1. Mrs. Ritaben V. S./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  2. I am continuously taking treatment from your Ahmedabad centre. I had suffered severe pain in my legs, and orthopedic doctors had suggested me for my knee replacement. However, some two years ago, I approached Dr. Tenzin Nyima for the treatment of my legs. I feel tremendous relief after taking the treatment from him. Considering my improved knee problem, I feel like there is no need of surgery at all. I am very much thankful and grateful to this Tibetan centre for their help.

  3. Mrs. Satyawati N./Dekyiling/Dr. Passang Tsering
  4. I had problem of painful, swelling and dry throat. I had tried allopathic and homeopathic medicine from various locations. These medicines had provided me relief for short-term as I would have same problem soon afterwards. Later I took the Tibetan medicine from Tibetan Clinic (Dekyiling) Dehradun, and the Tibetan medicine cured my entire throat problem. I am very much thankful to the Doctor.

  5. Ushaben D. P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  6. The disease was identified in 19/09/20I3. I visited Gujrat Cancer Research Institute(GCRI), Ahmedabad where I underwent six cycles of chemotherapy and drew fluid out from my lungs twice. However the condition didn’t improve much. Then we came to your Men-Tsee-Khang’s Ahmedabad branch clinic in January 2014 and started treatment under Dr. Tenzin Nyima. We are happy to share that my health has improved much and the medication is very much effective. There is no more water retention in my lungs now, because of which I am feeling much better. I am very much satisfied with the treatment and would recommend others to get treated here.

  7. Yu. M./ MediStar, Russia/Dr. Migmar Lhamo
  8.     I started taking Tibetan medicine for the first time a month past. I felt improvement in my health after taking Tibetan medicine during the month; and I believe that my health would be recovered soon with the help of Tibetan medicine. Thank you.

  9. Mrs. Kansar J. K./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima  
  10. I have been suffering for many years. I had consulted many well-known doctors of the city but couldn’t provide solution to my problem. Later I came to know about Dr. Tenzin Nyima and visited there. The treatment started on basic level. I felt better with the first few days of the treatment and later continued it further. After one year of treatment, I am feeling much better than before. Earlier I was not even able to breathe properly but now feeling good. My doctor Tenzin Nyima has made my life normal. I would love to suggest others suffering from Asthma to visit the Tibetan clinic just once.

  11. Mr. bilal/Dekyiling/Dr. Passang Tsering
  12. I have been suffering from fits. However, I am feeling much better after the treatment of only 3 days.

  13. Kathiriya P.D.P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  14. My problems are: 1. Indigestion(gastric and acidity). 2. Loose motion with a frequency of 3-5 times a day for the last one and half years and 3. Blood in stool. Due to these health problems, I had taken medicines from many doctors but my problems didn’t get solved. I was going through lots of pain and sufferings. Being a middle class family, I did the job in the past to survive my family; but had to quit it later as I could not even stand on my feet. I even lost self-confidence and had issues at home with my unceasing suffering of diseases. I almost gave up all hopes until one day a friend of mine took me to this Tibetan medicine clinic at Swastik Char Rasta, Navrangpura. I consulted Dr. Tenzin Nyima at their clinic called Men-Tsee-Khang. He had prescribed me medicine on 07/01/2015 for 15 days. I was also given diet advice – regarding the right amount of food and the right typeoffood. After completing all the 15 days medicine, I realized some improvement. I visited the clinic again and the doctor told me that there was improvement and was advised to continue the treatment. I have been taking Tibetan medicine from last 3 months and there are lots of improvements. I can say 80% of my diseases are gone. There is no loose motion and blood in stool. My indigestion problems are gone and I could eat as much as I like. Thanks to Dr. Tenzin Nyima and Tibetan medicine that it has given me reason to live normal life. I am still continuing Tibetan medicine under his medication and affection. The medicine is also affordable as compare to the consultation fee and the medicine cost of Allopathy whereon I had wasted lots of money. Now I bring my friends and relatives to this clinic to treat their health problem. Thank you once again. May God bless you!

  15. Mr. Ketan M. B./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  16. I won over my incurable disease – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma-Follicular type. I came to know about my disease in October 2013; care started soon thereafter. I took first chemotherapy on IstNovember 2013 and it left several side effects. I was supposed to take nine cycle of chemotherapy at an interval of 21days; I had nervous breakdown after the first cycle of chemotherapy. However, fortunately before taking the second chemotherapy, I came to learn about Dr. Tenzin Nyima and his Tibetan medicine. Once I started the dose of their Tibetan medicine, I was able to take all the cycles of chemotherapy normally. I did not feel the need to take WBC injections. Then I didn’t take even a single leave from my office owing to illness. Today I am totally free from the disease. To prevent the recurrence of disease, I am still continuing Dr. Tenzin Nyima’s treatment. A big and hearty thank to Dr. T. Nyima and his Tibetan medicine.

