1. Mahendra S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  2. I was suffering from high cholesterol, angina and other disease related to heart. I took Tibetan medicine prescribed by the doctors by which today I am fully fit. It is because of this medicine only that I am alive today. May god bless you all.

  3. Smt. Manisha C./Salugara/Dr. Pema Dorjee
  4. I have no issue. After 5 years of treatment from different hospitals for an issue I receive no fruitful result. There was a small tumor in the uterus and there was other problems also. I was disheartened than. I was also a heart patient. I have also aotic incompetent. So it was very difficult for me to be a mother. Tibetan medicine and treatment is a miracle for me and the doctor. Because he inspired me very much that success will come. Now I am mother of a child of 4 years son. It was a dream for me to be a mother. The doctor has done this miracle. I believe him my god. So long I will be alive, I will remember him. My heart problem also removed by his treatment, tumor of the uterus has been abolished by Tibetan treatment.

  5. Lipi R./Kolkata/Dr. Dolkar Lhamo
  6. My first visit to your clinic was on 14 July, 1988 one week after the center had opened in Calcutta. I was treated for acute bronchial Asthma by Dr. Tenzin Chodak who spoke to me through an interpreter and assured me that I would get better. I started his medicine and was better in a week and did not have another asthma attack for five years after that. After Dr. Chodak, I was treated by Dr. Pema and Yeshi Dorjee for 4 years after which I discontinued the medicines. I started again on 17 Nov, 2011 for digestive and sinus problems arising from various food allergies. I am now being treated by Dr. Tenzin and Dr. Dolkar Lhamo and have got a lot of relief. I am very happy with this treatment but my first round of medication was much more effective possibly because I was much younger since I am now 55 years old.

  7. Dipshikha B./Kolkata/Dr. Pema Dorjee
  8. Was diagnosed with bone tuberculosis in 1993 last stage and symptoms were bone destruction and large wounds. I started Tibetan medicine from 1993 to 2001. Bone reformed again and wound healed up completely. After around 8 years of Tibetan medicine treatment I have not undergone any other treatment for so many years now.

  9. Namrata S./Kolkata/Dr. Tenzin
  10. The treatment has been very useful for my wife who was suffering with migraine for the past 20 years. Despite many allopathic treatments the problem persisted and she has shooting pain. She is taking treatment for the past 3-4 months and there is more than 80% improvement. We are happy with the treatment. The medicines provided are effective and economic. We are thankful to Tibetan hospital for this yeoman task.

  11. Mr. Virendar A./Rajpur/Dr. Kunsang Dolma
  12. I came here with a problem of hypertension and getting angry suddenly. I have found the medicines and treatment provided here very useful and has helped me in evolving from this problem. Thank you for the kindness.

  13. Ranganathan V./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  14. Since Jan 1999, I am taking Tibetan medicine for my heart problem, diabetes and giddiness. I found lot of improvement within a few months by Tibetan treatment in my health. Now my heart problem sugar level in blood is well controlled and giddiness is completely cured. I am living as a normal healthy person. So I am very much thankful to Dr. Dorjee who has taken keen interest to treat my ailments. The treatment underwent by me as advised by doctor is as follows. In 1st stage, I was asked to continue the allopathy medicine which I was taking earlier along with Tibetan medicine for 3 months from Jan, 99 to Mar, 99. Ecosprin - 150mg I - 0 - 0 Dilcontil - 60mg I - 0 - 0 Glunil - 2.5mg I - 0 - I Tielop - 250mg I - 0 - I Ldchol - 20mg 0 - 0 - I In the 2nd stage, Tibetan medicines are continued and the allopathy medicines are reduced as follows for 3 months from April, 99 to June, 99 Ecosprin - 150mg I - 0 - 0 Dilcontil - - 0 - 0 Glunil - - 0 - 0 In the 3rd stage, Tibetan medicines are continued and the allopathic medicines are completely eliminated except Ecosprin - 150mg 0 - I - 0 In the month of December, 99 my blood sugar and cholesterol were checked up and the comparative results with earlier readings are show below: Sugar fasting (FBS) - 99 mg reduced to 80mg PPBS - 180mg reduced to 116 mg Cholesterol - 241 mg reduced to 166 mg At present my heart problem, diabetes are well controlled and giddiness is eliminated and my health is very much improved and I am doing my normal day to day work without any health problems.

