Wangdu
  4. My problem is Psoriasis. I had taken other treatment from 1991 to 2004 for my problem but didn't get any relief from the treatment. So I consulted Tibetan doctor first time on 24thJune'2004 and continuing the treatment till date. When I first consulted the doctor, my problem was serious (lots of scale formation, dotted swellings) but within a month's treatment, all these symptoms of the disease started vanishing and wound started healing. Now my problem got solved by 90%.

  5. Mr. Sunil P./Ahmedabad/Dr.Tenzin Nyima
  6. Since last three years, I was suffering from gastric problem. I was operated for piles and hernia even then my gastric problem was not solved. On 3rd March'2012 I was diagnosed as GERD and I was on medication but the problem was not solved. With the reference of my friend, I visited Men-Tsee-Khang, Tibetan clinic at Ahmedabad on 26/04/2012 and continue visiting the clinic till today. I have been under the treatment of Dr. Tenzin Nyima and my problem has been solved upto 50% by gradually.

    I feel the Tibetan medicine treatment is good, safe and healthy. The nature of the doctors as well as nursing staffs is very soft and co-operative. I am very much pleased with the treatment of the Dr. Tenzin Nyima.

    I am also thankful to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for contributing his medical services in Ahmedabad.

  7.   Mr. Manoranjan K./Bhubneshwar/Dr. Tenzin Yangkyi
  8. I had been affected by Eczema for a long time. I had taken many medicines for this problem but didn't help. There was skin dryness, itching and was spreading gradually to other area. I started taking Tibetan medicine on 24.05.96 and the effect of the medicine was good. After taking one month's medicine, the problem was rooted out.  At present, I don't find any symptoms of the disease. But since it is a chronic disease, if necessary some further doses may be prescribed lest there is recurrence of the disease.   

  9.     Ms. Junko /Nepal, Boudha/Dr. Tsering Choekyi
  10. I have Asthma problem since childhood (for 20 years). I used to take western medicine and inhaler. Sometimes I could not walk up on the stairs and could not sleep well in midnight. After taking Tibetan medicine, I don't need to use inhaler and feel much better. I feel good and my overall health has improved besides lessening the Asthma problem.  I recommend the Tibetan medicine for old Asthma as I myself keep on taking them till date.

  11. Miss P. Anjana A./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  12.  I had been suffering from bronchial asthma from 3 years of my age. I had a permanent blocked nose due to which cold would persist throughout the year. This led to wheezing on and off during the cold and rainy season.  I was very weak and would fall sick very often with this problem. I had tried on Allopathic and Ayurvedic for a period of 10-12 years and there used to have a temporary relief from them.

    I started taking Tibetan medicine from Feb'1993 and followed the treatment strictly for one year. Firstly, I didn't expect such a dramatic cure of my ailment. So, "Thanks" to Dr. Dorjee personally for boosting my morale and keeping me through the treatment.  I am very glad to pronounce that I am completely cured of my ailment of "Asthma".

    The Tibetan medicine has improved my digestion and my stamina which in turn has built my resistance power. Thus, with the help of the medicine prescribed by Dr. Dorjee, I have been cured completely. Now I can move about freely in any climatic condition which was not possible earlier. I do feast on cold foods too now. But I still use the medicines sometimes as a precautionary measure during very cold season.

    Finally, thanking all the Tibetan staffs for curing me. 

  13.  Mr. Payar S./Shimla/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  14. I had a great problem of Blood sugar. I underwent my treatment at different hospitals but didn't find much improvement. Then I heard of Tibetan medicines and started my treatment from there. At first, my fasting Blood sugar was 160 but with the help of this medicine, within a month or two it went down to 98. Now, I am feeling very much better and have been cured very well. I have a great faith in the Tibetan medical system. 

  15.    Mr. B. Chawla S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  16. I had the problem of Piles and bad digestion for many years, and had taken treatment for many years but didn't get that much benefit. So I consulted Tibetan doctor in July'1991 and have been taking Tibetan medicine since then for one problem or the other. The medicine does not cause side effects; furthermore, the medicine is not habit forming. The medicine is comparatively inexpensive and patient is not required to go through expensive and time consuming tests. Moreover, the doctors are caring for the patients whereas in general, most of the time they have "Off Handish" attitude.

    In my case, I was advised surgery for my prostrate but Tibetan medicine cured the problem without surgery. My Haemorrhoids are cured, duodenal ulcer is almost cured and weak bladder is better now.