  17. Mrs. Uma A./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  18.       Narrator: Patient’s daughter.
    My mom and I are very much satisfied with the Tibetan health care service system. My mother is a cancer patient and she was operated first time in 2005 for metastatic breast cancer. Due to the aggressiveness of the cancer, it spread to her colon and she had to undergo surgery second time in 2008 for colon bypass. Afterwards, she started to experience multiple problems like indigestion, numbness, diabetes and much more. This is also due to regular chemo oral therapy. Later, I started to take my mom to Dr. Tenzin Nyima of your therapy centre from 01/11/2012. Doctor understands my mother’s case very well. The medicines prescribed by him works excellent on her and my mom is very satisfied with doctor’s diagnosis and treatment. The treatment given at your centre is helping her a lot. The spread of cancer has been stabilized. The medicine is also benefitting her in treating her indigestion and other problems. However, she is having bit problems with medicine. Intake of lots of allopathic medicine results in experiencing itching and hot from inside the body. So she needs medicine that would make her relax and cool. However, your medicine makes her uneasy and at times she faces problems in passing urine. Many a time she had to stop the medicine. Besides, I also have suggestion: as the rush in clinic has increased, being a cancer patient she finds it difficult to wait for 2-3 hours in order to see the doctor. So, it would be of great help if you could increase the no. of doctors in Ahmedabad. Since you have only one Ahmedabad centre in the entire state of Gujarat, opening of more centres in rest of the cities in Gujarat will provide benefit and convenience to larger numbers of people. Your recently opened wellness centre in Ahmedabad is superb. Thanks for all your service.

  19. Mr. T. A. Salmani/Dekyiling/Dr. Passang Tsering
  20. I had a problem of water retention in lungs. I had consulted many doctors for the treatment but didn’t get any relief. So I consulted Tibetan medicine doctor. Today I have came to consult doctor for the second time after completing first ten days’ medicine. Those 10 days’ medicine has provided me atleast 30% relief and will  continuously take the treatment and follow the advice as per given by the doctor. I am very much thankful to the doctor.    

  21. Mrs. U. G. Rao/Bangalore/Dr. Tenzin Lhundup & Dr. Tamdin Sangmo
  22. I was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2014. My niece was part of the ‘Diabetes Research Project’ at Tibetan medical centre in Bangalore. Being satisfied with the progress in her health condition, she suggested that I should try it out too. So, I signed up for the 6 months’ research project headed by Dr. Lhundup. Dr. Lhundup put me at ease. Her approach and manner of treating patient boosted my confidence and determination to deal positively with my condition. Her guidance on diet was excellent. Above all, she gave a patient hearing to me and was easily available for consultation. My HbAIC reading was then at 9.4(12thMarch,2014). After three months’ treatment, it came down to 7.9(13thJune,2014). And at the end of 6 months it stood at 7.3(3rdSept,2014). Now I am being treated by Dr. Tamdin Sangmo. I am truly happy to see my HbAIC reading has come down at 6.9 on 29thApril,2015, reflecting a good control for a diabetic patient. I remember telling Dr. Lhundup that I’d like to gain control over my blood sugar levels and bring the HbAIC down to 6.8. I have almost achieved it; thanks to the Tibetan medicine and proper diet recommended by the doctors there. I ‘m hopeful that shortly after sometime I ‘d be able gain control over the sugar levels and bring the HbAIC nearer to 6 point mark. Tibetan medicine and proper diet would help me to achieve so. I thank Dr. Lhundup for her genuine interest in helping her patients and Dr. Tamdin Sangmo for helping me cope with diabetes.

  23. Mr. James N./Gangkyi, Dharamsala/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  24. I have been taking Tibetan medicine for an enlarged prostrate at the main Men-Tsee-Khang in Dharamsala, H. P. India. In April of 2015, a new medicine called Tikar-Dre was given to me and it has been effective in removing the problem of frequent and urgent night time urination followed by gradual improvement of symptoms as well.

  25. Mrs. Ipsa S./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  26. I’d like to take great pleasure in informing you that I have successfully been cure of thyroid ailment after having undergone for 45 days of treatment and medicines provided by Dr. Tenzin Nyima. Thanks for giving my normal health life back to me.

