1. Mr. Shantaraj P./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
    In Feb 2014, I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer that has metastasized to Liver. I have undergone 9 cycles of chemotherapy which left me very weak without much improvement in the cancer. With severe and persistent cough, and heavy and bloated abdomen, I started consulting Dr. Dorjee in Tibetan Medical Centre, Bangalore from July 2014. My overall health conditions have very much improved since then, and my cancer too is getting under control. I am feeling very good physically and mentally as there is no more cough and weakness. I am still continuing with the prescribed medicine. Doctors are very friendly and positive in their approach and the medicines too are not that expensive. I am referring many patients to consult Tibetan doctors to treat their illnesses.

  2. Ms. Channamma/Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
    During my general health check up, Pap Smear Tests done thrice indicated ‘Atypical Squamous cells of significance’. On 9th July 2013, HPV DNA test was done and found positive against human papillomavirus. In order to avoid Cancer, the doctor advised surgery to remove uterus immediately. At that time, scanning report showed Endometrial thickness of 7.1 mm. With all the reports, I consulted Dr. Dorjee, C.M.O. of Tibetan Medical Centre, Bangalore on 27th July 2013. He assured me that surgery was not required as powerful Tibetan medicines are available to treat both HPV virus and Endometrial thickness. I took medicine for about one and half years. I am still continuing his medicines but this time for my joint pain. The benefits, effects and the fantastic outcome of the treatments were indicated in the result of subsequent tests. I would go to check up for Pap Smear, HPV DNA and Endometrial thickness almost every 3 months to 6 months. To the surprise of my Allopathy doctor, HPV was not detected. Even the Endometrial thickness has come down to 5 mm. I am spreading the positive news to all my friends as people should know about the beneficial effects of Tibetan medicine. I am grateful to Tibetan clinic and Dr. Dorjee.

  3. Mr. Gopal M. K./Kalaburagi/Dr. Tenzin Chodup
    For many years I had a severe headache caused by neurological disorder. I had taken various Allopathic medicines and treatments, but didn’t get any relief. I used to have headache so severe that even painkiller could not help. However, one of my friends given me the visiting card of Tibetan clinic and I came here to treat my headache. After taking Tibetan medicine, I got 100% cure of my headache. It’s been several months since the discontinuation of medicine, however the problem didn’t recur. Thank you Sir!

  4. Mr. B. N. Prasad/Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
    I am about 66 years old. I had Angioplasty operation and stent was fixed in January 2013 at Sagar Apollo Hospital, Bangalore. Subsequently, I was diagnosed COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and was advised Home Oxygen, Home Nebulisation with Inhalers and medication. I was not able to walk or climb stairs and was very weak. My neighbor, who had got treatment of her father from Tibetan Clinic at Mahalakshmi Layout, advised me to go to the same Clinic. I went there and was given some powders and pills. I have been under the same treatment since then, i.e. 20/09/2015. After taking your medicines, now I don’t have weakness; and can climb stairs. I have stopped using Home Oxygen, Nebuliser and inhalers anymore. I have lost weight which in turned reduced the load on my heart and lungs. I am thankful to your Organization for improvement in my health. Your medicines are cost effective and have been of very much useful. Your medicines have played important role in my life.

  5. Ms. Sangeeta A./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
    I was diagnosed with Pemphigus Vulgaris last year(2015) in the month of April. After several unsuccessful treatment attempts, I was guided to meet Dr. Dorjee at Tibetan Medical Centre, and from there begun what can only be described as a life changing stage. Today I feel renewed and believe that my healing process is close to completion. I have no more eruptions and enlargement of lymph nodes. My health has returned back and I am very grateful to doctor and their selfless services. Thank you so much for being such an important part of my life.

  6. Mrs. Nagamma/Kalaburagi/Dr. Lhakpa Phenthok
    I had been suffering from Osteoarthritis for last one year. I used to take painkiller everyday. Then one day I came to know about Tibetan medicine from my relatives. So, I consulted Dr. Lhakpa Phenthok and she prescribed me 15 days’ medicine initially.  As I felt slightly better after taking this 15 days’ medicine, I continued the medicine for three more months, and now my Osteoarthritis is fully cured.

  7. Chandrakant V./Kalaburagi/Dr. Lhakpa Phenthok
    Before coming to this clinic, I had visited many other orthopedic hospitals. As referred by Basveshvera hospital, I visited private orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore; and there they suggested me to have an operation for my knees. However, one of my friends told me about this Tibetan clinic. So, on 9th May, 2015, I came here and started my treatment. After taking their medicine for almost 3 months, my all complaints were solved successfully. It’s been now more than seven months that I stopped taking Tibetan medicine, because I had an operation for my heart in between. During those seven months and even now, my knees have really been fine and much better. I have no regrets that I chose this hospital over the surgery. The doctors here are very cooperative. I am really very thankful for the doctors for their kindness and for helping me to walk on my own foots.   

