1. Mrs. Aruna P./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  2. I had Giant Cell Tumor due to which I had an experience of sharp pain. The pain was intolerable for me. There was no alleviation of pain even after the administration of painkiller medicines owing to which I was not able to sleep. Far from being able to sit, I was not even able to lie straight in bed.  I also lost my hair following the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatment. My pain didn't get lessened even after completing my treatment at Dharamshila Hospital in Noida.

    I started taking Tibetan medicine from 6thJune 1997 and still continuing it till date. Never even in my dream would I have thought that I would be cured as I got only disappointment from everywhere I consulted. All the doctors had said that nothing more can be done with my disease. I was even suggested to sever my entire leg by Rajiv Gandhi hospital following ten days' admission. After getting disappointment from Dharamshila, Apollo, Batra, AIIMS and Rajiv Gandhi hospital, I came here to see the Tibetan doctor for some solution. However, ever since I started taking Tibetan medicine, I am feeling good enough and the level of pain is now not like erstwhile nor I am taking pain killer any more. Now I can easily lie straight in bed and even can sit. My hair has even started growing back. My appetite has improved as well as my weight has increased enough whereas I could not eat anything previously.

    To sum up, I can pronounce that ever since I take the Tibetan medicine, I have got adequate amount of relief and I can say that after a short span of time I will be completely healthy. Because of my illness, Rajiv Gandhi Hospital had even advised for severing the leg and that too was told just five minutes before the operation although I had already spent 10 days in hospital. Furthermore, I was also notified that the disease would not be cured completely even after the surgery. Much to my dismay, I was not getting relief even after spending lakhs of Rupees at that time for my treatment. However, I started to feel relief ever since I came here; and with firm conviction I can say that I will become complete healthy soon. For me, these medicines are no less than a miracle and I believe so.    

  3. Ms. Sunita D./Manali/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon 
  4. There had been pain in my stomach and had been bloating very badly. I had taken treatment of my problem from various hospitals and I used to become ok for a few days but there had been recurrence of same pain afterwards. However, when I visited Tibetan doctor in Manali, the doctor treated me by prescribing medicine for 10 days for every visit. I took this medicine for whole one month and after that I became perfectly alright. It’s been around 4-5 months that I haven't had any pain.

  5. Ms. Varsha C./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  6. I was suffering from severe pain in my abdomen, in epigastric region, during and after meals. The pain used to be intolerable. My bowel habits were irregular and also used to have headache intermittently. I was scared very much as Ulcers never get cured permanently. They relapse and the pain is just intolerable.

    I started the treatment through Tibetan medicine in the last week of July, 1995. I continued the treatment for seven and half months, i.e. until I am totally cured.

    As I was doing my internship in Karnataka, I could not visit the hospital every month. My cousin in Delhi reported regularly the doctor about my condition and medicines were sent by post. There were 3 packets of medicines given to me to be taken in the morning before breakfast, in the afternoon after lunch, and in the night after dinner. Also there was one more medicine which had to be taken during acute condition. I felt some uneasiness in my abdomen during the first few weeks of medication. Later I controlled my diet as told by the Tibetan doctor. My motions gradually began to be regular; at first they were dark black in color. Slowly the pain began to disappear till only memories were left. I continued bland diet and medicines regularly.

    The pain vanished, constipation cured though slight gas formation persists for which I've taken resort of Tibetan doctors.

    My main problem of Gastric ulcer(diagnosed) was finally cured and how much relief has it given me mentally as well as physically, no one other than the one who has suffered can tell, feel and say.

    Words are less. Thanks a lot to the natural Tibetan medicine. Thanks to Dr. Sonam Lhamo and to the Tibetan medicine system.   

  7. Ms. Sunitha S./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  8. I had common cold during most of the days with headache and swelling in the eyes. I also used to get severe back pain during menstrual periods. I had taken Homeopathy medicine for two years but there was no relief. However, after taking Tibetan medicine for one year, now I don't have backache anymore nor do I have running nose with headache.

