1. Mr. Janeja B. K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  2. I have been taking the Tibetan treatments since 1984. It has been quite effective. Recently, I was having a daily fever for more than two months. I consulted Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang who thoroughly checked me and prescribed medicine as well. His medicine brought down the fever to a substantial level. Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang's smiling face and cordial behavior further ensure me of the proper treatment. I have full faith in his diagnosis and approach to the treatment.

  3. Mr. Shah S. K./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  4. I started Tibetan medicine on 21/02/2014 at Ahmedabad branch clinic by Dr. Tenzin Nyima for Polypus. Due to Polypus, there was severe breathing problem. However, I feel better in breathing on the very first day of medication, that I could start Pranayam (Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati, Omakara) with ease. After 40 days of treatment, Polypus disappeared completely and now I feel better while breathing. I am continuing the Tibetan treatment till date (10thMay'2014).

  5. Mr. Mandal S. K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  6. I was affected severely by Rheumatic problem. At one stage, I could not move properly. After taking this medicine, I have improved gradually and now I am quite fit. I have taken the Tibetan for 1 year and 3 months. The medicines, which were prescribed time to time by the respective medical officer have really been effective in my case. Though, the pace of remedy has been slow but its impact is far reaching. I am very much improved after obtaining these medicines.

  7. Mr. Lalit K. M./Dekyiling
  8. I was having stomach problem for a few months. However, after taking the Tibetan medicine, I got enough relief from my stomach problem.

  9. Olga/MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  10. I addressed to Dr. Migmar Lhamo with gall bladder stone problem. After several months of treatment, I felt improvement in my condition though the gall stones are still disturbing me. I hope my condition will improve further and the sizes of my gall stones will decrease gradually. I also felt significant improvement in my joints. Improvement is significant. When I addressed to Dr. Migmar Lhamo with joint problems, it was an early stage of disease and I have no pain in the joints now. Thank you so much to all MediStar team.

  11. Mr. Raj K. S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  12. I was suffering from a severe pain in the neck. I had undergone many treatments from AIIMS and IMMAS but could not overcome the problem. The doctor at AIIMS advised me to get operated. Then, finally we came to know about Tibetan Medical Centre in 2003. Since then I am being treated keenly by Dr. Kartsang. My problem disappeared with gradual pace. I feel very much satisfied with the treatment.

  13. Idris R./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  14. After getting treatment from Men-Tsee-Khang, there is improvement in my health.
    I am suffering from enlarged Prostrate. I feel better after getting treatment of Tibetan medicine.

  15. I./MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  16. Narrator of the testimonial: Patient's offspring.
    For the first time, my mother addressed to the clinic in October'2013 with severe pain in the knee joint of right leg. It was paining as a hell. After two weeks of taking Tibetan pills, my mother felt improvement in her condition. Gradually, swelling in her right leg subsided. My mother is 81. She is suffering from polyarthritis from the age of 38. After two courses of Tibetan pills, my mother is much better now. We are continuing the treatment with Tibetan pills.

    We are thankful to MediStar for being caring and attentive to their patients. We are thankful to Dr. Migmar Lhamo for kindness and kind heartedness. 

  17. Ms. Suhasini J./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  18. My mother, late Malati G. was fortunate to get treatment from Dr. Choedhak in 1984. She was in Pune and had severe arthritic attack. She was on Cortisone. When her arthritic attack got subsided, she came to Delhi in 1984 to take the treatment of Arthritis. At that time, Tibetan Medical Centre was housed in a small room on Lodi Road.  My mother started taking medicines from Dr. Choedhak and she started improving. Later on when Dr. Choedhak left, she continued the treatment from Dr.Tamdin and she got completely recovered. Having her own experience with the Tibetan medicines, she used to take medicines from Tibetan centre only for any problem. When Dr. Tamdin left, she was taking medicines from Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang till 2005. At that time she was 92 years old. She was too grateful to all the three doctors and Tibetan medicine till the end of her life. Noticing her progress, my whole family started taking medicines from Tibetan Medical centre, though we were getting free medicines from Army Hospital.

  19. Mr. Nilkant A./Bhandara/Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe
  20. Presenter of testimonial: - Patient's son Mr. Ajit A.
    It was very good experience with Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe. My father Mr. Nilkant A. got good relief after taking his treatment.
    My father was suffering from Chronic Myeloid Lukemia. Now in last few months, the graveness of disease has come down and also the symptoms related to disease have reduced upto 90%. We are very happy with his health. Dr. Tara Ngawang Lodoe is very friendly and compassionate with his patients. We wish him good luck and healthy life ahead.

