1. Mrs. Kanta/Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  2. For a long time I had arthritis, B.P., overweight, diabetes etc.  Truly telling, I was absolutely disappointed before contacting this clinic.  Even doctors earlier told me that I would not be able to sit in toilet but surprise enough, now I am sitting quite comfortably in toilet.  Besides, all my diseases is great relief and fully hope that I would recover soon.  I am mentally so satisfied that I would continue the treatment here throughout my remaining life.  I am greatly comfortable now. I heartily wish this clinic all success and to the doctor.

  3. Nazarov A./Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Kunga Gyurme (Late)
  4. I was suffering from osteomyelitis (inflamed arthritis, left ankle joint).  Three operations and was not able to walk.  After taking Tibetan medicine, I can walk with a walking stick, less pain and no inflammation. 

  5. Monica D./Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Dawa Dolma
  6. I try to get baby for two years, but not came. Before treatment, menstruation coming only for one day.  My breast is very small.  After taking Tibetan medicines, menstruation coming normal and breast became growth.  After two months I was pregnant.  When I was pregnant, of 8 months doctor diagnostics baby boy, after came true. 
  7. Mr. Balvinder K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  8. Since 1987 I had a problem of early discharge and I was unable to have erection.  My sexual activity is not healthy at that time.  I took Tibetan medicine and there after I was capable to get married and I took a test of my semen whose count was very low.  I continuously took to Tibetan medicine and I was blessed with a baby boy. 
    Then for six years my wife couldn’t conceive due to my low count of sperm.  So again I resort to Tibetan medicine and again a baby boy.  These medicine are good for health and most important thing is it is without any side effect, no depression.  I had a very good health with your medicine.  I am satisfied with the medicine of your Institute and my whole family member comes to get Tibetan medicine.  I strongly recommend my friends and colleagues for Tibetan medicine because I was greatly helped by your medicine.  I have great faith in your medicine.

  9. Usha S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  10. I had joint pains, exhaustion, lack of stamina, spondylitis and I took Tibetan medicine for three months. Medicine is excellent.  It had magical effect on me.  It gave me lot of energy, vigour and youthfulness.  I have no pain anywhere.  My capacity to work for long hours has come back.  I feel refueled and rejuvenated.  I am very grateful for the love and affection the doctors have given me, their compassion and sympathy for the patient is remarkable.  Their patience is admirable. God bless them.

  11. Dekyi S./Mainpat/Dr. Kunsang Dolma
  12. First I had bone problem in my right leg.  I received treatment around on month and got little better.  After one year the same problem rose again and got operated in Indian hospital in 1989. 
    From that leg operation and before taking refuge to the Tibetan medicine I had to attend the Indian hospital annually for the check-up and around the operated site may be due to side effect or else there is seen pimples which latter turned into sore which is repeating once or twice in a year.  Other problem is that I had to depend on arms stick for walking. 
    These all problems have vanished after I introduced the Tibetan medicine (1992). Today, besides little bit limping I have no above problems at all.

  13. Damvarudhar J./Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Tenzin Yangky
  14. For about one year I was suffering from pain in joints, waist and knees.  Relieved for 5 years and the disease again attacked.  The earlier pain in joints felt very severe.  I was completely bedridden.  The doctor said that the disease was sciatica. 
    In 1995 after three months of taking Tibetan medicine 50% of the disease seemed to be cured.  I could walk and attend to my official duties.  Now also I am taking the medicine.  The effect is slow but steady.  Now I am cure upto 80%.

  15. Shetti V./Bangalore/Dr. Passang Dhondup
  16.  I was suffering from joint pain and not getting good sleep. I have to say that after taking this medicine I got relieved in pain (joints) and I am able to walk fast also and got good relief from this.  In short I feel very comfortable.  I was also having little breathing trouble and got ok.  I don’t find difficulty in walking and weight reduced from 85 to 80 kgs in 15 days time.   
    I have to say after taking medicine

