551. Azahara G./Therapy Centre, Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Passang Tsering

Around two weeks ago, I got a very high fever and as a consequence herpes appeared on my lip. A few days later, I started to realize gradual onset of facial paralysis with difficulty in eye and facial muscle movement. I came to therapy centre on my friend’s recommendation. Here, Dr. Passang Tsering prescribed my medicine and acupuncture which we did for a week. I started to feel better day by day, and about five days later my face started to regain the normal appearance. It was the first time I received acupuncture treatment and I am very happy with the result. I can highly recommend this therapy centre to anyone who is open for receiving such an effective alternative therapy.

552. Nicole H./Therapy Centre, Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Passang Tsering

After a moderate to severe acne breakout on my jawline and chin, as recommended by friends, I decided to seek treatment at Men-Tsee-Khang. And this effort proved to be an effective and efficient decision. Just after a few days of acupuncture and Tibetan medicine therapy, my skin was practically glowing. My digestive system also improved drastically. After one week of treatment, I look and feel like a new woman. The treatment was completely natural and involved absolutely no chemicals. Back in South Africa, I‘d been prescribed antibiotics and potent chemical-based pills with suspicious side-effects, and acne would reoccur. It was amazing to personally experience how an effective change in diet and embracing herbs and acupuncture alongside radically improved my state of mind and body. Thank you, Dr. Pssang and team! I will most certainly be back.

553. Miss Chantel A./Therapy Centre, Mcleod Ganj/Dr. Passang Tsering

I arrived in Dharamsala with fever and 2 months long issue of sinusitis and infection. During my first consultation with Dr. Passang Tsering, he was very positive and so helpful and kind. I began treatment with taking herbs, herbal tea and acupuncture along with a series of 5 medicinal massages. The experience has been so positive. My symptoms subsided after 3 days; and after 4 sessions of acupuncture, my health improved and cured the infection. Now I feel more energetic. I am so grateful that I no longer have such a severe infection. These herbs, and the doctor and the women who gave me massage were amazing. I am very grateful for such a positive experience. May you all be blessed!

554. Ms. Asha B./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

My migraine has been there for the last 12 years. When my headache becomes severe, I would take Aspirin medicine, and it would alleviate the pain a little bit. However since 3rdAug, 2016, I have been under the treatment of Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee. At the moment, I am feeling much better than before. Hopefully, the treatment would cure my illness completely.  

555. Mrs. Sunit D./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee 

I was having chronic lower back pain(L1 & L5) for around six months. I visited Tibetan clinic and started taking treatment from there; I am feeling great relief since then. I have, so far, taken medicine for one month and it has provided me immense relief. I wish the pain would not reoccur in future. I thank the doctor. 

556. Mr. Rave P./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

I have been suffering from oral cancer for the last three years. Every doctor I consulted would advise me for surgery. I took the treatment from Homeopathy and Indresh hospitals, but didn’t yield any relief from them. Currently, I am under the Tibetan medicine treatment. Its been 5 to 6 months since I started taking Tibetan medicine, and I have got 75% relief.

557. Rajesh/Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

For the last 3 to 4 years, I have been suffering from skin disease called vitiligo. I took Ayurvedic treatment from Muzzafar Nagar for one year, but didn’t provide any permanent result. Then I started Tibetan medicine treatment on 5thDecember 2015 and have been taking it for the last four months. So far the treatment has given me 55% cure. I am still continuing the Tibetan medicine and want to continue further for 100% permanent cure.

558. Mrs. Lakhi D. C./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

I am getting treatment from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee of your clinic. I had previously consulted various hospitals but didn’t get any health benefits. Since September 2016, I have been taking Tibetan medicine for headache and pain in hand. Till now, i.e. January 2017, I got 80% relief. Earlier I could not lift my hand up but now I can raise my hand perfectly well. I am grateful to the doctor as well as to your clinic for this wonderful treatment result.

559. Mrs Vikram S. G./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

My health started failing since 2013. I consulted leading hospital and got treatment from there. I was diagnosed with gallstones; thus surgery was done to remove the gallbladder. As my health didn’t improve even after the surgery, I consulted the doctor again. The doctor told that I had Jaundice with elevated SGOPT level. I took the medicine but didn’t get any relief. So, I visited Tibetan Medical clinic at Clement Town on 6thFeb, 2017and started to take their treatment. Since then my health has improved enough and I started to feel like living my life. Actually, the credit should goes to the doctor and the medicine for which I am very much grateful.

560. Mr. Guna N./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

The treatment of my hands has been going for the last 10 years. Even my legs are also affected by Psoriasis. I took treatment from Delhi, Haridwar, Dehradun, Dubai and more but didn’t get complete relief. So, I started to take treatment from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee at Tibetan Medical clinic at Clement Town. I now have recovered 80%.

561. Mr. Vishal/Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

I have been suffering from headache for the last ten years. I visited PGI Chandigarh and other hospitals in Delhi. The PGI hospital told me that my headache was due to migraine. I took medicine from PGI for three years but didn’t get any relief. For nearly four months starting from 27th July 2016 to till now (1st November 2016), I have been taking medicine for migraine from Tibetan Medical clinic at Clement Town, Dehradun.  Now I am feeling very good. I have stopped taking allopathic medicine and I am feeling very well.

562. Mr. Aseed B./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

I got my chronic pain spanning from fingers to shoulder cured after taking Tibetan medicine from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee. I was in great difficulty due to that chronic pain. Earlier I had taken medicine from allopathic doctor, but that didn’t deliver any relief. However after taking Tibetan medicine from Tibetan Medical clinic at Clement Town, I am now feeling well and relief.