  21. Miss. Mayangi G./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  22. I am satisfied with your medicine. Since last one year I am suffering from the problem of skin disease (Dark Spots). I had visited many doctors but I found no result. Finally I consulted Dr. Tenzin Nyima and continued his treatment for the last four months. I found improvement in my treatment and feeling better than before. I am well satisfied with your treatment.

  23. Semyonova A.M./MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  24. After six months of treatment for eye lymphoma, I felt significant positive improvement. MRI showed that there are fibrous changes in the formation of my eye. This time I came to the Tibetan clinic to have my 7th course of treatment with Tibetan pills. I am very thankful to MediStar team because they are treating their patients with warm-heartedly and thoughtfully.

  25. Prof. Sharma P. N./Gangkyi, Dharamsala/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  26. I am 90 years old. I consulted Dr. Tamding for Gall Bladder stone, lack of appetite, general weakness and pain. I showed him reports of CT Scan, Ultra Sound and Blood Tests. My treatment started in January'2014 and as a result of Tibetan medicine, general sense of health and body functioning has improved considerably. Now there is no pain in the stomach since the intake of Tibetan medicine. I appreciate the doctor and the staff for their humane and courteous conduct.

  27. Mrs. Suhasini J./Nizamuddin/Dr.Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  28. My mother, late Malati G. had introduced Tibetan medicines in our family. I also started taking Tibetan medicines for my chronic bronchial problem - the problem which had been there since my childhood. I used to have antibiotics regularly. However, since the start of Tibetan medicine, my bronchial problem have reduced to a great extent. After the continuation of Tibetan medicines for 2-3 years, they started working on me very fast like Allopathy medicines. As for my daughter, she got 3 attacks of Tonsillitis when she was 9 years old. Doctor from Army Hospital told that we will have to remove her Tonsils immediately. Instead of going for surgery, we went to see Dr. Tamdin and he said that he can give medicines for the ailment provided she observe her diet well. As per doctor’s advice, she should avoid pickles, ketchup, ice-creams etc. for atleast one year. Even at such a tender age, she wisely decided to take the Tibetan medicines. She took the medicines regularly and followed the diet advice given by doctor. As a result, she never had tonsillitis attack thereafter.

    Since 1984 we have got so many benefits from these medicines; seeing our positive health results, our friends also have started going to Tibetan Medical centre. Besides the effect of medicines, the most important thing is that all the doctors and the staffs are so cordial, affectionate that the patient gets recovered half of their disease by their humanistic conduct.
    Earlier we used to take consultation from Dr. Tamdin, but when he left, we started consulting from Dr. T. D. Kartsang. Once when Swine Flu was rife, my son and daughter-in-law landed to Delhi from USA with very high temperature. They were on short visit. Dr. Kartsang prescribed medicines for fever without personally seeing them and it worked wonderfully on them. Of course he knew their constitution as they were taking medicines from him. He is very fast and quick in making correct diagnosis.  

  29. Nadezhda/MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  30. One month ago I addressed to Dr. Migmar Lhamo with leg problem. I had severe pain in my knees. After taking one month's medicine prescribed by Dr. Migmar Lhamo, I felt much better. Today is second appointment with Dr. Migmar Lhamo and I hope for further improvement in my condition. I am very thankful to Dr. Migmar Lhamo.

  31. Mr. Lende N. N./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Lhankpa Phenthok
  32. I was suffering from cracked sole (foot) of both the legs. I had taken treatment from Skin Specialist for one year but there was no relief instead it was spreading and deteriorating further. I came to know about Men-Tsee-Khang(Tibetan Medical) from my wife's friend. I visited the Men-Tsee-Khang clinic at Koparkharaine, Navi Mumbai on 22/03/2014. I started taking Tibetan medicine and using MAH-MAEN-RABJOR soothing balm. The effect of Tibetan medicine started after 10 days of treatment; the cracks started to disappear and no new cracks appeared. Now my Cracks have cured completely with the Tibetan medicine and I haven't felt any side effects of these herbal pills. I am very much thankful to the doctors who diagnosed my case and treated it completely cured.

  33. Mr. Biyatris M./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  34. Fibroid was detected during a scanning through MRI. I started taking Tibetan medicine pills on 15.06.2012 from Dr. T. D. Kartsang and continued till 27/10/2012. An MRI done after taking Tibetan medicine indicated the reduction of size of Fibroid.