    I will fail in my duty if I don't mention the magic like treatment of Dr. Tsewang Tamdin. Not only his diagnosis is perfect, his treatment to his patients (regardless of patient's status) is exemplary. We, in India, need doctor/good human being like him.

  17. Mr. Jamyang T./Bylakuppe/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  18. I was diagnosed with tumor two years before in a diagnostic test. As a treatment, I was operated and administered six cycles of chemotherapy but detected the recurrence of the same. Then from 27/12/2012, I consulted Tibetan traditional medicine. Dr. Migmar Lhamo did diagnosis and prescribed medicines. After taking medicine, my overall health and appetite has improved immensely. From then onwards, I have stopped taking Allopathic medicines.

    In the conclusion, with full devotion and respect, I would like to extend my thanks.

  19.  Mrs. Sanjini U. N./Bangalore
  20. My main problem was with my chronic menstruation problem. I had this problem for many years. It was scanty monthly bleeding which continued for a month, because of which, I became too weak, anemic and also went into depression. I had lost all hope of getting cured in other medicines. Atlast, I came over here as advised by some friends. I first consulted Tibetan doctor on 11/09/1997 with the diagnosed of period problem with heavy back pain. I took Tibetan medicine from 1997 to 16/05/2012 and my illness got cured completely.

    After taking Tibetan medicine, I feel amazing improvement in my health condition. Because of this medicine, I could do my entire household chore and outside works without much strain.  While taking other medicine, I used to get too tired, fatigue and could not walk more than few steps. Now, I am physically fit with positive mind and good energy. I am very grateful to the doctors and staffs for the service they are giving in the centre.

  21. Ms. Kalsang C./Gangkyi/Dr. Dachoe & Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  22. I had been suffering from severe gastritis problem since Feb'2012. After receiving treatment, diet and life style advice from doctor Dachoe and Dr. Tsewang Tamdin, I feel better gradually. Currently, I don't have any gastritis problem.

  23. Mr. Ram A. M./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey 
  24. I was suffering from knee joint pain. It seemed my leg was separated from my whole body. I was not able to stand and walk without support. After taking Tibetan medicine prescribed by Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey, now I can stand and walk unassisted. Now I feel myself happy.

  25. Mr. Ashish B. Z./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  26. I had back pain and digestion problem. I showed my problem to many doctors (Physiotherapist, Rheumatologist, Hardvaid, Orthopedic, General Physician, B.A.M.S. and B.H.M.S.) Though they are genius in this field, but I had no relief. MRI, C.T. Scan, X-rays, Expensive pills are done. I had suffered very bad pains in my young age.

    One day our neighbor came at our home and told us about your clinic. I visited the clinic and started your pills; now I am feeling much better. I am still taking your pills and I am almost fit and o.k. I am very thankful to you for giving me Precious Pills.

  27.  Mrs. Choezon R./ Leh Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dekyi
  28. Due to kindness of doctors and staffs of Men-Tsee-Khang, my ailments have been greatly relieved. Thought I had taken medicine for around 10 years but not so regularly. Many a time, there was discontinuation of medicines. Sometimes I took medicine and at other times not. However, after started receiving medicines at cost-free from Men-Tsee-Khang, I have taken medicines regularly for more than one year.  As a result, my illness has been alleviated to a great extent.

    I want to express my thanks to the doctors and the staffs of the Men-Tsee-Khang.

  29. Mrs. Sarkar J./Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Ngawang Dorjee
    • Feedback:-
    • Medicines are very good and almost suits the patient.
    • I have been relieved for a longer period.
    • The medicines are available at quite reasonable price.

  30. Mrs. Tsomo/Bylakuppe/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  31. In around 1994, I had problem of frequent excessive thirsty and sweating. These two disorders got cured through Tibetan medicine. Besides that, I was having gastric ulcer and Rheumatism Arthritis in 2010. I started taking Tibetan medicine treatment since 16/11/2012 and my gastric ulcer problem got cured fully. Regarding Rheumatism Arthritis, I have recovered 70% and I am feeling much better.

  32. Mrs. Priti G./Bir
  33. I have been suffering from severe stomach disorder for 4 - 5 years. There was loose motion immediately after eating anything. As a remedial measure, I have been taking medicines of Men-Tsee-Khang for the past two years and have provided me 90% relief. I thank you a lot for these medicines. As I have been relieved by your medicines, 15 - 20 patients from our village are also taking your medicine and their health is improving.  Thank you for the same.

