1. Mr. Sudhir V./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I have been suffering from backache and had a nerve root block of L4/L5 for the last 5 years. When I first visited the Tibetan medical centre, I was not able to do movements like bending down and standing up straight properly. So, Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee did a physical therapy for nerve block of L4/L5, S-1 side, and after a few minutes I felt lot improvement. I also took Tibetan Herbal medicine from 2nd June 2016 for two weeks. At the moment I am feeling better than earlier as I can now turn my body up - down and left-right too. I am thankful to doctor.

  2. Kuldeep K./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I got skin problem, psoriasis, on my right hand side in October 2016. I sought Tibetan medicine treatment from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee. Within two weeks of treatment, there has been a lot of improvement.

  3. r. Palden P./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I have been suffering from skin disease called Vitiligo for the last three months. However, after taking Tibetan medicine from 13th August 2016 to up to now (12th October 2016) from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee, I have got much improvement.

  4. Mr. Manoram N./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I was a patient of Migraine for the past 25 years. I had taken different kind of medicines. I had even taken homeopathy medicine for six years from Dehradun. As none of these medicines helped me, I started taking Tibetan medicine from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee on 30th January 2016 and continued up to 28th June 2016. Now I am feeling completely ok. I am very thankful to doctor.

  5. Mr. Vipin S./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    For the last 19 years, I have been suffering from severe knee problem. There was pain and swelling in my knee. At the moment, I am under the treatment of Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee. There is a lot of improvement within 8 months of treatment. Though there is still some pain and swelling, overall my knee problem is better than earlier.

  6. Mr. Naseem R./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I have been diabetic patient for 20 years and had taken many Allopathic medicines since then. Earlier on 3rd April 2016, my blood sugar was: Fasting195 and PP 225. After the treatment of Tibetan medicine for 20 days, I got adequate relief. Now, on 3rd June 2016 my blood sugar was: Fasting 100 and PP 130 mg.

  7. rs. Urmilla P./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    For the past three years I had taken treatment from many doctors. Some diagnosed it as heart disease, while others established it as nerve problem. However, since the treatment of Tibetan medicine for two months, I am feeling much relief now. Earlier I could not lift up my hand but after the physical therapy and Tibetan medicine administered by Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee, I can now lift up my hand easily. I thank Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee for the treatment.    

  8. Mrs. Mamta/Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I had taken Allopathic medicine for several years; but it didn’t give me any relief. However, later on when I took Tibetan medicine prescribed by Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee for 15 to 16 months, my problems like overweight, swelling, shortness of breath and formation of abdominal gas have been reduced greatly. Earlier my weight was 107 kg, now it is 97 kg. Hence I got satisfactory relief.  Thank you!

  9. Mr. Yogesh K. P./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    From 2006 to 2015 I took medicines for blood pressure, diabetes and abdominal gas. I was feeling ok as long as I took the medicine; but these problems would return to its previous state even if a few doses of medicines were missed. However, ever since I started the Tibetan medicine of your centre, it nearly completely got rid of all my diseases. Previously my blood pressure would be above 140/110, and now it is 110/80. It’s been around six months since I stopped taking medicine, but my BP is still stable. Similarly, my Sugar level was around 300 earlier, now it is nearly 150-160. The abdominal gas that used to form continuously is now under control.

  10. Mr. Sidshanam A./Kalaburagi/Dr. Tenzing Chodup
    I used to have severe joint pain for the last many years. I consulted many Allopathic doctors for my problem but didn’t get relief. The doctors would always provide me only pain killer which later I came to know that there is side effects of it on kidney and lever. So, I stopped taking the painkiller and tolerated my pain. During that time, one of my friends suggested this Tibetan clinic as his mother was cured completely after taking treatment from there. I visited the clinic and within a few months of treatment my joint pain was cured. I came to this clinic again after seven months, not for my joint pains but just for my stomach problem. I wanted to say my joint pain didn’t recur till now. I thank Dr. Tenzing Chodup for treating me completely.     

  11. Mr. Nandakishore N. K./Kalaburagi/Dr. Tenzing Chodup
    I would like to share that I had serious health problems like hypertension, high cholesterol and liver disorder for the past two years. I had consulted Allopathic doctor for six months and then Ayurvedic doctors for 4 months. None of them gave me any relief. So, I consulted Dr. Tenzing Chodup and started taking Tibetan medicine on 2nd April 2016 and continued until 24th November 2016. The Tibetan medicine was so effective and beneficial for my health problem that I am fully cured now. I am very much grateful to Tibetan medicine.