  35. Mr. Alpesh H. S./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  36. I was suffering from breathing problem, cold and cough since last 3 years. I was taking treatment from Allopathic doctor but the improvement result was nil. Then I switched over to Ayurvedic treatment, and under Ayurvedic treatment I found myself something "WELL" but not as "FULLY CURE". Through some reliable sources, I came to know that Dr. Tenzin from Tibetan Medical Institute gives better treatment to the patients. I consulted Dr. Tenzin on 31/01/2014 and I am still continuing the consultation regularly in a gap of 15 days. I was surprised to note that I was getting better and better with each passing day after taking Tibetan medicine. Today on writing of this letter, i.e. date 29/04/201, I found myself more than 85% improved. The medical treatment under Dr. Tenzin was miracle for me. According to my opinion, Dr. Tenzin has given me the best treatment compare to Allopathic & Ayurvedic treatment. I am highly satisfied by the treatment.

  37. Ms. Navita S./Shimla/Dr. Tenzin Ngadon
  38. I was under the treatment of Dr. Tenzin Ngadon, Men-Tsee-Khang, Shimla. My doctor, who has been treating me for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) since 2012, is very nice, polite and takes care of her patient very well. At present I am feeling quite relieved from PCOS as well as Migraine. My all investigation reports are within normal range now. I am highly grateful for doctor's treatment and care for me. I feel privileged to be one of her patient and wish her great success in life. Tibetan medicines are certainly having a great impact in curing all types of diseases.

  39. Mr. Baliram S./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
  40. On 15thOct'2013, I was admitted to Shanti Nursing Home, Ghatkopar with the complaint of high fever and abdominal pain. On 16thOct'2013, I was shifted to NuLife Hospital, Ghatkopar. Later I was shifted to Jain Clinics, Mumbai for the treatment of renal related problems. A renal profile test confirmed the presence of high blood urea, high phosphorus, low calcium and low albumin. So, on 2ndNov'2013 I started taking Tibetan medicine to treat these medical problems. As of now I am now fully cured after taking Tibetan.

  41. Barry K./Gangkyi, Dharamsala/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  42. For several years, I have been taking Mutik-25. It has been very beneficial for me. When I was 11 years old, I suffered a brain abscess. I had undergone multiple operations and subsequent Cranioplasty. Thereafter, I suffered from severe headache once or twice a year. For the last 4 years I have been taking Mutik-25; as a result the severe headaches have disappeared now. Also I feel much better after taking Mutik-25.

  43. Shilpi C./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  44. I came here on friend's recommendation in 2003 with really acute lower back pain which could not be treated after lots of treatments and physiotherapy session. After taking medicines given at Tibetan clinic by Dr. Kartsang and following the doctor's advice for a year, the pain has gone. Till date I have not experienced any acute lower back pain although there was just a mild pain sometimes. I am really satisfied with all sorts of medicines given for different ailments here.

  45. Kuchin S.A./MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  46. My friends advised me to address to MediStar. I have been following their advice and I don’t regret about it. During one month of treatment with Tibetan pills, I forgot what the pain is. I am very thankful to MediStar team because they are very attentive and caring to their patients. I am planning to continue treating at the clinic for prophylactic purpose.

  47. Mrs. Samjuben A. P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  48. I was suffering from severe backache, knee pain, nerve disorder and urine problem. I was also having high blood pressure since last 15 years. Besides, I had other problems like sore and dry throat, numbness in hand and foot, border line sugar and walking difficulty. I was upset with all these health problems and  was not able to sleep properly; as a result, I became very weak. I came to know about Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute from one of my friends. I consulted Dr. Tenzin Nyima for the first time on 19thMay’2013.  I am very glad to acknowledge that after almost 10 months’ treatment, I am completely all right. Now I have no problem of backache and knee pain. I can sit easily on the floor, and the urine problem has also disappeared. Blood pressure and Sugar level has also become normal. I am thankful to Dr. Tenzin Nyima from the bottom of my heart.

  49. Ms. Yangzom/Gangkyi, Dharamsala/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  50. I had sudden acute dizziness during a night in November 2009 when I was not in good health and was not in position to walk alone. I thought there would be improvement in dizziness in the next morning, however the condition was same. My friends were giving accounts of Dr. Tamdin’s helpful and caring treatment; and they recommended me to   take consultation from Dr. Tamdin. Accordingly, I took Dr. Tamdin’s consultation first time on that day. I was enquired and examined with deep sense of love and compassion by Dr. Tamdin. I felt glad that I could personally experience in reality the good things that my friends were talking about Dr. Tamdin. I was instilled with the hope and courage that my disease would be cured sooner. Because of kind guidance of Dr. Tamdin and regular intake of Tibetan medicine, there was absolutely no repetition of dizziness problem; besides, my other health problems were cured gradually. I convey my deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Tamdin and other doctors and staffs of men-tsee-khang for providing care and treatment with great love and compassion.