  9. Mr. Radhey S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  10. I have been suffering from indigestion and debility plus overweight. After taking Tibetan medicine, there is see change in relief. I am not only feeling better but much satisfied. Now I have decided to use this Institute for all my present and future diseases and health problems.

    I fully hope that I will recover soon of my health problem. This treatment has created an impact of relief and satisfaction in my mind.

    May God shower all success and kindness to this clinic and the doctor!

  11. Mr. Puttaranga S. G./Bangalore/Dr. Ngawang Jinpa
  12. I have a problem of Epilepsy and I have been consulting other doctors but didn't get relief from their medicines. I feel lots of tension, worry and used to think too much. I started consulting Tibetan doctor on 04/01/2005. I find Tibetan medicine good for my health as it normalizes my health condition. This medicine is very useful for my daily life as it makes me physically active and mentally joyful throughout the day. Like Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan medicine too has no side effects. Tibetan medicine helps me in solving my problems. I have taken the medicine till date, which means one year and my fits problem has been cured too some extent.

  13. Ms. Usha D./Bir/Dr. Pema Yangzom
  14. There had been pain in my hand. I was feeling inflammation in my hand and there was numbness in my hand. I could not lift up anything and there was too much pain in my hand. Ever since I started to take Tibetan medicine from here, I have got good amount of relief. And gradually my pain hand got vanished. Now I can do almost all the work. There was now no feeling of difficulty either in lifting or doing anything.   

  15. Mr. Prem S./ Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  16. My problems were Gastritis and Low Sperm Count. Despite of trying the treatment of my problem from many places, there was no difference found in my problem.  However, once I started taking medicine from Tibetan clinic, not only did my problem get eliminated, I had also succeeded in fathering two offspring after 16 years of marriage. This way the doctor and the medicine here have been proved helpful in my case.

  17. Mr. Kantabai M. D./Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  18. Narrator of the Testimonial - Mr. Namdev M. D., Patient's relative.
    In the morning of 4thJune, 2013, patient fell down all of sudden. At that time we thought that it had happened due to dizziness. So, we took the patient by tractor and consulted a nearby doctor, Dr. Vinod Nakare. The doctor told that the condition of patient is quite bad and take him to Brahmapuri Hospital as soon as possible. Accordingly, we took the patient at the Brahmapuri Hospital through a hired vehicle. Following check-up, the doctor said there was need of conducting CT scan, only then something could be known. We did CT scan on that day and after examining the report, the doctor said that there was rupture of a blood vessel in brain and the patient's survival chance was meager. The doctor further advised to show the patient to Dr. Giri in Nagpur. Dr. Girik also had same information about rupturing of blood vessel after studying the report of MRI done there and also said same thing about the patient's chances of survival. Doctor further said that there was need of immediate surgical intervention and for that there would be expenses of 9 lakh Forty thousand rupees. We were panicked at this huge financial requirement; due to unaffordability of the expenses, we came back to home despite the seriousness of patient's condition. Then someone told to take Tibetan medicine from the trust nearby Tibetan camp and we did accordingly.  Since then we have been taking Tibetan medicine and there has been enough improvement in the condition of patient. And the health of patient is improving day by day.

  19. Mrs. Saroj B./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  20. I was suffering from Hypothyroidism due to which I had problems like heavy painful periods, cold and sore throat, hair loss, puffiness in face and hand in the morning, weight gain, slightly lethargic. In June'1996, I was advised Allopathy treatment for Hypothyroidism and I was needed to take Eltroxine Harmone Tablet- 1 Tablet daily for life long. Though I felt relieved by that medicine and the above cited symptoms were under control, however, I became very worried when doctor told that this controlled and normal condition exists as long as I continue the Tablet.  So I approached Tibetan Medical Centre for Help. Tibetan medicine has cured me completely of the above mentioned symptoms of Hypothyroidism and also other problems of frequent cold, sore throat, etc. Now I am no longer taking the medicine.

  21. Mrs. Chinta D./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  22. I had been suffering from Arthritis. I had taken other treatment before Tibetan medicine for 10 years but got only temporary relief. There was awfully pain in every joint of the body and there was increased blood pressure. After taking Tibetan medicine continuously for Eight months, every joint pain has been relived completely. Now I am liberated from the trouble that I had due to this ailment.

