1. Mr. Parin V./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  2.   I have been suffering from Asthma since last 10 years and had to use inhaler for immediate relief. I have consulted Doctor Tenzin Lhanzey and have taken her medicine for the last two months. With the effect of this medicine, I no longer have to use inhaler and my overall health is improving. It is better than other medicines.

  3. Mrs. Prachi T./ Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
  4. I had white patches on vagina region and had taken Allopathic medicine for the problem.  I came to know about Tibetan clinic from my boss and I started consulting Tibetan doctor. After taking Tibetan medicine, my patches of vitiIigo disappeared and there was positive impact on my whole body health.

  5. Master Vsevolod D./Gangkyi/Dr. Dachoe
  6. I had brain tumor and Dr. Dachoe had been treating me since 2007. I have done brain MRT recently and noted the absence of the brain tumor. I want to express my thanks to you for your kind treatment.

  7. Mrs. Pradhan S./Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Ngwang Dorjee
  8. Feedback:- I was having pain in my knees and hands. I have been taking medicine since 2003. I am feeling better after taking your medicine pain.

    Suggestion:- Conduct some health camps to make the people aware of the availability of such treatment and medicine which will help lots of people.

  9. Mrs. Tsering P.D./ Leh Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dekyi
  10.      I was diagnosed with some heart related problem. I have been taking Tibetan medicine since then. A recent done diagnostic test at AIIMS(Delhi) reported fully cured of the disease. It's merely because of medicines of Men-Tssee-Khang that I was able to solve my heart problem and I still continue taking the medicine. Thank you.

  11. Mr. Sadhan S./Bhandara
  12. I was not able to walk more than three or four steps during my first consultation with doctor. After taking Tibetan medicine continuously for three months, I was completely relieved. Now I don’t need support from others for moving around. I can move happily without any problem.

    Thanks for bringing such a medicine in this country.

  13. Master Tenzin W./Bylakuppe/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  14. I had never felt that I was having any disease or Hepatitis but was found positive for Hepatitis. I started taking Tibetan medicine from 2002 and took the medicine regularly. It has helped me a lot from the day I started taking the Tibetan medicine. I can eat food very well and feel free from all the diseases. I feel very fit and healthy. Even though I was admitted to boarding school at the age of 9, I used to take my medicine daily at boarding school. It always kept me away from all the sickness and diseases.

    Now, I feel I am completely cured from Hepatitis.

  15. Mr. H. Sobit S./Nizamuddin/Dr.Tsewang Tamdin
  16. I had very severe Asthma and took Allopathic medicine for 18 years but no relief. I started taking Tibetan medicine in March 1995 and after continuing Tibetan medicine for four and a half months, I got total relief.

    After getting treatment for about four and a half months for Asthma, I got my lung function test in Army Hospital, Delhi Cantt. It appeared as normal with 100% lung efficiency. The treatment has been very very good.

    I am very grateful for the good treatment.

  17. Mrs. Sobha P./Bangalore/Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen
  18. I was having breathing problem more often. It was difficult to walk on the steep slope and do strenuous work. With no relief after taking English medicine for 3 years, I consulted Tibetan doctor in 08-11-1996 and continued the treatment for 2 months. Within one month of treatment, the above said problem got cured completely.

    Thank you so much for the treatment and the sincerity shown by the doctor to us. Kindly advertise your treatment efficiently, so that many people in Bangalore can avail this facility.

  19. Mrs. Parvati V.N./Bylakuppe/Dr. Tenzin Tsephel
  20. I had pile complaint. The treatment given for my complaint by Tibetan doctor is very good and effective. My problem is completely solved and I am feeling very healthy now after taking the treatment as directed by doctor.

    I am very much thankful to Tibetan doctor. The medicine has no side effects.

  21. Mrs. Binodini S./Ravangla/Dr. K. Wangdu
  22. I have been suffering from chronic headache, typically off and on. I had taken Allopathic medicine for 15 years and Homeopathic for 10 years. There was no relief from both the system. Then I started taking Tibetan medicine for five years from 1995 to 2000.  Taking Tibetan medicine continuously for five years brought relief for me. I am feeling far better and still using the medicine.

  23. Ms. Milan D./Jaigaon/Dr. Jamyang Dolma
  24. I was suffering from piles. There was bleeding and pain whenever I pass my stool. I had totally lost my appetite. I couldn't even sit properly. I was in very difficult situation at that time. I took Allopathic medicine for almost a year but my problem still persisted.
    So, I consulted Tibetan doctor on 25-10-1999 and now it's been around 3 months since the start of Tibetan medicine. Within a month's treatment, bleeding got stopped, there was gradual reduction of pain and appetite has improved. I think Tibetan medicine is really wonderful treatment that I must appreciate. After taking medicine for three months, I am feeling fine with no bleeding and no pain. I thank Tibetan medicine.

  25. Mr. Sushil T./Shimla/Dr. Dorjee Tsetan
  26. I am a patient having great problem of asthma and cough. Before taking this medicine, I had taken other medicine for nearly one and a half years. As there was no sign of improvement, I consulted Tibetan doctor and started taking their medicine. With this medicine, there was improvement in my health and now I am feeling very much better and satisfied.

  27. Ms. Tenzin N./Rajpur/Dr. Kunsang Dolma  
  28. Earlier, I had problem in Digestion System. After consulting Men-Tsee-Khang doctor, and taking medicine on time coupled with following the doctor's valuable diet advice, today I am feeling much better. Thanks to Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute of H. H. the Dalai Lama. It is worthwhile to consider Men-Tsee-Khang.

