1. Mrs. Tsepal D./Leh Ladakh/Dr.Sonam Dekyi
  2. I have been suffering from diseases like Jaundice, joint pain and liver problem. I have been taking Tibetan medicine for 12 years. Tibetan medicine is really good for my daily life though it has not fully cured my problem.

  3. Mrs. Shobha P./Nizamuddin/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  4. My problem is Asthma and breathing difficulty. I had taken Allopathic medicine for 8 years and Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicine for one year each. These treatments had given me only a partial relief.

    In June 1993, I started consulting Tibetan doctor. This medicine has given me considerable amount of relief. Earlier I had to constantly be under medication including emergency treatment whenever the attack was severe. But now after taking this medicine, I have not had any severe attack.

  5. Mrs. Pema C./Bylakuppe/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  6. I have taken Tibetan medicine for around 30 years for the treatment of my Sinusitis problem. It has been very helpful in treating the sinus. Now I am in better condition. It has stopped the pus from ear. It has also stopped mucus and headache etc.

  7. Mrs. Sandhya/Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  8. I have been suffering from Bronchitis Asthma. Sometimes all of sudden, I suffered from problem of a sudden acute attack. I had taken other treatment earlier for around two years and it had provided only temporary relief.

    I started the Tibetan medicine on 11/11/1998 and I was in attack of Asthma at that time. I have been relieved from that attack.  The improvement of the disease appeared within a week of medication. I am feeling ok now and has now started taking everything like curd, rice etc.

  9. Mr. Gujar A./Nizamuddin/ Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  10. My headache problem got absolutely cured with the help of Tibetan. I took the Tibetan medicine prescribed by Dr. T. D. Kartsang for two years.

  11. Mr. Dipak S./Nepal
  12. I am a patient of polycystic kidneys. Both my kidneys have been affected. I first came to know about my condition 13 years ago while I was temporarily residing in Kathmandu, Nepal. I was introduced to Tibetan medicine by my friend in Kathmandu. Since then I have been taking for my ailment. In recent times during regular checkups, I have been asked to undergo dialysis several times. However, I have never felt the need because of my faith in Tibetan medicine.

    I laud the effort of my Tibetan doctors who have taken utmost care and I feel that the medicine will keep me hale and hearty for years to come. "GOOD LUCK"

  13.  Mrs. Jayanti B./Banglore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  14. In 2001, I was diagnosed with a carcinoma lump in my right breast. I had surgery to remove the lump followed by radiation. Then in August, I switched over to Tibetan medicine in Chennai, since then I have been taking Tibetan medicine regularly. I have not taken any other medicine for the past 12 years. I am perfectly ok at 66. I feel perfectly normal and energetic. The medicine has no side effects, no digestion problem or weakness. I can vouch for the medicine and recommend it to others having same problem. I did not have any chemo treatment for my problem. The monthly scanning of the body by the doctors by feeling the pulse only is so good and accurate; it keeps me informed of my health condition with relates to blood pressure, cholesterol etc. The medicine keeps all the problems in check.

    I am very happy with the Tibetan medicine and especially Dr. Dorjee who is God to me.

  15. Mrs. Sarojini B./Tezu/Dr. Tenzin Gelek
  16. I was suffering from high blood pressure and general weakness due to which I was unable to get up from bed. I consulted Tibetan doctor and took the Tibetan medicine regularly for two months. The effect of medicine was miraculous. Now, I can move as normal as if I had not had any problem in the past.

  17. Mr. Sushil D./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  18. My problem is poor heart blood circulation, sinusitis, Pain in back, in throat and in the whole body and weak digestion. I had started taking Tibetan medicine in 1996 and I still take the Tibetan medicine. I feel my problems have solved quite well. However, symptoms reoccur the moment I discontinue your Tibetan medicines. Otherwise, I feel no side effects with the Tibetan medicine used so far.

    I wish and pray that Tibetan medicines would be recognized by WHO as this medicine and treatment is within the approach of common Indian Citizen also.

  19.  Mr. Sonam B./Shimla/Dr. Dorjee Tsetan
  20. I am suffering from Hypertension. After taking Allopathic medicine for one and half months, I went to Men-Tsee-Khang and doctor gave me 15 days medicine. I started to feel better within first five or six days of course and I continued the treatment for two months. Now I am alright and it is just only because of Tibetan medicine.

  21. Ms. Taruna K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Gelek
  22. I started taking medicine from Men-Tsee-Khang from 31/10/2012 and the treatment has provided me enough relief in certain problems. Although, there is feeling of dissatisfaction in some cases, however, I believe, with constant adherence adherence to diet restriction and taking medicine regularly, I will also get success in curing those problems.

  23. Mr. Prashantha P.N./Bangalore/Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen 
  24. I had severe blocking of nose(Sinus) and without the use of nasal drop, which is very harmful, I could not breathe well. I started taking Tibetan medicine in 1995. Though I had used other treatments for 12 years but could not provide relief.