  12. Mr. Mohammad R./Kalaburagi/Dr. Tenzing Chodup
    It’s been almost one year and two months since I got married. But because of my low sperm count, we were not able to conceive. I took Allopathic medicine for six months and Ayurvedic medicine for 3 months; but there was no result. When we almost gave up our hope, one of my friends’ friends suggested me to visit this clinic, Men-Tsee-Khang as he heard that someone was able to conceive by taking Tibetan medicine. So, I came here and consulted Dr. Tenzing Chodup. He gave me one month medicine to increase my sperm counts. The treatment really worked as we conceived and became parents. At the beginning I could not believe that baby was conceived. So, to confirm the fact that my wife really conceived, we did all pathological tests. The results were all positive. I thank the Institute and H. H. the Dalai Lama to establish this type of very effective clinic and providing treatment at very minimum cost. Thank you once again!
  13. Mr. Chavan T. R./Kalaburagi/Dr. Tenzing Chodup
    I had been a diabetic patient and I didn’t take any other medicine earlier for it. However, when one of my latest test results reported blood sugar level of over 200, I started to take Tibetan medicine. Tibetan medicine gave me complete cure of diabetes. Till now I don’t have diabetes again. Doctor Tenzing has given me good medicine. Thank You!

  14. Mrs. Nirmala D.S./Bangalore/Dr. Dorjee Rabten
    Narrator of the Testimonial: Patient’s daughter. My mother, Nirmala D. S., was treated by Dr. Dorjee Rabten for a period of almost 2.5 years. At the age of 71, she was diagnosed with right lung adenocarcinoma in 2013 along with other multiple co-morbidities like complete heart block and mild mitral valve stenosis. We had never gone for chemotherapy or radiation, and had depended solely on Dr. Dorjee’s treatment. During the duration of treatment, my mother never felt any symptoms of cancer and lived a trouble-free and peaceful life, maintaining the highest quality of life possible under the circumstances. All credit should go to Dr. Dorjee for this. The negative side effects of the tumor were somehow controlled by Tibetan medicine. She lived peacefully for more than three years after the diagnosis of the cancer, and this is highly unexpected and unheard of in allopathic circle as far as life expectancy is concerned, considering she had several other co-morbidities. The allopathic doctors didn’t give her more than 3 months after diagnosis unless we went for aggressive treatments like surgery for the removal of the lung tumor followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The surgery itself had inherent risks. In retrospect, it was a wise decision not to have gone for the surgery, instead opted to go with the Tibetan medicine. In fact, towards the end of her life, she somehow stopped taking the Tibetan medicine which might be the reason why her lung cancer spread to stage 4, thus becoming metastatic cancer. Even then she suffered from no pain and was mostly always in peace.

  15. Mr. Tsering T./Leh Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dekyi
    I have been diagnosed as Hep B positive in year 2011. Soon after my diagnosis of this dreadful disease, my wife told me to consult TMAI doctor for treatment as she knows that there have been some cases wherein Hep B positive patient had become Hep B negative with the help of Tibetan medicine treatment. So, I consulted Dr. Sonam Dekyi of TMAI Culture Centre, Leh and Dr. Thinley Namgyal of TMAI clinic, Choglamsar. They have given me treatment since 2011 and I have followed their prescription strictly without any lapse from my side. While taking treatment, I did Viral Load test in the end of September 2016 and found the report within normal range. After that I continued with Tibetan medicine and regularly took Precious pills prescribed by doctor. It was in the end of September 2016, a blood test was conducted. Following two weeks, my report indicating Hep B Negative came out. I just could not believe the report. I thought something might have gone wrong with the test, otherwise how I could become Hep B Negative. To reconfirm the test result, I gave another test, and the result was again Hep B Negative. This all could be possible with the miracle of Tibetan medicine which I whole heartedly testify its true essence and values for the goodness of Mankind. I strongly recommend other patients of Hep B to consult TMAI doctors of treatment.