  17. Sri. Biswanath P./Kolkata/Dr. P.K. Tashi
  18. Then I was suffering with swelling and acute pain in my both the legs and under the feet bringing completely halt of my movement.  Dr. S.B. Chatterjee MD (Cal) Prol. Of Medicine, Inst. Of Postgraduate medical education & Research of S.S.K.M. Hospital, Calcutta and Dr. Somnath Bhadra, M.B.B.S treated me with no response for four months with a break of one month from an accident.    
    A dawn in my life came when I switched to Tibetan medicine near Jadavpur University campus, after ward in Swiss Park.  The first three days after medicine I had 12 times loose motion and on contact with doctor I was given 7 days medicine and advised to stop all other medicine.    
    The effect of this medicine was miracle on my stomach.  Previously I could take boiled rice even with other vegetables and there was a temperature  of 100◦ in every after 12 o clock.  Gradually with a follow up report to the doctor I felt better under his treatment and at the of 75 years I got relief of 99% of the disease and 1% is quite natural. 

  19. Zile S./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  20.  I cannot stand, can’t walk and could not sleep severe pain in back bone and legs.  When I took this medicine (Tibetan), it was a miracle for me.  I was relieved from pain after a month.  I continued taking the medicine.  Now I am perfectly all right. God bless the doctor who gave me life.  Now I am all right and feel hale and hearty.  
  21. Ramesh K.R./Bengaluru/Dr. Dorjee Rapten
  22. I had headache – vascular headache and poly articular rheumatoid synovitis.  Took allopathy and homeopathy for 6 to 8 years with no permanent cure.    
    Firstly, Tibetan medicine gives greater confidence and this helps to totally get rid off allopathic medicine system which gives only temporary cure. 
    Thanks to our management after introduction of Tibetan medicine system in 2002, I felt it is a god sent opportunity to know about alternate medical system.  Now I take treatment directly at the Bangalore center.    
    After taking Tibetan medical system I have almost forgotten headache and would say it is complete cure.  Back pain - allopathy - no cure w.r.t the root cause – tried out homeopathy – no effect.   
    Tibetan medicine worked wonders and helped to take up both physical / mentally stressful official work for extended working hours up to 14 hours which otherwise I would have found it difficult to cope up for just 4 hours.  Thanks to Tibetan medical system and the doctor and team.   

  23. Tsering D./Dekyling/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  24.   Appendix was diagnosed and suggested for operation by allopathic doctors but I don’t want to take risk that’s why I consulted Dr. Sonam Lhamo and she advised me to take Tibetan medicine and I felt that after every week I recovered and after taking three months treatments and medicine from her I recovered 100% from my disease.  Now, these days I am able to do anything by myself and now I have no need to operate.    
    I shall be very thankful to her and also for Tibetan medicine. 

  25. Itokhu C./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  26.  I had swelling, liver problem, adultered blood, etc.  After taking Tibetan medicine, swelling completely gone, liver problem cured, appetite gained, blood comes to normal. 
  27. Thahchoe/Manali/Dr. Tenzin Lhadon
  28. Before taking Tibetan medicine I was unable to walk even with stick.  The medicine didn’t effect at once.  It started improving very sluggishly. 
    But now after few years I used to walk with stick and now can walk without stick also.  Thanks to Tibetan medicine and Astro. Institute that one can improve this much.  I am living example.   

  29. Badrun N./bhubaneshwar/Dr. Tenzin Yangkyi Negi
  30. My problem was rheumatoid arthritis.  Good effect in Tibetan medicine that why I have taken Tibetan medicine for nearly two years and half now.  I have no problem of the disease.

  31. Rajinish C./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  32. I had severe pain in my knee, ankle and in backbone.  There was stiffness also.  I feel too much relief.  I think it is nice progress.  When I started this medicine, quickly I felt cute relief.  After 2 or 3 months, there was great improvement.  Now I feel a little pain, I think it will be cure perfectly. 
    I would like to mention specially that the doctor is a very nice man.  He has great skill to handle case, great capacity to understand the psychology of patient.  He has too much patience.  He wants and he has too much patience to listen the patient.  God bless him.  I think that one day he will be the proud of this country.   