  23. Mr. Vikas M./Itanagar/Dr. Tenzin Nyima & Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  24. I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. There was joint pain and swelling, skin rashes, low hemoglobin count and high fever of 105 - 106 F for nearly 18 months. Muscles and bones became very weak. I had taken other treatment earlier but found no improvement in my condition. However, after taking Tibetan medicine starting from Dec'2009 to till date(15/08/2010), now fever is under control. There has been 90% improvement as far as joint swelling and pain is concerned. Hemoglobin level is now normal. I haven't noticed any side effects of the medicine till now. 

  25. Mr. Mohamed A./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  26. I have been suffering from sexual weakness and have been taking Tibetan medicine for nearly four months. After taking Tibetan medicine my sexual weakness has improved slightly. Now I feel much better and can enjoy sex with my wife. She is also satisfied with me. I am still taking Tibetan medicine and will continue it for few more months. I thank Tibetan medicine and Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang for my treatment.

  27. Ms. Vijender M./Dekyiling/Dr. Sonam Lhamo  
  28. I had become paralysis due to spinal cord compression - the nerves of spinal cord being pressed by spinal or backbone. As a result I was having problems like severe pain in backbone, numbness in leg (more numbness when contact with cold water), inability to walk, giddiness, difficulty in urination, presence of blood in urine and constipation. I took Tibetan medicine completely for four years and at present I am completely cured. The effect of Tibetan medicine is very good. Earlier, I was not able to do any work. Now I can do all the work. Besides, the medicine is not expensive. There should be acceptance from W.H.O for this medicine as it is beneficial for general public.

  29. Mr. Chandra S.H.R./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  30. My problem was pain in neck and back. I had taken Numesulide Tabets(Allopathic medicine) for 3 months and it had given me only temporary relief. So I started consulting Tibetan medicine on 24thOct, 1998. As per doctor's advice, I took Tibetan medicine for four and half months and I am now feeling completely cured from neck and back ache.   

  31. Mr. Chime D./Nepal/Dr. Tsering Choekyi
  32. Due to abnormal condition of my eye ball, I took western medicine for nine months but didn't find any improvement in my eye condition. I was even advised for Razor treatment which I declined as there was no assurance that the patient would be cured after this treatment.

    I started taking Tibetan medicine from 30thDec'1998. I am still continuing the Tibetan medicine because it relieves and helps not only my eye, but also helpful in maintaining my whole body health. As you know mental and physical health is fundamentally linked and that your poor physical health can affect your mental health and vice versa. Similarly, I had felt much suffocated with my watery eyes, intermittent headache and so on. However, after starting Tibetan I feel relax, normal and can do my daily routine happily with confidence and ease.

    I am very much grateful to Tibetan doctor, Tsering Choekyi la for providing me Tibetan medicine at concession and looking after my health with great care.  

  33. Mr. Ravindra S. C./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tamdin Tsewang
  34. I had acute pain in my feet. They used to be highly swollen and it was impossible to move about. I got my blood tested and found that it contained high degree of uric acid. My problem was called Gout. I took Allopathy medicine Zyloric and any pain killer for 6 years and those medicines provided me only temporary relief.

    In March, 1994, I started to take Tibetan medicine. As directed by Dr. Tamdin, I took the Tibetan medicine regularly and followed the diet advice. The result is that pain has gone completely. Stiffness in bone is diminishing gradually. My feet became normal once again.  I can walk and attend the work without any difficulty.

  35. Ms. Shree D. T./Bangalore/ Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  36. I had problem of low blood pressure, excess menstrual bleeding and abdomen burning sensation. I had my treatment from Gandhiji Nature Cure centre for nearly 3 months. I didn't get any relief from the treatment; instead, it had elevated my blood pressure beyond the limit and made my life miserable with development of many other complications.

    I started consulting Tibetan medicine on 6thApril, 1999. I have taken the Tibetan medicine for 2 and half months and still continuing it. Because of Tibetan medicine, my high blood pressure became normal now. I had heavy discharge after taking treatment from Gandhiji Nature Cure centre; however, with the Divine Tibetan medicine, it is under control and I am normal person now.