  8. Mr. Tilak S./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    For several years, I have been suffering from Diabetes with blood glucose level of 250. The Allopathic medicine didn’t help me. So, after much frustration, I consulted Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee of Traditional Tibetan medicine at Men-Tsee-Khang and took his medicines. After taking ten days medicines, the doctor prescribed me Tibetan herbs medicinal tea which reduced the blood glucose level to 116. I now feel better and very relieved.

  9. Mr. Pintu G./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I have been suffering from skin disease, Eczema for the past 16 years. I took various treatments like, Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. But there was no improvement and relief. At the moment, I am under the treatment of Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee. After taking the Tibetan medicine for one and half months, I have recovered 90% of skin disease. I am still continuing the Tibetan medicine to get complete recovery.

  10. Mrs. Gita D./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    Narrator of the Testimonial: Patient’s husband
    My wife has problem of spinal cord nerve for several months. We had earlier visited many hospitals like Vikasnagar Kalindi Hospital, Dr. Jagbeer Chand Hospital and Mahant Indresh Hospital, Patelnagar. All the doctors had recommended for operation for nerves and spinal cord L-4, L-5, S-1. She was not able to walk, move and do exercise before she visited Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee. For the past one month she has been taking Tibetan medicine from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee and now she has recovered well. Besides, now there is no need to do operation.

  11. Naveen C./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    Narrator of the Testimonial: Patient’s wife
    My husband has great problem in stomach and waist. He had gone under waist surgery in the waist but did not get any relief. After consulting Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee at Tibetan medical centre of Clement Town, he has got enough relief. When he started the Tibetan medicine on 26th May 2015, he was not able to move, but now he recovered well and he is able to walk properly.     

  12. Mr. Akhilesh B./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    From the last 4 years, I have been suffering Migraine problem. However after taking 35 days of treatment from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee, I am now feeling relieved.

  13. Mr. Pandurang/Kalaburagi/Dr. Lhakpa Phenthok
    I came to know about this hospital through one of my friends. Before that, I had consulted many other hospitals. The pains on my fingers, joints and elbows were unbearable even after taking medicines from various hospitals. But after taking 15 days medicine provided by the doctor of Tibetan clinic, all my pain has gone completely without any side effects.

  14. Mrs. Minakshi/Kalaburagi/Dr. Lhakpa Phenthoko
    I took medicine from Dr. Lhakpa Phenthok from 19/7/2015 to 15/12/2015. I had great difficulties with my right shoulder. I was having an unbearable pain on my shoulder every time a little movement was done. I was feeling really hopeless until my brother-in-law suggested me this Tibetan clinic. Doctors of the clinic helped me through my hard times and I am really very happy and thankful for their help.

  15. Mr. Kelsang C./Hunsur/Dr. Lobsang Dhargyal
    There was a small lump appeared on my neck. I consulted an Allopathic doctor at Mysore. She told me for medical diagnostic. So, after the diagnosis, I went for Tibetan medication from Dr. Lobsang Dhargyal. He gave me some medicines and I took those medicines as per given instruction. Within a few days of treatment, there was noticeable improvement. I then continued treatment further until my lump disappeared completely.

  16. Mr. Lokesh S./Hunsur/Dr. Lobsang Dhargyal
    I started taking Tibetan medicine on 8th Jan, 2015. I had suffered Testis swelling for 6 years before I started Tibetan medicine. After taking Tibetan medicine regularly for around one and half years, I got relief and became normal again. I thank my doctor and Tibetan medicine.

  17. Mrs. Faseela/Hunsur/Dr. Lobsang Dhargyal
    I would feel back pain whenever I lifted any heavy objects. Also there was headache sometimes while smiling, sleeping and traveling. I started taking Tibetan medicine in October 2014 and I still continue to take it. After getting treatment from Dr. Lobsang Dhargyal for 6 – 8 months, now my health has recovered around 80 – 85%. Nowadays I am feeling very well. I am obliged and thankful to Tibetan medicine and doctor.

  18. Mr. Raymond S./Gangkyi/Dr. Sonam Wangmo
    Narrator: Patient’s Son
    My Father had been slowly getting dementure (extreme forgetfulness) possibly for 4-5 years. His symptoms were that he would continually forget what he was doing. So, if he answered the phone, he would not remember the message or the person to whom he had been speaking, or even what he had answered. He would enter a room, forget why he was there, and go out, and then re-enter the room again. He really could not have conversation at all. There were many such examples like this of his behavior. It was obviously causing him some distress, but we could do nothing. Western medicine couldn’t offer any assistance at all. After consulting Men-Tsee-Khang, they sent me Arloo and Tsedhen 18 for the first time about 9 months ago. The improvement started within 1 week of taking medicine. At the moment his condition has improved considerably and he is now able to carry on conversation with people who come to visit him. Everyone that I ask says that he seems to be getting better and better all the time. His memory is improving. I can’t say that he is completely cured as he still forgets sometimes. However, we must remember that he is a 92 year old man and when this is taken into account, the effect of the medicine is really remarkable. I recommend that anyone who has this kind of problem should definitely try this medicine as I have complete confidence in it.