563. Mrs. Laxmi B./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

For 10 years I have been suffering from migraine causing severe headache. I took medicine from doctor Ananda Hospital but that didn’t help.  Then, I consulted Tibetan Medical clinic of Clement Town and it helped me greatly. I am now feeling myself healthy. I have taken the medicine for around two months; as a result, I now have a good amount of relief.

564. Mr. Mohit K./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

I had consultations with hospitals like Himalayan hospitals and Kashipur Rawat hospital for psoriasis that has afflicted me for the last one year. But none of these treatments gave me any relief. Later on I started to take treatment from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee on 20th Jan 2017 and continued till 6th May 2017. The treatment was very helpful.

565. Mrs. Sunita/Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

I have been suffering from Psoriasis for 20 years long time. Many medical tests and checkups were conducted in various hospitals during the period. However for the last two months, I have started to take treatment from Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee at Tibetan Medical clinic. It helped me lot by providing me 90% recovery. I thank the centre for the successful treatment.

566. Mr. Sanjeev R./Clement Town/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

I have been suffering from acute cervical spondylosis since March 2017. First I went to CMI hospital in Dehradun. A neurosurgeon under whose care I was being treated suggested me for MRI and prescribed medicines thereafter. However, I didn’t get any benefit from that treatment. Besides, I was also advised for surgery to get rid of my acute problem. Later on, at the suggestion of my friend, I contacted Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee at Tibetan Medical clinic, Clement Town. I have been taking Tibetan medicine since 11th April 2017 and I believe that my problem is almost resolved. I will certainly refer my friends and relatives to this clinic for any health guidance.

567. Mr. Avdhesh S. C./ Clement Townd/Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee

Narrator: Son
The patient was suffering from cardio and neurological problem and had bypass surgery done in January 2010. He was also suffering from non-correlation of organs. In September 2016, he suffered massive stroke, and didn’t get any relief even after taking prolonged allopathic treatment and medicine. Later on 24th October 2016, we consulted Dr. Thukbu Tsering Dorjee of Tibetan medicinal centre at Clement Town. The Tibetan medicine treatment has provided the patient a lot of relief and improvement in well-being. We are thankful and grateful to the doctor for his treatment and help.

568. Elisabeth G./Gangkyi/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin

My current course of Tibetan medication is about to complete and I would like to further continue the same medicine. My health has improved considerably. I am still on the new drug called levantinib but I am down to 8 mg daily although started with 24 mg. I have CT scans done every 3 months and my thyroid cancer remains undetectable so far. Besides, I have gained about 5 kg in weight and have better sleep and good outlook on life. Throat pain and painful swallowing has gone mostly.  

569. Mr. Angarag/Ulanbatar, Mongolia/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin

Narrator: Patient’s parents.
First of all I like to express my gratitude, big love and huge hug to you – to Best and amazing doctor in my life. For the last 4 years, my son has been taking your medicine for gastric ulcer along with maintaining healthy diet as instructed by you. We did gastroscopy last week, and his stomach ulcer has been completely healed without even leaving a scar. Thank you so much!

570. Mr. Silva A. de/Malad, Mumbai/Dr. Yeshi Tsering

Narrator: Patient’s husband.
I testify that my wife who is suffering from Matastatic Bone Cancer has been getting treatment from your clinic since September 2011. The medicine has been very useful for my wife’s health.

571. Mr. Doshi S./Malad, Mumbai/Dr. Yeshi Tsering

Narrator: Patient’s wife.
In the year 2016, my husband was diagnosed with brain tumor. With the help of Dr. Yeshi Tsering’s medicine and supervision, my husband who had become completely invalid can walk now. His tumor has completely disappeared in the last CT Scan. We are extremely grateful to doctor for his kind supervision and medical help.

572. Mrs. Farzana J./Malad, Mumbai/Dr. Yeshi Tsering

Tibetan medicine really helps me a lot. I was suffering from various kind of body pain. I was not even able to work continuously for more than half an hour. As I started taking Tibetan medicine, my pain started faded away gradually. Now I recommend Tibetan medicine to everyone who is suffering from illness.

573. Mr. Ashok K./Malad, Mumbai/Dr. Yeshi Tsering

I was suffering from constipation and psoriasis for the past 6 years. After taking treatment for six months, my constipation is almost cured. Now my immune system is functioning properly. The psoriasis on my scalp is being healed with each passing day. I feel very relaxed after taking this treatment. The doctor and the staff are very compassionate and helpful.

574. Mr. Sayyad N./Malad, Mumbai/Dr. Yeshi Tsering

For the last six months, I have been taking treatment for piles. All my previous doctors advised me for the operation. Later on when I took the Tibetan medicine treatment from Men-Tsee-Khang, my piles got cured. I thank the doctor from the depth of my heart for this helpful treatment.  

575. Mr. Kishore J. S./Malad, Mumbai/Dr. Dhamchoe Rabjor

In 2001, Glaucoma was detected in my both eyes. About 10% of my eyes got damaged. Optician gave me eye drop to put it twice at an interval of 12 hours. Despite the treatment, my both eyes were damaged approximately 23% by 2013. Then I contacted doctor Rabjor at Malad clinic. After taking the doctor’s treatment for about 6 to 7 months, now I have no problem in my eyes. He gave me one tablet which I need to continue for life time, and I am still on that medication. Thank you!