  34. Mrs. Fiona R./Manali/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon
  35. For many years, I had Endometriosisve which became Hemorrhagic Cysts growing to a size of 16cm x 14cm x 12cm causing much pain and kidney problem. Allopathy could only offer Surgery. I saw the Tibetan doctor in April 2000 and later every 15 days until Oct'2000. By Nov'2000, cysts were on 3cm and I became pregnant. I am now six months pregnant and cysts are not the problem.

  36. Mrs. Dolkar/Bir/Dr. Tsering Dorjee
  37. After a diagnostic test, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cysts and abnormal uterus size. I had to undergo symptoms like tingling on right side of the body, swelling, prolonged menstrual bleeding, experience swelling in lower abdomen or pelvic, hot flash, back pain, don't want to talk, anxiety, tense and unrelaxed state of mind.

    I had consulted Tibetan doctor at Bir, Men-Tsee-Khang with above diagnostic report and related symptoms. After taking six months' medicine, I underwent a diagnostic test at Palampur hospital and the test result appeared normal. I was so relieved. I want to thank my Tibetan doctor for his kind medication.

  38. Mr. D. Srivastava V./Nizamuddin/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  39. I had a little high Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar fasting at 140 and PP at 200 and Cholesterol at 210 as per test report on 02/12/1995. I consulted Tibetan medicine for these problems and continued the treatment for whole one year. My problem of high Blood Pressure has vanished. The Blood Sugar, Serum Cholesterol and Haemoglobin has improved considerably as shown in the following chart.

    Date of Test

























  40. Tsultrim/Rajpur/Dr. Kunsang Dolma   
  41. In the year 2010, I got my right shoulder fractured and I had sought consultation regarding my injury from many hospitals but didn't get relief. So, I consulted Men-Tsee-Khang in year 2013. If I recount my experience of taking medicine of Men-Tsee-Khang for a few months, I would say, medicine of Men-Tsee-Khang is really effective if taken regularly without failure. On the contrary, if you don't take medicine regularly, there is nothing more than becoming your problem a much worse. Besides that, it is very important to follow the dietary guidelines and physical activity restriction advice given by doctors.

  42. Mrs. S. Barapande M./Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Tenzin Yangkyi
  43. I had a problem of Asthma and Thyroid. I had consulted Allopathy doctor and had been advised for life-time medication. As I was not benefited by the medicine, I started taking Tibetan medicine on 5thMay'1997 and continued for 11 months. Tibetan medicine is good and has no side effects. Though medicine works slowly but cured my chronic disease fully. As I am cured by Tibetan medicine, my all family members now consult Tibetan doctor and take Tibetan medicine whenever there is illness. I think Tibetan medicine is boon for poor and needy patients as the cost of medicine is low.

  44. Mr. Roop N./Mainpat/Dr. Pema Sangmo
  45. I was suffering from severe headache every alternate day. I also had gastric, constipation and heartburn problems. I had taken allopathy treatment for around 2 years but didn't get relief. So, I consulted Tibetan medicine from March'2010 to till date.

    After few days of taking Tibetan medicine, my headache problem has been was cured by 90% and my gastric problem was alleviated slightly. Before taking Tibetan medicine, I had poor appetite and weakness, now after three months' of Tibetan medicine treatment, my appetite has improved. My heartburn problem also has lessened slightly.

  46. Ms. Komal/Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  47. I had headache due to migraine. I also had pain in eyes because of which I used to wear specks. It was depressing whenever there was pain. However, after consulting Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang and taking Tibetan medicine, I felt a little better. I continued consulting Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang and took medicines for many months. As a result, I am feeling completely cured and comfortable. Now I had no headache and specks is now not needed anymore. Now, I am very happy and very thankful to all the doctors here but especially to Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang.

  48. Mr. Prashant A. M./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  49. I am suffering from speech problem and weakness in left side of my body due to minor epilepsy attack during the initial days of my birth. We tried our best to solve the problem but there was not much improvement.

    We heard about the Men-Tsee-Khang, we visited the clinic and tried the medicine. There was manifest improvement in my overall health and my speech as well after taking Tibetan medicine. The medicine cleanses the body and regularizes the whole body system because of which I feel major improvements in my speech and overall body systems. I got confidence with this improvement. I heartily thank this institute for curing my disease to some extent.