  19. Mr. Prashant K. W./Leh, Ladakhi/Dr. Thinlay Namgyal
    I would like to place on record my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the good service rendered by Dr. Thinlay Namgyal at Men-Tsee-Khang, LEH. I approached him in June 2015 for my Asthma and Sinusitis. He gave me a preliminary dosage of one week and thereafter I continued the medication for 6-7 months. As of now, I am completely cured of Asthma and am feeling bright and energetic as all the symptoms of Asthma have since disappeared. I am happy that now I’ll have a healthier life style as I will migrate to Pune. You have centres in Mumbai, and now Pune should be your new destination for such centre.

  20. Akash/Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
    To share my experience, I got Vitiligo problem on my skin 12 years back. It’s been six months now since I started taking Tibetan medicine from Dr. T. D. Kartsang. He has advised me total abstinence from Lemon, Pickles, etc. I noticed that I got two more new white patches on my skin whenever I started to have those restricted food. I came here to take Tibetan medicine in September 2015. After taking medicine continuously for six months, one white patch disappeared completely and other marks has become lighter than before. I would like to recommend Vitiligo affected patients to start their treatment from here at the earliest.

  21. Miss. Saiesha./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
    Narrator of the Testimonial: Patient’s mother
    I have been taking my daughter’s treatment from Dr. T. D. Kartsang for the last 2 years. My daughter has a severe case of Allergic Rhinitis and Allergic cough. She was on steroids (3 steroids per day) for 2 years, and life had become miserable. We could neither feed her nor could we put her to sleep due to non-stop cough. After taking Tibetan, now the intensity and frequency of her allergic bouts have greatly reduced. At the moment, she is off her Steroids and feeling much better now. Doctor Kartsang is an excellent human being along with being an exceptional doctor.       

  22. Mr. Randeep K./Paonta/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
    I am suffering from high cholesterol (298 mg/dl) and high uric acid (7.9). One of my friends suggested taking Tibetan medicine. So, I met Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey and she diagnosed my disease and gave me medicine which I took almost six months. The result of the medicine reduced my uric acid level to 5.9 and cholesterol level to 200mg/dl. Now I am feeling much better and have no complaint. I thank you Men-Tsee-Khang to provide such good and effective medicine without side effects.   

  23. Mr. Manoj K. J./Paonta/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
    I have high uric acid and fatty liver problem. My complaint is ankle pain with swelling. One of my friends recommended me of Tibetan medicine from Tibetan medicine clinic in Paonta Sahib. After consulting the doctor she prescribed me medicine. After taking the medicine for almost three months, my pain went away. Now I don’t have any pain problem with my ankle. There is decrease in swelling. Besides, my uric acid level reduced to 5.2 mg/dl. I am grateful to the doctor for helping me.

  24. Mr. Dinesh K./Paonta/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey
    I have 4mm calculus in lower pole calyx of right kidney. I have severe pain in both the kidney although more in right kidney. I was suggested by my friend to take Tibetan medicine. So, I started consulting lady doctor Tenzin Lhanzey of Men-Tsee-Khang clinic, Paonta on 10th of June. After taking Tibetan medicine, my pain went off gradually. I took another ultrasound after two months of Tibetan medicine treatment and reported that I now I don’t have stone presence in my kidney. I thank you my doctor and Men-Tsee-Khang for removing my kidney stone without any side effects.

  25. Mr. Pratyush S./Clement Town/Dr. Tsewang Rigzin
    In October 2014 when I was in class 10th, I suffered from Bronchogenic cysts on the left side of my neck. All the doctors whom we visited in various hospitals in Dehradun suggested for the surgery to treat the disease. But somebody told my father about the Tibetan clinic at Clement Town near Buddha Temple. So, we went there to consult Dr. Tsewang Rigzin. After consulting the doctor, he said I will be cured completely if I take medicine regularly for some months and follow the diet restriction of abstaining myself from a lot of food during the course of treatment. Once I started the course of the medicine, I took the medicine regularly and followed the diet advice accordingly. As a result, I found the effect and the changes in the size of Cyst in just 15 days of medicine, and eventually got complete cure after taking medicine for some months. I found this treatment miracle for my life. In fact this is a miracle for me and for my parents as well.