    After taking Tibetan medicine for 15 days, I could discontinue the nasal drops which no other medicines could help me to do so. I was cured completely after taking medicine continuously for six months.

    I am very much impressed by the doctors and other assistants working here at Men-Tsee-Khang. They are very kind and always have a smile on their face. My illness got cured partially by looking at their smiling face.

  25. Nun Ngawang T./Gangkyi/Dr. Dachoe and Dr. Kelchoe
  26. Initially, I had taken treatment in South India for the problems like stomach disorder, hypertension, headache and Jaundice. Since I didn't get any relief after two years of treatment, I switched my treatment over to Men-Tsee-Khang centre and continued their medicine for 4 years(1994 - 1998). Under the utmost care and treatment of Men-Tsee-Khang, currently my ailments have got well cured.

    I would like to extend innumerable thanks my core of heart to the doctors and caretaker staffs. 

  27.  Mr. Sherap S./Bir/Dr. Tenzin Palchok
  28. I had consulted Tibetan doctor first time in Shimla in 1985 and my problem at that time was high blood pressure and pain in waist. After checking my pulse and urine sample, doctor announced a risk of sudden death and thus advised me the treatment through Golden Needle Acupuncture, besides medicine pills. After taking a few rounds of Golden Needle Acupuncture, and six months' medicine, my problem was cured.

    In 1989, I became paralysis after falling down. There was a lot of problem while moving my hands and legs. I first consulted Allopathic medicine for two years; however, it didn't cure my disease and was quite expensive too. Then I consulted a Tibetan doctor in Bir, Men-Tsee-Khang. He examined my pulse and urine sample and prescribed medicines accordingly. At that time, I could not work by myself; I need a company to walk. After the initiation of Tibetan medicine treatment, my problem started improving gradually. After 4-5 months' treatment, I could walk without company. I have been taking Tibetan medicine for 6 years and now I have recovered well.

  29. Mr. Ram B.L./Shillong/Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen
  30. I have high blood pressure and it has been almost one year since the start of Tibetan medicine. As far as effect of medicine is concerned, I found very relax in my case. As compared to the cost of Allopathic treatment, the Tibetan medicine is very cheap. The treatment itself is actually a miracle kind; diagnoses are done correctly by simply touching the pulse and the medicine gives relax to patient just after 2 or 3 days. Hence, I appreciate the method and medium of Tibetan medicine treatment.

  31. Mr. Dakshina M./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  32. My problem was that there was no movement of my right arm. This condition is supposed to be called "Frozen Shoulder". There had been dull to severe pain in my both arms. I had taken Allopathic medicine for two months along with short wave diathermy and there used to have short time relief.

    I had consulted Tibetan doctor about 2 months after the start of my illness(May,1994). In the beginning I had been given 3 types oral medicine and one type of external medicine. I could still remember how the application of that external medicine had given me relief from shoulder pain. At first my arm movement got restored in a very gradual manner and along with that, the dull pain that used to be there throughout the day also started receding. After about 2 months of the course, I had been given two times medicine and my external medicine had been stopped.

    Although the curative process had been gradual, there had been no side effects of the medicine. Now I am completely cured of the problem and have stopped medicine completely.

  33. Mr. Thupten/Dekyiling/ Dr. Passang Tsering
  34. I was diagnosed as Bone Marrow failure. I have symptoms like headache, dizziness and can't walk for long distant. The improvement in my body after taking Tibetan medicine was great. In the beginning, I consulted Western medicine but late on also stared the Tibetan medicine. The Western medicine didn't provide that much relief as compare to Tibetan medicine.

    Initially I didn't get any result from the Tibetan medicine, however after having done some health checkups, the doctor changed the medicines and it worked really well. Now I am taking Tibetan medicine along with Western medicine. I found both the medicines comfortable for me to take. Rinchen Rilbo(Precious Pill) makes me feel relief whole day.

    Now my health is much better than the past.

  35. Miss. Vedavalli A./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamedin
  36. When I first consulted Dr. Tamdin, I was not able to walk without support. Slightest movement of leg was causing extreme pain and severe cramps intermittently. I was constrained to take long leave from my work. However, now I am able to walk on level ground without support and have joined the duty. However, the problems still persist while climbing stairs, walking on rugged and slippery terrain. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Tamdin who has taken extremely good care of me all the while without whom I would not have been able to resume my duty.

  37. Mrs. Revathi N./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  38. I have been suffering from Stage- II Adeno Carcinoma of left ovary. Total hysterectomy was done followed by aggressive chemotherapy with Taxol and CISPLATIN. No tumor activity was found after treatment. CA - 125, a tumor marker came down to Normal limits after the treatment. However, due to side effects of chemo drugs, Taxol and CISPLATIN, I developed severe symptoms of Peripheral - Sensory Neuropathy in both feet and palms and there was disability in walking and writing. There was severe pain in palms and feet. Though weight increased from 54 kgs tp 65 kgs, the quality of life deteriorated on account of this Neuropathic disorder.