  29. Mrs. Lobsang L./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
  30. Thank you very much for opening such type of Clinic which is infact very

    good to our body, mind and self satisfaction. I have been taking Men-Tsee-Khang medicine for more than six years. During those six years, I have experienced the healing power and effect of the medicine in my body.
    I have stomach problem and my liver could not function properly. I am taking Tibetan medicine for till date for my problem and it has helped me immensely. Currently I am feeling fine. I hope my every ailment will be cured by Men-Tsee-Khang medicine in future too.

    The Price of the medicine is very low and affordable. So, thank you for providing such a helpful and affordable healthcare services.  

  31. Mr. Shiv P. B./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  32. I was suffering from Sigmoid Colon inflammatory. It's been 18 months ever since I started taking medicine of Men-Tsee-Khang and it is really helpful to me. Right now, my ultra sound report shows the state of more normalize than before. I am really glad for your institution.

  33. Mr. Abhishek S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  34. I was having boil and urinary flow problem and I started Tibetan medicine on 8/10/2011.
    Boil problem went away after one month's medication. As for urinary flow problem, there has been a significant improvement though not fully cured.
    I had taken Allopathic medicine previously but didn't help me with my symptoms. I had taken Unani medicine which helped me but not particularly. However, there has been a good response after taking Tibetan medicine. I believe my urinary problem which has persisted for long time would be disappeared soon.

  35. Mr. Jayesh P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  36. I have been suffering from Acidity and Cholesterol problem for the last one and a half years. I visited your clinic at Ahmedabad and took consultation and medicine from Doctor Tenzin Nyima. Now I feel better and above mentioned disease got 75% cured.

    I am satisfied with advice and medicine. Thank you.

  37. Mrs. Yangtso/Gangkyi/Dr. Dekyi Tsomo
  38. I have been suffering from Gastritis and Arthritis for many years. I consulted Dr. Dekyi Tsomo and took Traditional Tibetan medicine for years. There has been a lot of positive effect of medicine and I have recovered well. Now I have fewer problems comparing the erstwhile condition. Infact, I am almost fine after taking your medicine. Really thank you so much for helping sick people.

  39. Mr. Jeewan C./Leh Ladakh
  40. I was suffering with whole body pain especially in neck and backbone since 9thJune'2009. I had taken Allopathic treatment but there was no improvement in my health. I started taking treatment from "Tibetan Medical" on 11thOct'2012 and within two months of treatment, I felt a tremendous change in my body. Now whole body is free from all types of pain. Treatment is still going on and I am taking pills regularly. I suggest all my colleague patients to take treatment from "Tibetan Medical". I am feeling very well nowadays. God Bless "Tibetan Medical"

  41. Mr. Chari K. V.N./Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  42. I have taken different systems of medicine including Homoepathy, Ayerveda and Allopathy and still continuing them. A newspaper advertisement has incidentally brought me to Dr. Dhondup and the Tibetan System of medicine which I am taking for the past 10 months and given me an immense relief from Hypertension and Diabetes. This improvement had boosted my morale and spirits. Now I am very confident that the chronic ailments like hypertension and diabetes with which I am ailing could be totally cured. I am sure that Dr. Dhondup will be blessed by Lord Buddha with long life to serve mankind and alleviate the sufferings of human beings. I am grateful to the Tibetan Medicine System.

  43. Mr. Anil K. P./Nizamuddin/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  44. I was suffering from Blood Sugar as well as Spondylitis pain. I had taken other medicine for about one year but didn't alleviate my problem. So I consulted Tibetan doctor in 1989 and I am fully satisfied with the medicine prescribed for blood sugar as well as for spondylitis pain. I am now taking sweets, fruits and sugar in tea. But I am not having any problem now of sugar as well as of pain. However, I am still continuing medicine as a precautionary measure and it is all in control now.

  45. Mr. Jorjay/ Manali/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon and Dr. Kunchok Palzom
  46. I had problem of severe headache on half side of head, diziness, itching in both eyes, slight eye sight loss etc. All these problems got solved by 95% with the help of Tibetan medicine. At the moment, I don’t have any serious problem but I get slight pain sometimes which is not that severe.  Doctors of Men-Tsee-Khang are very helpful and their prescribed medicine has no side effects. Tibetan medicine should be made known to masses because there are lots of patients who need such a miracle medicine and doctors. Hope for the best - that Tibetan medicine will become accessible to all the patients who are indeed need of such healings.   

  47. Ms. Meenakshi O./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  48. There were white patches developed on the skin in different parts of the body and it was spreading further to other parts of the body. We consulted doctor Tamdin for the first time on 14.01.1998. Doctor has prescribed medicine which brought a positive change; however the patches became worse in-between the treatment. Then doctor changed the medicine and added a cream. Those changed medicines and the cream have healed the patches adequately.  Now the white patches have turned into normal skin color. With the help of that cream, there was lot of improvement. Please provide us some more creams.

  49. Mrs. Renuka/Bangalore/Dr. T. Tharchin
  50. I had been suffering from Acute Bronchitis since 1988. I had taken medicine from other system for around 9 months but did not get relief. So, in 1997 I started taking Tibetan medicine and continued till 1999. Three types of Tablets and powder were given. The problem of Gasping and loss of strength subsided slowly. Occasional choking was there earlier but now cured completely. There has been no asthma attack since three years. I am highly grateful to Dr. Tharchin.

    Besides, I also had pain in the knee and consulted Allopathic doctors but could not provide relief. I started taking Tibetan medicine for the problem from Aug'2002 and now my knee pain has been cured completely.