  33. Joginder P./Shimla/Dr. Tsering Tharchin
  34. There was acute pain in my upper back portion, and I was very much disturbed.  At that time I felt much tired compared to the physical work.  One month and I completely alright with the blessing of almighty and cure of Tibetan herbal medicine.
    Tibetan herbal medicines played a magic role in my case as I feel completely alright after taking said medicine only for a month time.  I wish long live Tibetan medicines Institute and hard working staff of this Institution.  

  35. Raju N./Mundgod/Dr. Yeshi Dorjee
  36. I was suffering from low backache due which I cannot sit for long time, cannot climb the steps putting weight on the left leg.  Also there was pain in the left thigh above knee, some time while walking pain get worse and limping while walking,some times there will be numbness and stiffness in the left leg. 
    X-Ray report revealed that I have spondylytis at L-5. 
    Since June 1994, I am regularly taking Tibetan medicine.  At present I am feeling better. There is no pain in the low back since last four months.  Also all the abnormalities mentioned above have considerably reduced.  Now I can attend to my duties regularly.  Also I can walk with ease, can sit for long period.  Now I have full hope that in few days I will be cures fully.  

  37. Alok V./Nizamuddin/Dr. Pema Yangchen
  38. I had spondlytis and took other medicines for 5 years and got temporally relief.
    I started Tibetan medicine on Oct, 1996 for two months. I felt that the problem never existed.  I experienced absolute relief.  

  39. Mrs.  Dawa Y./Bir/Dr. Tenzin Palchok (Late)
  40. I have been to Delek Hospital, Dharamsala and other Indian Hospitals for treatment.  But, they could not do anything by saying that the eye vein has broken and there is no treatment for it.  In the beginning I can't see a light, burning candle.  My blindness occurred while giving birth to a child.  Perhaps, it was due to weakness of body.  I have been fallen from by bed several times. 
    I have been taking Tibetan medicine since 1989 for 5 years from Bir Men-Tsee-Khang. Due to continuously getting Tibetan medicine, now I can see some distance and cook my food.  I also try to do washings.  

  41. Barad V./Nagpur/Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen
  42. Diagnosis was High cholesterol and took other treatment for 5 years but did not get relieved.  I took Tibetan medicine from March, 2005.  
    Before taking Tibetan medicine the level of total cholesterol was 226 and triglycerides was 220 m/dl.  Now after taking Tibetan medicine, the total cholesterol is 160 mg/dl and that of triglycerides is 154 mg/dl.

  43. Paljor/Mcleod/Dr. Dawa Dolma
  44. I had severe fever one day and was treated with allopathic medicine.  Next day I was unable to walk.  I was trembling and shaking.  I came to Dharamsala for treatment.  They diagnosed it as a muscular and nerve disorder. 
    I cannot walk properly when I first came here.  Now I can walk without any problem.  

  45. Mrs. Usarani B/Bhubaneswar/Dr. Tenzin Yangkyi
  46. My problem is nervous disorder and cardiovascular.  Took other treatment for nearly five years and not relieved.  Tibetan medical medicine effect very slowly.  I got relief after two months and got a effect and after 8 months I got a full cure of my all disease.  Now I am thinking that I am going to be younger after taking Tibetan medicine. 

  47. Sanjay Kumar G./Dekyiling/Dr.Sonam Lhamo
  48. Diagnosis slip disk of back bone.  Deformity of back bone, nerves in right leg pressure and cannot walk properly.  Orthopedic tell me that your back bone weak and you need operation for disc.  But I di not take any English medicine or operation and took Tibetan medicine.  Now I can walk normal position and relieve my pain in backbone and legs. 
    My idea:  Tibetan medicine is good for me and I hope that it is good for everyone.  I am thankful to my doctor and staff of Dekyiling branch clinic.   

  49. Senge/Gangkyi/Dr. Dawa Choedon
  50. I had problem with my left body nervous system.  I was not able to walk for a whole year.  I was bedridden, having pain in joints and specially nerves. 
    Tibetan medicine was very effective in my case.  It is very clear that now I can walk without any problem.  Moreover, I can now work for my livelihood.  I am very much thankful to the Tibetan medicine and grateful to the doctors.  Right now, I am taking medicines continuously to complete the course, even if I am quite healthy.