    I am really grateful to Dr. Dorjee Rapten. I wish you could open clinics all over India and world as well, so that people from all walks of life will be benefitted from Tibetan medicine.

  37. Mr. Pema S./Kollegal/Dr. Choelothar
  38. My Problem is my poor eye sightedness. I had tried the Allopathic treatment in the past for one and half years and those treatments had benefitted me to certain extent though not fully relieved. I had even undergone for eye operation but didn't achieve remarkable results. Currently I am taking Tibetan medicine treatment and its been around one year since the use of Tibetan medicine. At present, I am feeling comparatively much better than before and I am feeling so because of the effect of the Tibetan medicine. I wish to continue the Tibetan medicine further for better and full recovery.

  39. Mr. Krishna M./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  40. It has been nearly two and half years since I started the Tibetan medicine. I had joint pain in the ankle portion of legs. The medicine and Acupuncture given by doctor has helped me to get rid of the pain. The pain in the left leg is cured 100% and right leg by 90%. I am also using their massage oil.

  41. Miss. Pema T./Gangkyi/Dr. Dachoe and Dr. Kelchoe
  42. My right hand was almost senseless and being a student it was difficult for me to write. I had earlier taken Allopathic medicine for about five months but of little benefit.
    I was then kept under the treatment of Dr. Dachoe and Dr. Kelchoe for about one month in Men-Tsee-Khang's College. I kept on taking Tibetan medicine regularly and within four months my hand became totally recovered.

  43. Ms. Sunita/Nizamuddin/Dr. Tamdin Tsewang
  44. I began consulting Tibetan doctor on 12thApril, 1996 for my joint pain and fever; and now it has been 13 months since the start of Tibetan medicine.

    When I visited the Tibetan clinic first time, I could not walk at all and thus came with the help of someone carrying me on his lap. I took the Tibetan medicine regularly as a result, there was improvement day after day. Gradually I started walking and doing household chores. Now I can walk and can do daily chores with ease.

    Before this treatment, I had consulted Allopathic medicine for more than one year and it didn't comfort my problem. Besides, there was deterioration of the problem to such an extent that I could not drink water by myself. However, since the start of taking treatment from here, there has been lots of relief everyday. And now I can do the household work and can walk easily.

  45. Dr. T. Saraswathi P./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
  46. I had uncontrolled Diabetes and labile blood pressure. There was also development of Ulnar neuritis of the right hand and breathless every now and then.

    I have taken Tibetan medicine for 6 months and it is still in continuation. Because of Tibetan medicine, now my blood pressure is maintained between 130/80, 120/90 and 140/80. Diabetes is also well controlled; didn't find sugar in urine since then. HbA1c on 14/10/2003 was 8.7%, on 24/02/2004, it was 6.5% and on 04/04/2004 it is 5%. Ulnar neuritis is cured. Movement of hand is normal except for little wasting of the muscles between thumb and index finger. There is occasional slight breathlessness. The ECG is normal on 24/02/2004 and I am quite happy with the improvement.

  47. Mr. P. Anul H./ ./Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  48. I had a great problem in my leg and there had been huge lumps appeared all over my body. I took the treatment from Hyderabad Care Hospital and had been prescribed one month's medicine but was not helpful. Then I stayed in Mumbai Jogeshwari Hospital one month for the treatment, it also didn't help me. I even tried a futile treatment attempt from Gujrat Nadiad Hospital. Then a patient had given me the address of Tibetan clinic and I visited accordingly there for treatment. Dr. Tara Ngawang did my check-up and prescribed me one month's medicine; and it helped me a lot. After taking continuous consultation and medicine from Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe, I have got enormous benefit. That's why I am very much grateful to Tibetan clinic and Dr. Tara. I have referred this clinic to around 30 patients.

  49. Mrs. Alpana P./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  50. I had stiffness in neck due to spondylitis, backache in lumbar region and irritation and heaviness in stomach. After taking Tibetan medicine, irritation got disappeared and my stomach became lighter. Also pain in the lumbar region got vanished and the stiffness in the neck also cured.