  27. Mr. Paras J./Dekyiling/Dr. Passang Tsering
  28. Narrator of the Testimonial: Patient's Father.
    My son had urinary problem since his birth. We had consulted many hospitals in Delhi and Dehradun and had done many surgeries during his childhood. However, those treatments didn’t help my son. My son was unaware of the need to pass the urine; so he would wet his pant atleast three times a day. He was not getting cured even after consulting many doctors. Then, we came to know about Dr. Passang Tsering and visited his clinic for treatment. After taking three years’ medicine for his Urinary problem, my son is now all right. I pray to God that Dr. Passang Tsering continues to attain success and perform virtuous deeds in the same way. Due to kindness of Dr. Passang Tsering, my son is now absolutely fine. With these words, we all family members thank him for this noble deed.

  29. Mr. Ramesh B. M. P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
  30. I have been suffering from Psoriasis for quite a long time. I had started to take treatment from Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey at Ahmedabad branch clinic and now my Psoriasis has been totally cured. I really appreciate your kind service.

  31. Mr. Bharti J. P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  32. Narrator of Testimonial: Patient’s husband.
    My wife was suffering from frequent headache and body pain problem. A thyroid test done at the suggestion of doctor on 23rNov’2014 showed the test result above the normal range. The test results were as follow:


    Test Name

    Test Result

    Ref. Range



    0.5 - 5.5



    0.79 - 1.58



    4.0 - 11.0

    We heard of Tibetan Medical Centre from our relatives. They told that the method of Tibetan medicine treatment resembles Ayurved, and we are believer of Ayurvedic treatment. Hence, we came at Tibetan Medical Centre and consulted Dr. Tenzin Nyima on 29thNov’2014. After three months’ treatment under Dr. Tenzin Nyima, he suggested for thyroid test. So the test was done on 16thFeb’2015 and this time the result came out within normal range of TSH as 3.80. Now she is free from headache and body pain problem. However, Dr. Tenzin Nyima has advised to continue the medicine for total root out of thyroid disorder and for weight loss as well.

    Our experience with Tibetan Medical made us believe that Tibetan medicine follows the method of treatment similar to Ayurvedic in solving the disease without producing any kind of side effects. We suggest every patient to consult Dr. Tenzin Nyima.

  33. Mr. Tenzin D./Gangkyi, Dharamsala/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  34. Three years ago, Dr. Anil Arora of Ganga Ram Hospital (New DeIhi) diagnosed me with Hepatitis B, that too with partially liver damaged. I was prescribed to take HIB virus killer medicine (Entaliv 0.5) for three years and told me that my liver cannot be cured but can prevent further liver damage; for that purpose the doctor prescribed me vitamins to be taken regularly. However, I didn’t take vitamins for some time but kept taking the virus killer. As I was very upset about my liver, I consulted Doctor Tsewang Tamdin on 26thMay, 2012 and doctor assured me that by taking Tibetan medicines, my liver could be cured. I have been taking the Tibetan medicine for the last three years. In March this year(2015), I saw Dr. Anil Arora for medical checkup. After going through some test, found my virus load has come down to five thousand from four millions. But to his surprise, my liver’s fibro scan result has come down to 7.4 from 37.4. He was very happy about my liver and shook hand with me for the recovery.  He prescribed me to take the virus killer for another six more months. Besides, I am continuously taking Tibetan medicines along with the modern medicines.     

  35. Bindu K./Dekyiling/Dr. Passang Tsering
  36. From last few years, I have been suffering from episode of vertigo. I have consulted Tibetan doctor, Dr. Passang Tsering, and after taking one month’s treatment from him, I got relief from my problem. Dr. Passang Tsering does thorough health check up and the medicines provided by him are effective.

  37. Ms. Smita S. P./Ahmendabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  38. I had been suffering from the urine problem. I would feel pain and irritation while passing urine. Besides, the follow of urine was not smooth and continuous. I had to use catheter twice in a day to remove my urine. I had consulted many doctors to solve this problem but none of them had helped me. Taking treatment from here has rendered relief from infection, pain and irritation. Now I don’t need to catheter for the discharge of urine.