    I started consulting Tibetan doctor in September'2001 and still continuing. It is difficult for me to quantify the effects of Tibetan medicine as far as the Peripheral - Sensory Neuropathy is concerned as I am taking Allopathic drugs and food supplements for the same. The Neuropathy related condition has improved vastly and I am now using hands and feet more freely with lesser pain and lesser stiffness. But as far as the tumor activity and cancer are concerned they are very much in control as evidenced by CA-125 marker results, repeated CT Scans, pathological and clinical tests. This could be the good effects of Tibetan medicine including Special pills.

  39. Miss Vidya T./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Lhamo
  40. I had problems of bleeding piles and constipation. I had pain while passing motion and could not sit properly. As the ailment was not cured after one year of Allopathic treatment, I consulted Tibetan doctor for the first time on Ist December'2000. The Tibetan medicine is an herbal treatment and it works effectively without side effects. I took it for one year and my problem of bleeding piles got cured completely.

  41. Mr. Neeraj P./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin 
  42. I got sprain in my left ankle. It developed as pain started in all joints - knees, shoulders, right ankle, and right hand middle finger. I got treatment from Batra Hospital, Moolchand Hospital, AIIMS and Holy family. I was admitted in AIIMS for one month and discharged diagnosing as "Reactive Arthritis". I and my family were in great dilemma. My whole life was in dark. Then someone referred this great Institute to us. At that time I was in hopeless state and had great problem in walking.

    I started taking Tibetan medicine on 17thJuly'1998. It has been nearly seven months since the start of Tibetan medicine and I am still taking the medicine. Tibetan medicine has great effect in my case. I was not in position to move when I started this medicine in July 1998. Now the problem has reduced to a great extent. In other words, I am now 85% well. The swellings and pain in my joints have reduced to a great extent.

    Besides medicines, doctor and other staff members have contributed to a great degree in my recovery. I am really thankful to my doctor who helped me in improving my condition. I shall ever remain grateful to him in my whole life and pray Almighty for well being of all members of Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute. 

  43. Mr. Mungee S. S./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tashi Wangdu
  44. I am suffering from Malignant Lymphoma and have glands in the throat and under arms. I started taking Tibetan medicine on 13thOct'2002 and still continuing till date. Due to effects of Tibetan medicine, the spread of glands is restricted. There has been no enlargement of the size of the node and it remains same as before. My blood counts have improved and are steady. All my blood reports are normal. As I am not completely cured, I am still continuing the Tibetan medicine treatment.

  45. Mr. Dorjee/Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Chokdhen
  46. I have been suffering from Hypertension and Paralysis. Initially half part of my body had paralyzed; as a result, I lost the physical sensory and the ability to move the affected part of the body. There was also difficult and infrequent bowel movement. After taking Tibetan medicine, there was improvement in bowel movement and my physical sensory also got slight improvement. Because of continuous treatment from doctor, I was able to stand on my own feet without other's support. Gradually, I was able to go toilet all by myself and was able to go for circumambulation at Tsuglakhang. Being able to go for outer circumambulation of Tsuglakhang at that time was a great benefit.

    In a nutshell, earlier because of paralytical effects I could not move my body, had to be confined to bed and fed by others whereas at the moment I am self-reliant and able to carry out activities like doing outer circumambulation of Tsuglakhang without difficulty. It's been 6 months since the start of Tibetan medicine and I am still taking it. 

  47. Ms. Mrinalini N./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  48. There was swelling in my right knee. It had previously been by left knee. The pain was excruciating. I could hardly stand for 10 minutes by which time my knee would swell up and I would have to sit down and rest my leg. I could not bend my knee nor sit cross-legged.

    I took the Tibetan medicine consultation first time in March'1993. I was given a powder which I had to mix with wheat flour, heat it up, apply the heated mixture on my affected knee and leg and finally cover it with a thin cloth. I was also given tablets to be taken in morning, afternoon and night. At the end of the week, I started feeling itching in my knee. The feeling was similar to that when a wound is about to heal and the area surrounding it becomes itchy. I stayed on the diet prescribed by the doctor and continued to take the tablets. After six months I heard a click sound when I bent my knee. Previously I had heavy knee, but now I was feeling light. It continued to improve and now my knee is alright. However, I was asked to stay on the diet for a few more months. As per doctor's advice, I continued to observe the dietary restriction for 18 more months. Now I can sit cross-legged for a long time.

  49. Mr. Paul A./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  50. I have problem of high blood pressure for many years. It was difficult to breathe while climbing an incline or staircase. I started to take Tibetan medicine consultation in 1987 and still continuing it. It has helped me more than Allopathic medicine. My blood pressure is now almost normal and I rarely experience short of breath while climbing stair. I feel fitter than before.