  15. Kishan/Rajpur/Dr. Kusang Dolma
  16. I am taking treatment from Men-Tsee-Khang since one year and am feeling better with medicine. My hand (one side) does not move and even my legs are difficult to move and bend. But after the treatment there is improvement. Prior to the Tibetan treatment, I cannot move my hand but now can move and my flexibility in the legs is also better. Before, I could not bend my legs near the knees and I faced difficulty in sitting down. With this treatment, I am getting improvement and feeling better.

  17. Dolma./Manali/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon
  18. I have knee joint pain. Tibetan medicine has proved to be 100% effective. It magically cured not only my knee joint pain but it also accelerated my recovery from jaundice two year back. My view point is that Tibetan medicine don't have any side effects also.

  19. Vimala.P/Bengaluru/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  20. I had arthritis of knee cap (right leg) and cervical spondylitis. Initially, I found the medicine little slow in action, yet very safe without any unwelcome side effects. My chronic knee joint pain, stiffness and swelling has completely gone after 8 months and I have never touched any pain killers. Thereafter, I am very satisfied with the positive effects of Tibetan medicine, and now have been initiating many of my friends to Tibetan medicine.

  21. Patel Jashiben A./Ahmedabad/Dr.
  22. I am suffering with disease "chronic myleod leukemia" from 1 july, 2007. Recently I am taking Glivec - 800 mg medicine provided by GIPAP. I knew one and half year ago about Tibetan medicine. After knowing about it, I also use this medicine. This tablet is taken after every five days wet in water full night and taken at early morning. After taking this medicine I feel comfortable process in my body. My RBC, WBC, platelate are as balance as required for my body. That shows that using this medicine (Tibetan medicine) is feel good for my health. I say that Tibetan medicine is very fine.

  23. Catherine A./Norway/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  24. I was paralysed and had numbness in my whole body. I have sometimes bad balance when I walk. I was diagnosed as MS. It have made me feel real good. I have not any bad symptoms, and I have been 98% well in my body since I started with Tibetan medicine.

  25. Bhola P./Shimla/Dr. Dorjee Tsetan
  26. I am an arthritis patient last many years. Very difficult to walk before starting this medicine pain all over the joints especially on knee and lower back. After taking the Tibetan medicine, I am completely cured. I am much satisfied Tibetan medicine and Tibetan doctors. I hope your Institution to be gain always success.

  27. Kunsang C./Miao/Dr. Ngawang Jinpa
  28. I was diagnosed with malaria positive 1.360dilution. One of the allopathic doctors in Margkerita (Assam) which I used to go there for check-up said to me there is no medicine for you and he can't cure me. When I came back home from hospital, I was totally lying on bed. I started to have Tibetan medicine it works me a lot. I felt much better after having Tibetan medicine, except headache. Now I can move here and there freely.

  29. Maheshwari V./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  30. I was diagnosed with Juvenile rheumatic arthritis with swelling in the joints, fingers, toes, fever and pain all over the body. Immediately fever stopped and pain got relieved step by step. Now no pain, no fever, weight loss arrested and has shown improvement. Hair fall stopped and re-growth started. Stamina has slowly been restored.

  31. Mani B./Bangalore/Dr. Keldor
  32. Now I am going to explain about my disease and how it cured. First I was getting itching in my leg bellow knee, like pimple and latte it increased maximum. The muscles were seen out, it was legible to see it and even I can't get up from the place and walk a few distance also I took English medicine with skin specialist. This was before 1 year and there was no reaction in my leg and really I felt to die. My friend said about Tibetan medicine in Mahalaxmi layout. So I went there and doctor check up my leg and he gave a Tibetan medicine and said to me to take 3 months continuously. I took for 3 months how he advised me to take the medicine. Now it is completely cured my leg and I am free bird. I am thinking that I am only the happiest women in the world, and I say lot of thanks to Tibetan medicine cure.

  33. Vikas/Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
    Was diagnosed with appendix and admitted in Lok Nayak Hospital. It was suggested to undergo interval appendectomy after a gap of 6 months. To avoid surgery, we consulted Tibetan doctor as suggested by one of our friend. After taking Tibetan treatment for about two months surgeon of L.N. Hospital was consulted, who after examination advised that there is no need of surgery as the problem appears to have been cured. When so ever, if pain re-occurs than the case will be examined. We are thankful to Tibetan staff especially the doctor. These are effective medicines provided precautions are taken. After getting my son treated we all the family members are getting treatment and are feeling better. No side effect of Tibetan medicines appears. These medicines are good for public / nation more clinics are required to be opened.