  39. Mrs. Harjeet K./Gangkyi, Dharamsala/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  40. My skin had a long history of irritation, allergy and it continued for a very long period, like 30 years of my stay in Dharamsala in the past. As the causes of my skin problem kept changing, I could not figure out exactly as to what should be the right way of treating my skin problem. I had tried all kinds of treatment, including Homeopathic, allopathic and all local treatment method but nothing can pinpoint the reason and the causes of the skin problem. As my luck would have it, my good karma may be, I was suggested about the Tibetan medicine by different people and it helped me at last impeccably. I thank God for having come to the right medicine method. 

  41. Mrs. Cherryl K./Gangkyi/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  42. I was diagnosed as Ovarian Cancer. I had started taking Tibetan medicine treatment on June’2014 and continued till March’2015. The Tibetan medicine has helped me a lot; because of Tibetan medicine, there has been no recurrence of the disease. The CA-125 tumor marker for ovarian cancer done on 21stOctober was 4.59 and this is the normal range. Moreover, I haven’t felt any side effects of Tibetan medicine.

  43. Mr. & Mrs. Pillai/Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Nyima
  44. This is just a short note to thank you for what I can describe as “modern day miracle”.  I and my wife had been to several experts and we had been suggested for an IVF for a child. We spoke to our relatives who have been visiting your clinic regularly. We, finally decided to visit your clinic, and that was the turning point of our life. Within 3 months of medication prescribed by you, in spite of blocked fallopian tubes of my wife, we got the good news. Finally, with God’s grace, we are blessed with a healthy baby boy. Thanks for providing us herbal medicines and helping thousands like us.

  45. Mrs. Sarada K. N./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  46. We were in Hyderabad in May 2006 when my mother was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I contacted famous Hospitals and doctors all over India including AIIMS, Nanawati Hospitals, Adayal Cancer Institute but none provided life safety. I came to know about Tibetan Medical Centre through a friend and came here along with reports. The Doctor here discussed the case thoroughly and suggested to go for Chemotherapy along with supported medicines given by them for 2 months and later asked to proceed for surgery in Oncology. My mother became very strong and survived cancer. Now she is hale and healthy after 8 years of treatment which made me recommend Tibetan Medical Centre to many other people.

  47. Uma U. K./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  48. From birth I was affected by nervous disorder and fits. To control them, I took allopathic medicines, namely, mezetol Sr 200, Eptoin 100 and Gardenal 30. Now and then the dosage was increased but that too was not helpful enough. Taking all these tablets did not help much in controlling the fits and in supporting my life. Instead, my problem became worse with more mental anxiety and fear. In 1998, I got affected by left sided paralysis. I then started taking Tibetan medicine from year June 2000 and I continue to take them until now. Following are some of the benefits that I observed after taking Tibetan medicine.
    1. I found Tibetan pills and massage oil helpful in improving my paralytic condition and blood circulation.
    2. The pain in my neck and shoulder along with regular headache got very much reduced.
    3. My horrible and repeating pain in chest/heart also reduced to a great extent.
    4. My digestion has improved and my piles problem got cured.
    5. My urine incontinence and irritable bowel syndrome also got reduced.
    6. My frequent fits and seizures also got completely under control.
    7. My emotional intelligence and mental confidence improved so much that I got my job back.
    8. I also found the precious pills like Jumar 25 and Rinchen Ratna Samphel very effective and powerful in restoring the strength of my nervous system and memory.
    Although, I still continue to take the allopathic medicine but very much in reduced dosage. I am continuing Tibetan medicine without fail and I always recommend the use of Tibetan medicine to my friends. I am very thankful to Tibetan medicine and its doctors and staff for their valuable service and support rendered to me.

  49. Mrs. Sara M./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  50. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins, Large BCell Lymphoma in December 2007 at Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. I was successfully treated with 3 regimens of chemotherapy with intermittent periods of remission. After the third regimen when I relapsed with fresh nodes, I underwent Radiation Therapy in August-September 2011. A PET Scan taken in October showed marked reduction in size of nodes and no new developing nodes. At this stage, I approached the Tibetan Medical Centre, as suggested by a friend who found continued remission following the treatment of Tibetan medicines from the Tibetan Medical Centre. Since then I have been on medication prescribed by Dr. Dorjee Rapten and I am back to my normal healthy self. The last PET Scan taken in October 2013 revealed significant healing of existing nodes and absence of any new nodes. My family and I rejoice the positive effects of Tibetan medicine and thank God for healing I received through the herbal drugs from the Tibetan Medical Centre. I also thank God for my friend who directed me there. Further, seeing my improvement, a few others have come to this centre and been successfully treated for different types of carcinoma. May the Tibetan Medical Centre continue to restore hope of healing of many more patients like me!