  16. Mamta/Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee
    I was suffering from kidney disorders and was taking allopathic medicine for around twelve months. During that time my blood test reports were Hb: 6.3, B. Urea: 97.4, Serum Creatinine: 5.59 and SGPT was 50.6. After taking Tibetan medicine for 45 days, my Hb and Serum Creatinine became 9.20 and 3.93 respectively. I got satisfactorily relief after taking Tibetan medicine.

  17. Mr. Ramesh C. V./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
    My leg was operated six times from 1971 to 1976. Later in 1992, I again got problem in my leg. The allopathic doctor recommended surgery for my leg. However, after knowing about Nizamuddin Tibetan clinic, I started to take treatment from Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang for my leg. The doctor cured my leg completely.

  18. Miss. Kirti M./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
    Narrator of Testimonial: Patient’s father.
    My daughter was not able to walk since birth. She previously got allopathic treatment for two years, but that didn’t help her. So, I consulted your clinic situated at Nizamuddin. Within 15 days of treatment, my daughter started walking while holding onto our hand. After taking treatment continuously for six years, now my daughter can walk perfectly. I am grateful and thankful to the doctor.

  19. Mr. Khanna K. C./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
    I am patient of diabetes and hypertension, and have been taking Tibetan medicine from Dr. T. D. Kartsang. It keeps both my BP and diabetes under control. Now I don’t need to take insulin anymore. I am active even at the age of 77. Tibetan medicine system is great and without any side effects. I wish them best of luck.

  20. Mr. Puneet S./Shimla/Dr. Jampa Wangmo
    When I first visited the Tibetan clinic on 17th June 2015, there was so much pain in my head. After consulting Dr. Jampa Wangmo, I got relief from my headache problem. I am thankful to doctor and Men-Tsee-Khang.  

  21. Mrs. Geeta P./Ahmedabad/Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey & Dr. Tenzin Nyima
    To treat our multiple health problems, in August 2014, Men-Tsee-Khang, Ahmedabad Centre was introduced to us by one of our relatives. We consulted doctors of the centre, and got advice and treatment for acidity, heart burn, ulcer, arthritis and neuro endocrine tumor. We are glad to say that we have benefitted completely or partially cured from diseases for which the treatments were received. We are still under the treatment of those diseases which are not yet fully cured. Having been sticking to the centre per se is a testimony of the effectiveness of the treatment.

  22. Ms. Rachna K./Therapy Centre, Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Passang Tsering
    A big thank you to Dr. Passang Tsering for his advice, treatment and kindness! 3 days ago I consulted doctor of the centre for my knee pain and stiff lower back. The administration of combination therapy including massage, acupuncture and oral medicine has transformed my body. I have kidney problem, headache and pain in back and joint. I had the most amazing healing effect at this institute. Thank you again! God bless Dr. Passang Tsering, the two massage therapist and the lovely lady at the reception. Hopefully see you again.

  23. William G./Therapy Centre, Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Passang Tsering
    I had a consultation with Dr. Passang Tsering for my sciatic left leg pain. I also have Type 2 Diabetes. After taking Tibetan medicine for 6 days and receiving steam bath, massage, cupping and acupuncture, I have seen a great change in my body. After one week, my sugar levels are within normal range, and I could walk without any pain. Now I am able to go up the hills and walk with more energy. Besides, I am able to sleep better. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone. I hope I will return next year.
  24. bha T./Therapy Centre, Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Passang Tsering
    I had been suffering from depression, emotional and mental problems. When I came to the therapy centre, I was filled with anxieties, paranoia and depression, and I had no physical energy. I did one week treatment which helped a lot. Especially the golden needle treatment worked like magic for me. I felt calm and energetic after a very long time. I could feel energy flowing more smoothly throughout my body. It has been a wonderful experience of wholesome healing at this centre in Mcleod Ganj. Thank you very much!
  25. Daniela F./Therapy Centre, Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Passang Tsering
    I had wonderful experience with Dr. Passang Tsering. I got food poisoning caused by drinking contaminated water. As a result I was having fever, terrible headache and stomach problem. Dr. Passang gave me medicine and acupuncture, after which my headache disappeared. The treatment restored my energy and strength in just one and half days. I am very grateful to the attentive care and attention of the team at the clinic. I would recommend it to everyone. After receiving such a great experience, I requested the doctor to treat my 16 years old daughter who has insulin resistance problem and high blood glucose level. Dr. Passang Tsering is very compassionate and capable person. I am very happy that I discovered Tibetan medicine in Dharamsala.