  34. Devraj P./Shimla/Dr. Dorjee Tsetan
    I was admitted in various hospitals some of the specialist advised operation of spinal cord while others opposed because of my old age. When I started Tibetan medicines from doctor I started walking. Before this I was unable to go to toilet and bathroom and was confined to bed. This is a miracle. The doctor is giving me Tibetan medicines and acupuncture and I am able to walk. Thanks to the doctor and Tibetan medicines. I advised many patients who were suffering from various chronic diseases and almost all were cured. I feel no bad or sick after effects of any other problem.

  35. Bhagyalakshmi S./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
    I was suffering from pain in above the left thumb near the wrist and frozen shoulder. Movement of the left arm was frozen and had acute pain and sleepless night. In 5 months, I got relieved of the pain and free movements of arm restored and completely normal.

  36. Pavithra M./Bangalore/Dr. Keldor
  37. Right from birth I had shortage of platelet count. I was then administered steroids and I had no problems until I was 17. I faced the same problems again and I started taking steroids until I heard about Tibetan medicine. For three months I was administered steroids on a daily basis when I was 17 years. Blood test was taken every month to check my platelet counts to keep a control of the same. But when I heard about Tibetan medicine, I just wanted to give it a try because I heard that there are no side effects. So I told Doctor my medical history and he started administering the Tibetan medicine. I have been taking medicines for around 6 months and I can see a great improvement. Right now I have stopped taking medicines for platelet counts and take it for my general health. I used to take blood test every month from when I started taking these medicines and the records are filed by the doctor to see changes and improvements. This month I took blood test without having medicines and my platelet count have increased amazingly. Thanks to Tibetan medicine.

  38. Telsang B/Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  39. For the last six years I was suffering from osteo-arthritis pain in both knees. The allopathic doctors opined that the bones are worn out and there may not be permanent cure. They prescribed certain tablets and I was getting momentary relief. I used to have shooting pain in the knees. I was not in a position to walk freely and have free movements in the knees. I was not in a position to climb the steps or go down freely. The doctors suggested me to undergo a major operation in both knees and even then there may not be any free movements. For the past one year I was having hypertension. I underwent all checks such as blood, urine, X-Ray, ECG, and Echo cardiogram and it was found that everything was normal. The doctors prescribed medicines for B.P but the same did not come down to normal. Being given to understand regarding the Tibetan treatment and medicine, I approached the Tibetan doctor. According to his directions for the last four months I am taking Tibetan medicines and discontinued with other medicine. The arthritis pain the knees is completely reduced and for the past two months the B.P. also has come down to 120/80 normal. Now I am having free movements in the knees while walking I am not having any pin in knees. I am of the opinion that even the chronic diseases of any type may be cures by taking Tibetan medicines. It is not an exaggeration to say that Tibetan treatment and medicines is a boon to the chronic patients. The expenditure on the Tibetan medicines also works out very less when compared with any other treatment and medicines.

  40. Mrs. Naik A./Rajpur/Dr. Sonam Dorjee
  41. I had diabetes, high B.P. and swelling of legs. I had swelling of legs which was painful and difficult to lift. Various allopathic doctors consulted and the medicines had more of side effects than help. Finally, I took treatment of Tibetan medicine. The doctor suggested me to continue with the medicine for quite sometime. I took medicine for three months and by gods grace it got fully cured.

  42. Morland S./Shilliong/Dr. Tsetan Dorjee
  43. Both my legs were swollen and very painful. Very difficult to put on shoes and could walk with great difficulty. May be because of the pain, there was loss of appetite and feeling very depress. Allopathic medicines gave temporary relief. After I took Tibetan medicine, I could feel the treatment taking effect after 1st month, although the process of recovery took a long time, the reason why I had to take the medicines continuously for about 7 months, after which I was completely cured.

  44. Nirmala./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Lhamo
  45. I had rheumatoid arthritis. I have joint pain and swelling, deformation of fingers, very severe attack. Since many months after the Tibetan natural medicine I found relief and now I got completely cure.

  46. Jasbir K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  47. I was suffering bone T.B. (Tuberculosis). I was very much trouble in walking, standing but after starting medicine from this hospital I got totally cured from the disease Bone T.B.